When it serves her purpose, Linda Valdez ignores the news

It’s quite an accomplishment for an editorial writer to deliberately ignore the news, but when it serves her purposes, the tactic seems to work quite well for Linda Valdez.

A case in point is her foolish Quick Hit in today’s newspaper. Under the headline, So how do you think Latinos are voting? she writes:

According to a recent release from the Immigration Policy Center, “New Americans” (naturalized citizens or their U.S.-born kids) made up 10.6 percent of all registered voters in Arizona in 2006. Latinos made up 11.7 percent of voters in the state in 2008. Hmm, I wonder how they feel about the political party with a reputation for immigrant bashing?

Valdez is so bonded to her amnesty agenda that she misses the mark entirely when she uses the term “immigrant bashing, “ in her attempt to marginalize the Republican party. She wants so badly to link criminal illegal trespassing into the U.S. to the lawful and orderly process of immigration, when she knows no corollary exists. We have the most gracious and easily accessible immigration policies in the industrialized world for those who want to immigrate legally. Breaking in is quite another issue. Valdez most likely has locks on her own doors to prevent such activity on her own property.

This Rasmussen Reports survey must have caught her eye. It is a poll of Arizona Democrats and Republicans — statewide and notes that Sixty-eight percent (68%) of Arizona voters have a favorable view of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and his aggressive enforcement of laws against illegal immigration. Forty-six percent (46%) view the sheriff very favorably. Just 26% have an unfavorable opinion of Arpaio, including 16% who are very unfavorable,

Rasmussen found that “Arizona voters also strongly approve of some of the tactics the sheriff employs to fight illegal immigration and crime related to it.”

Check it out Linda.  We don’t make up facts to fit an overarching scheme.

5 Responses to When it serves her purpose, Linda Valdez ignores the news

  1. Flying V says:

    Valdez continually ignores the vast difference between legal immigration and illegal criminality. She makes her own truth out of fabrication and doesn’t appear to bat an eye. I find her extremely unsavory. We dropped our subscription to this newspaper nearly three years ago. I haven’t missed anything but the crossword puzzles and now I do them online or in purchased puzzle books. Although I return to Seeing Red frequently, I have to say I detest reading anything Valdez writes. She and Richard de Uriarte were the main reasons we cancelled our longtime subscription.

  2. Ray says:

    Valdez makes her own news…makes it up, I should add. My mother is Mexican, but I’m American. I’m also a registered Republican and have been since I first registered to vote back in my college days. I do not identify myself by ethnicity. I was raised with the knowledge that this country is a “melting pot,” with people of all backgrounds and heritages coming together as Americans. Unlike Ms. Valdez, I do not celebrate diversity. Coming together in unity is what makes us strong, not her concept of separatism.

  3. sherriaz says:

    Ms. Valdez evidently hasn’t spent any time with people like Anna Gaines. Plenty of Latinos are against illegal immigration because they rightly see it impacting their future earnings as well as the careers of their children. Hopefully this voting bloc can see beyond the pandering and look at what the Dems are doing to this country.

  4. Vince says:

    Indeed, Sherri! And the lovely lady Anna Gaines is by no means alone in her beliefs.

  5. Elena says:

    This is my personal favorite. I wonder if Linda valdez has ever seen it?