How liberals at ASU honor the First Amendment and treat guests

This video clearly illustrates why the once respected profession of journalism is dying.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was invited to appear at a forum at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. Arpaio graciously accepted the invitation, not anticipating that the students, who are trained to value free speech, would instead turn out to brutalize the First Amendment and dominate last night’s event.

The exceedingly popular sheriff, currently elected to an unprecedented five 4-year terms, has been a strong advocate of illegal immigration enforcement. Pro-amnesty student protesters showed up to drown him out as he tried to answer questions at the event, which was not open to the general public.

The protesting student journalists began chanting  Bohemian Rhapsody, making it impossible for the Sheriff to be heard. After being invited to participate in a discussion forum and being unable to speak, Arpaio properly got up and walked out, ending the charade.

19 Responses to How liberals at ASU honor the First Amendment and treat guests

  1. Joe Evans says:

    “We appreciate the verses?” What a warped sense of propriety! This tolerant-of-everything “educator” is responsible for creating an atmosphere where these rude students can exist unabated and unrestrained. My overriding thought when watching this video is how low we have sunken as a society and the lack of respect given to differing opinions and the U.S. Constitution, granting freedom of speech to all citizes — not just these brats.

  2. Hometown Guy says:

    This is the complete video from ASU. What a top-notch school! (That’s sarcasm!)

  3. ALEX H says:

    The complete lack of ethics and integrity of these journalism students and their teacher have provided them with one clear benefit: if they now admit that hussein is their Messiah, they are all guaranteed jobs with the loony-left socialist media: nbc, cbs, abc, cnn, new york times and washington post. They will fit-in perfectly with people who are as ethically degenerate as themselves.

  4. Kathy says:

    Ah – the ASU WC school of journalism – NOT. Obviously they are not being taught the 1st Amendment or to be courteous of others views, with NO agenda while reporting. Their parents should be thrilled with all the money they wasted on their lack of education.

  5. Jana Simmons says:

    It’s heart-warming to see that liberal First Amendment tolerance for diversity of opinion on display. I hope to send my children to Hillsdale College. It’s conservative and keeps its independance by not accepting any federal dollars!

    These people, students and the so-called educators, should be ashamed of their words AND actions.

  6. MacBeth says:

    The Chairman of the Cronkite School actually says here that the topic is “First Amendment and Free Press issues.” He has no control over the student boors. This is truly a disgusting display by the very people who are being trained to deliver news. If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know, nothing does.

  7. Hunter says:

    I would guess that if conservative students did this to a liberal speaker, the school administration and professors would have reacted differently. The conservative students would probably have been at least told to leave and face disciplinary action.

    The administration and faculty are not behaving fairly. I would not be surprised if there was some complicity on the part of the faculty or administration with the disruptive students.

    It’s not just parents’ tuition money wasted. Our tax dollars are funding this too.

  8. Jack says:

    You certainly got that right, Hunter!!

  9. Cathy says:

    Why did they not call campus security?

  10. John Q. Public says:

    I’m a alumn of ASU. My yearly donation will not be in the mail this year. I hope other donors, those more influential and powerful, the high dollar donors, take a powder on their donations. Rewarding the school for this pathetic display merely encourages more of the same. Let’s withhold those contibutions and maybe they’ll teach basic manners along with the beauty of our First Amendment freedoms to these little darlings!

  11. Mike Grayson says:

    Rehabilitate Sproul? Are you kidding? The guy is a well known slug. No matter how much money he contributes to any cause, he will still be considered a lowlife by those who have any knowledge of him. The links provided in this post make interesting reading. I got angry all over agains reading of his exploits. Goldwater Institute has lost my respect.

  12. Permanent Voter says:

    Time to return the favor! Please, Sheriff Joe, invite these same ASU journalism Professors to be interviewed by you! We’ll hold the interview the same way they did. Conservatives will control who is and is not admitted, just like ASU did. Then our good Sheriff can ask these lefty “journalists” why they can’t bring themselves to say the words “illegal immigrant.” Joe can ask them to give their personal residence address in a very public setting.

    Seriously, it’s time for Sheriff Joe to return the favor and interview the ASU clowns. But, this time it will be in a respectful setting where questions can be asked and answered. Don’t know if these journalism professors can stand to open themselves up to questions in a respectful setting, but it will be interesting to find out. How much you bet these clowns will be the first to say “we don’t do interviews.”

  13. Jill H. says:

    Perm, great idea! Republican Forum, are you listening?

  14. Frankly Speaking says:

    Chris Callahan, the founding dean of the Walter Cronkite School worked for the very liberal Associated Press and graduated from the very liberal Harvard University. Do you really think this guy would do anything to rein in his rowdy students? He no doubt appreciated what they did.

  15. TomFoolery says:

    I’m reminded of the supposedly humorous line about the man who tells a friend that he is working as a journalist. Then in a whispered aside, he cautions, “But please don’t ell my mother. She thinks I play the piano in a brothel.”

    After seeing this video clip, the “joke” is far less humorous and more easily understood!

  16. Night Owl says:

    The future of journalism is frightening to contemplate. These students have no respect for ideas that counter their own, but worst of all, they want to shut them down. Our Founders must be rolling in their graves at the spectacle. So many have given so much for it to come to this — these self-indulgent fools will be next in line to impose silence on dissent. Their parents have thrown their tuition money down a rathole. ASU should fire Dean Callahan and revamp the entire program. The dean actually congratulated them on the singing, but said two verses was enough. What a schmuck!!

  17. Doc says:

    I must go with Hunter, here. John Q., you’re absolutely right in with-holding any donations to these people who would disgrace the professions of teaching OR journalism. These instructors/professors are obviously on the typical “liberal union train”. Their political losses are THEIR own issues. TEACHING students this kind of sick behaviour is a shame. Yes, these “students” shoulda’ known better than to act like that, (they’re all over 18…& they ?vote?) but that’s evidently what they’ve been TAUGHT. How do you teach journalism without teaching the U.S. Constitution? If any chuckleheads from the WC School of Journalism haven’t read that document, I keep a copy with me at all times! Right on, Night Owl!

  18. nightcrawler says:

    You all have went to far on this..

    I agree the protesters carried on for too long. I don’t blame Joe for leaving, that was reasonable under the circumstances. I would have done the same.

    Those singing protesters may have not been students at all. This was an issue of campus security and the lack of respect given to the professors who were afraid to insult the crowd clearly assembled as NASCAR fans to watch a good wreck. It backfired.

    That said, don’t punish the all the ASU kids by holding back donations for the actions of a few non-students. That is foolish.

  19. Hunter says:

    Nightcrawler, the idea is to punish the faculty and administration. They will suffer more than students if there are reduced donations or reduced tax support of ASU.

    Those “singers” should have been told to leave immediately. If they resisted, campus security should have come to arrest them. ASU students could be tagged for later disciplinary action (a suspension would not be too harsh if they had already refused the initial request to leave) and non-students could be prosecuted for criminal trespass since they were not supposed to be there for that event.

    The “singing” was only part of the problem. The response (or lack thereof) by University leaders was an even bigger part.