McCain dominates AZ GOP holiday event

John McCain, although absent from the actual festivities, dominated the buzz at last evening’s AZ GOP Christmas party.  Several partygoers were comparing notes on the push-pull polling calls they had received, obviously done at the behest of the 2010 McCampaign.

The questions asked by the “Parent’s Group” pollster began with generalities such as how likely the recipient was to vote in the upcoming election. They escalated to more targeted information such as questioning whether any family members were military veterans or did they own a firearm. Finally, they got to the nitty-gritty of a match up between McCain and former Congressman J.D. Hayworth, who is not even a declared candidate. When the pollster was told that Hayworth, if he were to enter the race, had their vote, out came the long-knife slasher questions, linking Hayworth to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, even though Hayworth was vindicated and cleared of all allegations. There was even a question disparaging his family members.

It appears John McCain is running scared and is already out in front of the still phantom candidate, spending money to denigrate him, should he decide to enter the fray. These embarrassing polling numbers, courtesy of Rasmussen Reports, could be the reason for the defensive actions.

And on an amusing note one of McCain’s own paid staffers, the new chairman of District 20, (shown at the beginning of this video wearing white shirt and gray suit) called in to Hayworth’s KFYI radio talk show yesterday afternoon, to give Hayworth a hard time. Many people recognized his voice immediately, and one longtime Republican activist called in to expose him.

As to the “Parent’s Group” who were identified as paying for the poll, one call recipient said she asked the Utah pollster if the “parents” might have been McCain’s!

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  1. Joe Evans says:

    Out of curiosity, I decided to Google “push-pull” polling. This is what I found. I wasn’t surprised to find these tactics utilized by old Johnny Mac….especially since his polling numbers are in the toilet. When a sitting U.S. Senator is esentially tied with a non-declared “candidate” it indicates big trouble and voter weariness of being repeated victims of his liberal con-game. McCain has earned a permanent vacation and I intend to help him get it.

  2. Doc says:

    Yet ANOTHER classless example of our senior senator’s character-gone over. How sad. To even bring up issues of lies, innuendo, & deceit, that have already been PROVEN to be false, & then bring family members of J.D.’s into the mix, ala Dave “CHEATER” Letterman/Sarah Palin…(GOD, that man’s SO lucky I’m not Sarah’s husband!) disgraces our state. Hey, John…please try & remember that when you do this kind of thing, you still REPRESENT ARIZONANS, DAMMIT! That sir, will be your undoing, no matter how much money you throw at this waste of time you’re going to call a campaign.

    Please excuse our current senior senator, J.D., evidently, he’s forgotten himself…again.

  3. DeAnn says:

    We need you J.D. We have had enough of McCain.

  4. Tea Party Mary says:

    LD 20 has got to be one of the most screwed-up districts in the state. I am a recent Tea Party recruited PC into LD 20. Complete disclosure here….I am for enforcement of our immigration laws, support Arpaio and senator Pearce and County Attorney Thomas and detest the duplicitous McCain.

    Imagine my surprise when I was told that the previous LD 20 chairman, Farrell Quinlan, opposed the legislation that mandated proof of US citizenship to register to vote, opposed employer sanctions, and favored McCain’s comprehensive immigration amnesty bill.

    Then I find out at a recent meeting that Quinlan and another pc from LD 20 are on a support Terry Goddard for governor facebook page calling for the defeat of Brewer and election of Goddard. Now to top that our new LD 20 Chairman, Anthony Miller, works for John McCain.

    More yet, our representative to the State legislature, John McComish, voted against ending sanctuary cities. No wonder people leave the party in disgust and go Independent. I feel like I have joined the Democrat LD 20 district.

  5. Chickaboom says:

    I was at the Christmas party last night and heard about these calls from several people who had received them. The general consensus was that McCain is willing to stoop to even lower than usual depths to save his seat and his face. Rasmussen’s polling showing him with such low numbers must be making him very uncomfortable. He barely carried Arizona when he ran for president last year. Getting axed from the senate on the heels of that close home state vote, could push the old guy over the edge. And this time his liberal amnesty buddy Ted Kennedy won’t be there to break his fall.

  6. Cathy says:

    Unfortunately McCain will pull out the old tired “I can win the General” routine and some people will buy into it.

  7. Fed-up with McCain says:

    So you say you would vote for McCain over Hayworth?
    Would you still vote for McCain if you knew he endorsed Al Gore’s Global warming hoax and favored creating a new government agency to Cap and Trade carbon credits? Would you vote for him if you knew he took your freedom of speech away with his Campaign Finance reform bill.

    If you knew he favors giving SS benefits to illegal aliens, if you knew he tried to close down gun shows and take gun rights away from you, if you knew he continues to favor sending US dollars to buy Mideast oil thereby financing terrorists attacks on the US, if you knew he opposed a federal marriage amendment?

    If you knew he votes against drilling for our own oil thereby driving up the cost of everything, if you knew he favors spending tax dollars to finance embryonic stem cell research which kills humans for scientific research rather than adult stem cell research which causes no harm and has been proven to be successfully used to treat human ailments.

    If you knew he was the first to proposed closing Gitmo and giving terrorists the same rights as US citizens and try them in the US court system, if you knew he said water boarding was torture and the US was guilty of torture, if you knew he said illegal aliens must be given a path to citizenship, if you knew he said Chelse Clinton (at age 13) was so ugly because Janet Reno was her father, etc,etc,etc.

  8. Doc says:

    He said that about Chelsea? wow…

    (I ain’t even gonna’ go there…)

    GREAT LIST, Fed-Up! And/Or, you could just say he DOES NOT FOLLOW/Believe in, the Republican Platform, AT ALL…which begs the question, “Re-election campaign? What Re-election campaign???”

  9. Marianne says:

    I’m amused that the senior senator and immediate past “standard bearer” of the national Republican party is racing down hallways and slamming the door on a reporter who committed the unthinkable act of mentioning Hayworth’s name. This is beyond hilarious!! I know he can be beat, and we need to do “whatever it takes” (the title of JD Hayworth’s book) to get this good man to run. He can win. He will win. The rage over John McCain’s deception runs throughout the party and is red hot. I will NEVER vote for that two-timing liar again. I hope he is shamed out of my Republican party. It sure as heck isn’t his!

  10. Doug Johnson says:

    Don’t be too hard on Karl Rove. He probably has no idea how despised McCain is on his home turf.

  11. Frankly Speaking says:

    Nothing is beneath Mccain. I, too, want JD to run, but I don’t want to see him or his family hurt. McCain is vicious, lies and will stop at nothing to achieve what he desires. That’s quite a representative Arizona has had all of these years. He has never cared about the people of the state. He carpetbagged in and was all about himself from day one. Nothing has ever changed.

  12. Tomfoolery says:

    My wife told me she received a call identical to the one described here. They used her name and asked the same questions, even asking her age. Are these calls just targeting women? I ask that because her sister who lives in Pinal county says she got the same call. She hung up when the questioner began saying, are you aware of blah, blah, blah about Hayworth. My sister-in-law became angry when the rehash of the bogus Abramoff link was brought up. If anyone wants to know why John McCain is detested, these are just some of the reasons. I wouldn’t vote for him if NO ONE was running against him.

  13. Kathy says:

    Looks like the “Maverick” is up to his old dirty tricks, while acting like he’s above it all. This RINO doing his best to keep his cozy seat in the Senate & will try to play Conservatives for fools. Won’t work – we’re on to ya, Johnny!!! Go JD, JD, JD!!!

  14. Ben F says:

    Not only the above, but now McCain has pushed the button on Jim Waring and coerced him to run for State Treasurer – under the John’s thumb (remember he was a paid staffer for John). No matter how smooth Waring comes across, never forget this connection.

    To make you really afraid, look at all of the lobbyists, Chamber and corporate types who are former McCain staffers.

  15. Doc says:

    “Seeing Red”-Ben F makes a GREAT POINT! For ease of maintanance, is a list of these schleps available, or maybe directions on how to compile one?

    Frankly ALSO makes a Great Point…evidently this person will stop at nothing to retain possession of a senator’s seat he no longer deserves. He’s apparently more than happy to violate his oath.

  16. Stanford says:

    The bottom line for me is a simple one: Under no circumstances will I ever again cast a ballot for John McCain. He stands for all that will harm this country and endanger the lives of my children and theirs. For me, that is the bottom line. I do not support amnesty, regardless of what name they give it in this most recent incarnation. I support drilling our own oil reserves, I disdain McCain-Feingold, the list goes on. McCain is for no one but himself and the sooner all Arizonans realize that, the better off we will be. Hayworth, if he runs, has every vote in our family.

  17. Dawn Teo says:

    I am very interested in speaking with anyone who received this telephone push poll. Please feel free to respond here or email me at dawnmteo (at) gmail [dot] com

  18. Onward says:

    I wonder (*sarcasm*) if any of these types of calls were made when he was actually running against Obama? It’s pathetic that he would be making calls and saying anything about JD when he hasn’t even announced that he’s running. And it’s doubly bad, total lack of character, if he was trying to link Hayworth to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, even though Hayworth was cleared of all allegations.

    Funny, if he would have used the same energy against Obama and actually brought up all the *true* radical connections that Obama has McCain may have moved on from that Senate seat.

    Come on JD…we’re counting on YOU!

  19. Standing Tall says:

    Good information, Doc. Thanks! I also agree with your comment below the link! Keep up the good work!

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