“Comprehensive Immigration Reform” twins gearing up for round two

Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl are pressuring Homeland INsecurity Secretary Janet Napolitano for further constraints on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration-enforcement authority. The two have been exchanging letters with Napolitano on the topic since October, the daily reports.

Under Napolitano, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) priorities have diverted from enforcement of immigration laws to targeting only “serious criminal aliens.”

Apparently the sanctioned practice is to wait until the illegals murder, participate in armed robberies, rape, drive-by shootings or commit other major felonies before they are worthy of notice.

For a refresher on the topic, we invite you to read Immigration reform? Trusting our leaders has been a fool’s mission.

In March of this year, McCain momentarily assumed a new posture from his long-sought efforts to grant amnesty to the millions of illegals in the United States. His slippery pledge of support to Gov. Jan Brewer to send additional troops to the border to hinder the flow of illegal aliens raised suspicions.

It was McCain, partnering with Sen. Jon Kyl and the late liberal icon Ted Kennedy, who crafted the amnesty scheme that enraged American citizens to the point of shutting down the congressional switchboard, jamming fax machines and filling email boxes with their ire. We wrote at the time that although that bill was ultimately ditched, we should not be lulled into complacency. Prepare for round two. It’s coming.

Trusting this deceptive duo on this issue, brings to mind the old adage: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

The latest report from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Paving the Road to Amnesty, assesses what has occurred on the immigration front during Obama’s first year in office and what we can expect in the coming months.  We urge you to read it.

The question is, why are Arizona’s two senators aiding and abetting this plan to legalize the illegal alien population? Give them a call and ask them.

McCain’s contact information is here.

Kyl’s is available at the bottom of this page.


14 Responses to “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” twins gearing up for round two

  1. Ajo Joe says:

    Democrat Napolitano, our lousy former governor, has always been lax on securing the border, making her the ideal team mate for McCain and Kyl. They are willing to sacrifice our safety, sovereignty and jobs in order to give our prized citizenship to those who ignored and violated our laws. In opening the floodgates to amnesty (regardless of what they call it in this time around) they will not only admit millions of illegals aliens into the US but will also send a strong message that our laws and national border are available to be breached. Whatever is driving these two is beyond any reasonable explanation. Didn’t the events of 9/11 teach them anything? We need more security, not less. Border agents have found the Mexican border to be a gateway for those from terror supporting nations and throughout the Middle East and Asia. In 2006, then-FBI Director Robert Mueller, testified to a Congressional committee, saying Hezbollah terrorists had crossed into the U.S. from Mexico. Later in 2007, he told reporters: “We have had indications that leaders of other terrorist groups may be contemplating …having persons come across assuming identities of others, and trying to get across the border. It is intelligence that indicates there have been discussions on that.”

  2. Vince says:

    Vote these Benedict Arnolds out. US Senate terms are SIX LONG YEARS.

  3. Flying V says:

    Although McCain and Kyl are aware that Middle Easterners are learning Spanish and using Mexico as a gateway, they ignore our vulnerability in order to placate the Hispanics whose votes they put above all else. For shame!!!!!!!


  4. Scott says:

    There’s an irony there, Flying V. While McCain threw everyone else under his not-so-straight-talk express as he pandered to them, the Hispanic vote went overwhemingly to Obama.

  5. Tomfoolery says:

    I was suckered last time and voted for Kyl. Pederson couldn’t have been worse. I think these guys forget what the word “represenative” actually means. They are supposed to represent us, not their own interests.

    I doubt Kyl will run again, but I promise if he does, my vote goes elsewhere. It would be better off in the toilet. And McCain? The only word is NEVER!

    Have you ever seen this sack of lies from the last Kyl campaign? How does he defend this in view of his position to bring back amnesty?

  6. Rambling Rose says:

    I well recall this commercial. It was the main reason I voted for Jon Kyl. Now I realize I fell prey to his slick ad buys, chicanery and deception. My fault as much as his since I obviously didn’t delve deeply enough. Believe me, that won’t happen again. Count me among the ones praying JD Hayworth enters this race. I want to elect someone who represents me.

  7. American Dad says:

    This is an amazingly revealing compendium of “McCain on Immigration,” (in his own words and supported by his voting record) compiled by On The Issues:

    Read through this and see how you feel about this double-talking, double-crosser amnesty hustler.

    PS Thanks for the video reminder on Kyl’s lies, Rose. They both stink!

  8. Tempe Tom says:

    75% of Arizona voters pass border security iniatives at the ballot box every time. We the People of all political persuasions want illegal immigration shut down. Kyl, McCain, Shadegg and Flake cannot hear us. Those elitists think we do not know what is good for America. Those four “Representatives” try hard to shut us up. We Americans want secure borders and Congress refuses to provide them.

    Dump Kyl, McStain, Flake and Shaegg!!

  9. nightcrawler says:


    Thanks for the video. I like Kyl and think overall he has been a good for Arizona. Having said that, I completely understand those who donated their time and treasure only to feel disappointed and frankly betrayed. I get that. I really do.

    If you look closely at the ad, Kyl doesn’t say what he believes, the Sheriffs simply question Pederson’s stance. So in the future, if immigration is your issue. You will all need to get the candidates to very specifically state their positions in detail for the voting public to digest. That is a tall order, since the entire congressional delegation (including Franks) have fallen short on this issue.

  10. Tomfoolery says:

    night crawler:
    At one time I also thought better of Kyl than I do today. I’ve come to realize he is a smooth talker and an opportunist who will do or say whatever suits his greater purpose. In an earlier time, he would have been huckstering snake oil from the back of a Conestoga. I suppose you could say I’ve had my fill of that, since I won’t support such candidates again.

    You appear to be giving cover to Kyl’s deceptive ad and then saying it’s up to the voters to ferret out fact from lies. I disagree. Although it’s true he doesn’t specifically say what he intends to do, he posed with the sheriffs, and his paid consultants provided them scripts to read. One would assume Kyl would have yelled, “Stop the cameras!!” if he heard them reciting something with which he disagreed. More fakery. Once he was elected, he began the amnesty trickery. Now he’s about to rev it up again.

    I would also like to clear up a misconception. You said, “if immigration is your issue.” The issue for me and the people who feel as I do is not immigration. It is ILLEGAL immigration. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

  11. nightcrawler says:

    Tom we do agree on one important point. We both hate deception. From a moderate point of view I wish the candidates would simply tell it like it is. The reason I frequent conservative blogs is that the people are genuine, we may not always agree, but I respect your passion and consistency. We can have a real dialogue on the issues without the smoke and mirrors.

    I agree with you that illegal immigration is wrong. Rule breakers should not be rewarded. No one should jump the line over those who play by the rules. That is common sense.

    What I don’t agree with is sending a ASU graduate who was forced to cross the border with his/her parents as a toddler and who made the best of a bad situation by studying hard and becoming a valued member of the community being dropped off into Mexico with no frame of reference, no money and in may cases into harm’s way. That isn’t right. The parent’s should be deported, the kid I am not so sure.

    This is just one case of many where a path to citizenship needs to be explored.

    The difference between us is shades of gray not black and white.

  12. Tomfoolery says:

    One more point, nightcrawler. It is not “rule breaking.” What we are talking about are the LAWS of a nation. Rules carry far less weight and apply most often to games and social interactions. Laws are enforceable with real penalties attached for violations. Laws are in place to, among other things, prevent anarchy. Breaking and entering is something you wouldn’t want done in your home. Think of our nation as our grander-scale home.

    Enjoyed the chat. Now I’m calling it a day.

  13. Joe Evans says:

    There is one certainty that accompanies rewarding lawbreaking: Increased lawlessness.

    Why our senators don’t understand that basic truth is a mystery that can only be solved by voting them out. Poll after poll indicate the American people have had their fill of illegal immigration. Yet McCain and Kyl choose to ignore the very people who gave them the exalted status they now use to disregard us. I join those who indicate they will withhold their votes from Republicans who stray from the platform. How do they differ from Democrats on the issues that resonate with us? I am tired of compromising my values for these arrogant elitists.

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