Victory for whom? McCain-led stakeholders opt to shackle AZ GOP

The McCain/Kyl crew, using “stakeholders” Shiree Verdone (McCain), Jake Logan (Kyl), Lisa James (Shadegg) and Mike Haller (Flake) as whip masters, are hard at work to disenfranchise Arizona Republican party leadership, manipulate the party fundraising apparatus to their own advantage, and hold the electoral process hostage. Their shenanigans masquerade under the name of “Arizona Victory.”

Once again, they have lost sight of the fact that our aim is to defeat the opposition party, not eat our own. But the stakes have elevated with the specter of a J.D. Hayworth senatorial challenge to McCain and the potential of an embarrassing Tom Daschle-like loss. 

The “Victory” plan comes complete with the directive that all federal officeholders — that means McCain, himself — be reelected, and attempts to ensure no primary opposition — carefully avoiding the elephant-in-the-room name of  J. D. Hayworth. The smell of their fear is pungent.

Demands are being made by the McCain/Kyl cabal that the AZ GOP relinquish money that the RNC has allotted for voter registration and in effect, turn it over to them as controlling agents.

This sounds like a “My way or the highway” ultimatum. In other words, the RNC’s $50,000 seed money for Victory 2010 is to be controlled by Arizona’s senators, John McCain and Jon Kyl rather than the state party.

It is doubtful these heavy-handed tactics are integral to the new direction RNC Chairman Michael Steele has charted.

Maricopa County Republican Chairman Rob Haney sent the following letter addressing this issue to all 80 members of the state executive committee:

I have read the many concerns about the Arizona 2010 Victory Plan Draft. I agree with all of them. However, the most egregious part of the plan to me is the third bullet under overview and goals. “Reelecting all current federal office holders” The special deal “earmark” for federal office holders is a prime example of why the American voter rates the Congress, both Republican and Democrats, so poorly. The hubris in the directive that we reelect all current federal office holders is unfathomable and hypocritical. The back-up for it, “popularity of our incumbents” is just down right untruthful.

Have the Stakeholders not read the polls indicating how out-of-touch with the Republican base the Republican voter believes our federal representatives are? In essence, the stakeholders are telling us they have done away with the primary elections for our federal incumbents. They believe the governor should go through a primary but not our special privileged federal office holders. I know Campaign Finance Reform was an incumbent protection act, but I had no idea it would be taken to this length.

The Stakeholders like to proclaim that the Republican Party is a bottom-up organization. This plan proves otherwise. The Stakeholders have become like the Congressional Democrats they complain about who abuse their political power.

Rob Haney


Maricopa County Republican Committee

38 Responses to Victory for whom? McCain-led stakeholders opt to shackle AZ GOP

  1. Another LD11 PC says:

    As far as I’m concerned, move over Frank Sinatra, Rob Haney is the new Chairman of the Board. :)

  2. Rolda Hammond says:

    You can tell mccain and crowd just because obama is trying to cram his agenda down the country’s throat, they cannot cram their agenda down the AZ Republican’s throat. We do have some political sense here and we are NOT STUPID. This crowd HAS to be defeated or you are going to see an all war in the party. Everyone will leave it. I will be one of the first ones to yell for a 3rd party and if they do manage to take over, a 3rd party might have a chance to succeed.

  3. Rolda Hammond says:

    I also agree….Rob Haney for whatever the TOP JOB is!!

  4. Doc says:

    The aforementioned representatives have officially PROVEN with this plan how lame & worthless they truly are. These people have no conscience, & could care less what the voters of Arizona want or need, as long as they remain “in power”. Just like their evidently good friend & socialist, the head muslim. They, like the sociocrats, believe THEY KNOW what’s best for us. They all have violated their Oaths of Office. ALL 4 NEED TO BE IMPEACHED, & thrown out of office.

    Mr. Haney, you have “called the ball”. I just hope that these “representatives” (of themselves, only) read your letter. I sent McCain a letter in JUNE, & all I’ve gotten is e-mail spam beggin’ for money. And I’ll give Mr. McCain some money, just as soon as HELL FREEZE$ OVER!

  5. Rachel W. says:

    Here are your State Executive Committee members. Please contact them and ask them to vote NO on the McCain/Kyl take over of the State Party.

    Don’t let McCain/Kyl/Flake/Shadegg override the voters again!

    Congressional District 1: Bryan Detweiler, Charlotte Mortensen, Glenda Orr
    Congressional District 2: Matt Wharton, Frosty Taylor, Jan Martinson
    Congressional District 3: Howard Levine, Shari Farrington, Charlie Markle
    Congressional District 4: Constantin Querard, Charlotte Reed, Milton Wheat
    Congressional District 5: Donna Reagan, Michael Vargas, Steve Parsons
    Congressional District 6: Pat Oldroyd, Webb Crockett, Sandy Doty
    Congressional District 7: J. P. Melchionne, Lola Briggs, Karen Fritz
    Congressional District 8: Mark Miller, Ken Rineer, Pos Catsaros

    Contact your State Executive Committee representative. If you don’t have their contact information, please request it from your District Chairman.

  6. Tempe Tom says:

    No surprise here. On the watch of McCain and Steele, the Republican Platform has been removed from

    We know McCain hates Republicans. His ability to get otherwise seemingly sane “conservatives” to go along with him never ceases to amaze me.

    Dump McCain, Kyl, Flake and Shadegg. They will never belive they are out of touch with the voters until we prove it.

  7. Clark says:

    These people are out of control. They seem to forget they were elected to represent not stifle and confiscate. Not one of them deserve our support. BTW, I notice Trent Franks was not among the pack of back biting dogs. I couldn’t be happier. He is the only one among the delegation who I trust.

  8. mystrow says:

    the big danger with Hayworth is, if he wins the primary, McCain will just change parties and run as a democrat. Can’t imagine Reid doing anything but welcoming him with open arms. He’ll collect enough Republican votes plus dem votes and probably stay in congress. I HATE having McCain in the Senate another minute, but he’s got us by the cojones on this one. Hayworth will serve us better as Governor anyway.

    • Angee says:

      I see McCain as a traitor because he tried to give amnesty to criminals and defends illegal aliens. But do you really think he would go that far in his treason?

    • purist says:

      Sen. McCain cannot lose the Republican primary then turn around and run as an Independent. He can’t run in both the Republican & Democrat primaries simultaneously.

      • mystrow says:

        he won’t have to. The democrat party loves McCain. Why would they waste major resources running someone against him, he’s exactly what they want anyway. So they really won’t be running much of a candidate in the primaries. They win either way–if McCain wins against JD, their candidate is in. If he loses, he’s their candidate and has a real good chance of going back to Washington.

        To reply to the previous email–did you expect Arlyn Specter to change parties? It’s exactly the same thing. McCain won’t run as an Independant, he’ll run as a dem. And yes, I DO believe he’s capable of it. And more.

  9. Jefferson Smith says:

    But McCain always wins big in primaries and the general. It’s a fact, look it up.

    What’s the big deal? The AZGOP can’t raise a dime on its own. Whose money are these folks going to spend anyway? It’s the money of the RINOs that “real” Republicans never miss an opportunity to denigrate. It’s their cash… “real” Republicans have no claim over these peoples’ check books. Get over it and grit your teeth through their pro-McCain bias and instead pocket all the benefits for 100%-certified-true-blue-real-conservatives that sneak into a GOP nomination at the primary.

    Really, what are the “real” Republicans doing to take advantage of the opportunity Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Napolitano has handed the party?

    All these political onanists like Rob Haney can do is abuse themselves silly obsessing over McCain.

    Let the scorn begin…

    • Stephen Kohut says:

      Seems like you are a McRINO Jeff. FYI, feet on the ground beats money in the bank in politics any day of the week. If the PC’s pull behind, support and turn out the primary vote for a McCain challenger, McCain is gone. McCain will not have the tyoe of appeal in 2010 that you seems to think he will. This will be an election of pissed off, energized, conservatives from the GOP grassroots, Tea Parties, 9-12’ers, etc. Liberal/Dimocrat turnout will be in the crapper. Sen. McCRINO is more than beatable which is why he tried the top down takeover in the 2010 victory plan. The man is running scared.

  10. Angee says:

    People like McCain and Kyl, Flake and Shadegg are the reason we can’t get the Hispanic vote. Many of my friends have seen the Rhino’s side I have tried to be positive. I see many are unhappy with the Democratic party, but they figure they’ll wait for a third party rather than take a chance on the McCain Kyl and Shadeggs of the party.

    I have remained hopeful that the conservative will adopt the platform of 2008 As I see it by this “AZ Victory Plan” The Rhinos are just as bad as the Dems.

    McCain’s horribly treasonous act to Americans was a blow to my faith in the party in 2007. I have held some degree of respect for Kyl and Shadegg. But not
    after this stint. I will never support such self- serving power grabbers in a Republican disguise! Let’s put them out now before they do any more damage. This nation was built on Conservative values.
    Let’s continue to support the values which created
    our constitution. McCain, Kyl Shadegg and Flake are
    all flakes!

    • mystrow says:

      yes, but do you think there are any statesmen left in the Republican party? Or that a statesmen could even get a foothold here? There were Rinos who tried to resurrect Symington with a straight face.

  11. Angee says:

    Sorry about not proof reading the previous comment.
    I was actually seeing red!

  12. Read Bull says:

    Angee, rino-Republican in name only. In other words, our conservative principles which are contained in the platform means absolutely nothing to their ilk. They call themselves Republican but they support McCain’s democrat policies. No Sactity of Life plank, no combating illegal immigration–in fact the RINOs can’t stand the fact that we actually use the phrase “illegal aliens” when referring in our Platform to illegal aliens. The $700 Billion TARP program crafted by McCain and approved by Shadegg–the platform is 67 pages of anti-TARP policy. The grassroots want the Republican platform upheld. RINOs say what Platform?

    And don’t you just wish it ended with McStain, Kyl, Flake and Shadegg. No, we have District Chairmen and district officers all over Maricopa County who side with the RINOs for a more liberal Republican Party. Didn’t you hear about the LD-8 Officers, Len Munsil’s district, cheating new PCs out of being appointed? No, these McCainiac District Officers infest LD6, LD7, LD8, LD20 & LD21. Some of those District Chairmen are so dedicated to the greatest living Democrat – McCain, that they try to slimeball new PCs from joining because they figure the majority of new PCs these days are those stinkin’ constitutionalist Tea Partiers.

    Tea Partiers recognize which incumbents need to go. That must be how McCain, Flake, Kyl and Shadegg got their collective undies in a bunch. McCain Paranoia is everywhere. And there are so many RINOs who buy into it that Party Officer elections are always very close.

    I don’t get this. How do RINOs recruit each other? And then how do they become instant experts at footsoldiering for McCain Paranoia?

  13. Jill H. says:

    “It is doubtful these heavy-handed tactics are integral to the new direction RNC Chairman Michael Steele has charted.”

    I think you’re giving Steele a little too much credit there. After NY 23 Steele came out with his 10 conservative principles. That is pathetically too late.

    On Steele’s watch our Platform is removed. It is replaced with “What We Believe.” McCain and Steele didn’t like what real Republicans believe so they put up their own version. And this is after Republicans nationwide elected our representation to the platform writing committee.

    “What We Believe” is McCain policy with what is included and what is excluded. Steele is running the show at RNC and he’s obviously fine with providing a more left platform than the one the grassroots crafted.

    McCain and Steele have told the grassroots conservatives to Shut Up by removing our Platform.

    Want to vote in Party Officer elections yet?

  14. Angee says:

    Total corruption by McCain! I want to see that platform
    back where I firs read it! It gave me hope in the party
    and if McTraitor and McSteele took it out, they’d better put it back where it belongs for everyone to see
    it. We don’t want to see “what McCain believes” because most of us don’t believe in him!

    After deliberately loosing the Presidency he should graciously bow out! As far as I’m concerned he sold out!

  15. nightcrawler says:

    Read Bull,

    Those comments are so far off the mark, I don’t know where to start. Did it ever occur to you that there are so many “Rinos” elected to officer positions (and appointed as PCs) because that is what the voting population wants ? Can you not acknowledge the same harsh treatment of moderates in LD11 by conservatives ? Those in glass houses should not throw stones.

    On the matter at hand, I agree with Haney on principle. The 2010 Victory Plan should be voted on in the State Convention by all the committeemen. No elected official of any rank should get a pass (including Crump as many here have tried to argue).

    I am a moderate, do support McCain, but am not a soldier or drone. Last year during the State Delegate election in Mesa I was equally outraged about being told how and for whom to vote by those at the podium. That was an insult.

    Angee, we don’t get the Hispanic vote because of draconian immigration dogma spewed by the far right.
    As a moderate, I do support a guest worker program, but do not support amnesty. We probably agree on more than you think.

    • John Q says:

      I have not seen anyone advocating that Crump should get a pass, the issue re: Kaiser is that he has portrayed himself as a conservative. That may or may not be true as he has no history to substantiate that either way.

      The main point is that he gave his word that he would not run if Crump and Seel were running. The issue is not about Crump or Seel but about Kaiser and the worth of his word.

      LD6 does not need a replay of a candidate who cannot be relied on to tell the truth and keep his word.

  16. Bill says:

    So, how did the 5 PM vote go?

  17. Read Bull says:

    Nightcrawler, How is border security a “far right” or left issue? We all live in one country and under one Constitution which states our borders shall be secure. Maybe you can find a country with a Constitution more to your liking. Democrats aren’t keen on sovereignty? Amazing.

    No argument from me. RINOs make up half of the voting PCs at County and State Republican elections. They elect their share of District Officers too. So, you’re saying these RINO District Chairman are free to slimeball new PCs out of their Appointment because Haney did it? HA! Mr. Nightcrawler, Haney’s district is practically 100% filled with PCs because Mr. Haney introduced the PC process to hundreds if not thousands of citizens still stuck on their couches who didn’t know they had a voice that mattered. That is until Haney showed them how.

    “Guest Worker Program.” You are drunk on the kool-aid “my friend.” Are you going to remind these guest workers when it’s time to go home or is that another tab the taxpayers can pick up? How many babies is each guest worker allowed to have? Or, are you going to remind them “no reproducing while you are in your temporary country?”

    Big business desparately wants you to believe in the mirage of a “guest worker program.” They’ll be glad you are obliging.

  18. Angee says:

    Nightcrawler, you, as so many who ignore the laws; think Hispanic means illegal. Shame on you! I’m an American Citizen who loves and honors this country, but I’m of Hispanic heritage. I think American first not Hispanic. But there are those who see themselves as Hispanic Americans and they are Americans first, not illegals, those are the ones I’m talking about.
    They are American voters who go the Democrats way -because the see the Republicans as arrogant and insensitive. I don’t care if that’s the way they are. That’s their problem, not mine. But they better not mess with the Party’s principles! So your comment of immigration dogma is invalid here.

    The way I see it, illegals are not necessarily only Hispanic. They could be from anywhere in the world and illegals don’t have the right to vote anyway, and it’s not draconian to believe in the law, this country was founded on laws!

    Remember, illegal immigrant is not necessarily Hispanic. Nor would I be speaking of anyone without’
    the right to vote.

  19. […] Plan of the 2010 election cycle took place earlier this evening. This is the one detailed in this previous post, and crafted by the McCain/Kyl surrogates and […]

  20. Ricky Lujan says:

    Nightcrawler, To say you support McCain is to say you want the Sanctity of Life plank removed from the platform, you are 180 degrees from the platform on amnesty, you support taking away the liberty of private citizens to sell firearms to each other at gun shows, you support the Council on Foreign Relations who’s purpose is to advocate for one world socialist government, support limiting free speech with McCain/Feingold, etc.

    There isn’t room in this tent for McCain and his enablers. Heard the one about rising independent voter registrations because there isn’t enough difference between the parties? You’re part of the problem.

  21. nightcrawler says:

    Ricky and Angee,

    I don’t agree with McCain on every issue. Not all moderates are clones. I don’t believe in amnesty, I am a card carrying member of the NRA and support the 2nd amendment and the right to sell arms at gun shows. I don’t support McCain/Feingold. I can take or leave the Sanctity plank as I consider it a non-issue so you might have me on that one.

    Just wait until the Obama administration unveils its immigration package. If you got hot over healthcare, this will knock your socks off. Were talking real amnesty for 12 million people. Your are going to need all the Republicans to come together in 2010. The tent needs to expand not shrink.

  22. Night Owl says:

    These elected elites care not a whit for the party activists. We are there to do their bidding, but don’t let us have the temerity to have an independent thought, or balk at being herded like cattle. I’ve had it! No big talk or threats of withheld votes. Nope. I am just sick and tired of these clowns and their garbage and I don’t kid myself to think they will feel the sting of my missing votes. Maybe if we all band together, it will cause a blip that resonates.

  23. Doc says:

    The 5th (FIFTH) post down, by Rachel W gives party info. Contact your Congressional Districts! Let them know that this WILL NOT FLY! Otherwise, Rolda Hammond, the 2nd (SECOND) post will become reality. Which is exactly what these blood sucking bastards (head muslim, e. holder, ramm-it emmanuel, j-no, mcstain, kyl, shadegg, flake, et-al) want! Divide & conquer…that’s their plan…C’MON, FOLKS! LET’S KICK SOME R.I.N.O./muslim @$$!!!!!

  24. Ken says:

    I think better to have a RINO McCain than to lose to a DEM lackey. Put the most likely foot forward, AZ will stay RED long after McCain is gone and on firmer ground if in-fighting is held down this time around. The place to address immigration is from the Governor’s chair, but REP need to vote as a bloc in Congress. Keep the incumbants.

    • Angee says:

      That’s the problem with many people: You settle for less than what you deserve! I say McTraitor has got
      to go. And you are wrong, the issue of illegal immigration is everybody’s business. We all pay the
      price of apathy.

  25. My Humble Opinion says:

    Out The Incumbants! NO MORE POLITICANS past or present!

    Go Jim Deakin 2010!

  26. Ajo Joe says:

    A RINO McCain IS a Dem, although not a lackey. He’s arrogant and mean spirited, along with being a left of center “maverick.” What’s the difference having him or a Dem? They’d vote similarly. Besides, if Hayworth enters the race, we can vote for and elect an actual conservative.

  27. Quinn Clancy says:

    To the elites:Stop the dilution of our conservative (proven) agenda!The leaders that have built a workable functionong force in support of conservative values are disrespected and discounted as troublemakers. Tea party truth is undeniable-You can complain and lie-serve us a corrupted “reality”, however we see what is right and just-it inspires us. Bless Chairman Haney

  28. MaskedTruthman says:

    Where is Robin Hood when we need him? I guess Haney gets the job of defending us against a takeover by the elites and their liberal agendas. Lord McAmnesty and his Court have attemptd the vassalization of the Arizona Republican Party. Kudos to Chairman Pullen and the State Executive Committee for resisting their illegal proposal.

  29. Angee says:

    McCain, Flake and Shadegg, you have reached the Peter
    Principle, just like Napolitano. Kyl, you’re in bad company, or am I wrong in thinking there is more of you than is apparent when you associate with the losers?

    Bow out and let real Americans represent Arizona.