Proud to be with you?

The Center for Arizona Policy is a reliable and consistently strong pro-life organization that can be counted on to be in the forefront of conservative, pro-family views. That makes the recent email blast from the Chairman of the Board all the more puzzling. It contains this message:

“The Arizona Capitol Times has named CAP President Cathi Herrod one of the Decade’s Ten Most Influential Arizonans! Cathi is being recognized in a distinguished list that includes Senator John McCain, former Governor Janet Napolitano, and ASU President Michael Crow.”(Underlined emphasis was contained in the email)

Would liberals so proudly send out a message saying they were honored to be on a “distinguished list” that includes Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin or Sean Hannity? 


12 Responses to Proud to be with you?

  1. Joe Evans says:

    This is ridiculous! Janet Napolitano is a pro-abortion advocate, Michael Crow is an overpaid, big time liberal and John McCain is…well, why bother delineating his “virtues?” Anyone who lives in Arizona knows what he’s all about. I’m shocked that Center for Arizona Policy would think this is such a fine list of associates to be connected with that they send out an email blast proudly proclaiming the news.

  2. Vince says:

    CAP, under the leadership of Ms. Herrod, hired Nathan Sproul to run the only losing Defense of Marriage initiative campaign in American history.

  3. Ellsworth says:

    Bizarre. Whatever CAP was thinking of with this message is lost on me. Also, is there any verification that they worked with Sproul? I fid that hard to believe. He’s a certifiable bottom feeder.

  4. Charlie Conservative says:

    Since this is on SEEINGRED, I know it has got to be true. But I am still shocked. These people mentioned as distinguished are anything but distinguished except for their left wing extreme liberal policies. Is that what CAP meant by distinguished? Get the communication director a thesaurus for gosh sakes.

    How could they refer to these people as distinguished when they stand for everything CAP opposes? The world has truly gone insane.

    Napolitano..distinguished….really? Pro-abortion, pro-homosexual agenda. McCain…pro-embryonic stem cell research….against federal marriage amendment…I still can’t believe this.

  5. CESMM says:

    The point of that email can’t be to praise or promote the others mentioned on the top 10 list but to say their organization (CAP) and leader (Cathi Herrod) is being recognized as so influential that she and they would even be included on a list with other recognizable (may have been better than “distinguished”)and influential names.

  6. Calypso says:

    Sorry CAP, but this is beyond odd. I agree with Charlie. Where are the principles you value? Also, could anyone tell me if the claim about the group having an association with Nathan Sproul is correct? That would be the final straw for me. I can’t imagine it’s true, but have to admit I’m courious. Does anyone know?

  7. Janelle says:

    All of the above is true and CH is only effective because a majority of the legislators write and support the bills before she weighs in. In fact, she alienates as many people as she influences support.

    The people I know on the mall consider her ability to gain support in the lower tier of lobbyists. It is a good thing that her message coincides with the legislators basic principles.

    Herrod, Munsil and Sproul have supported each other many, many times over the last half dozen years. Maybe it is time for people to reassess this operation.

  8. Rachel W. says:

    The Munsil’s were instrumental in blocking my PC appointment in LD-8. Their message was “if we don’t know you to be a McCain wing supporter-do not apply.”

    That’s alright. I’ll run on the ballot in the Primary. That way the Munsil cabal will have no method for sliming conservatives out of becoming a PC.

    Really? CAP hired McCain wing champion, Nathan Sproul? Wow.

  9. RUkiddingme says:

    You know, when Herrod, Munsil, and even Shadegg and Kyl are seen as not conservative enough I feel like I have entered some strange universe. This is an election year. Let’s stop taking potshots at fellow Republicans and keep the seats we have and fill some new ones.

  10. Seen It All says:

    It seems as though you are the one doing the kidding here. The “strange universe” you overlook is the one where our so-called conservatives comport themselves as though they are liberals. I noticed you concede the liberalism of McCain by omitting him from your list. That’s a plus. But you are all wet when it comes to Kyl and Shadegg, and Flake — who you also left off your list.

    If you are an open border/amnesty fan, I guess they work out for you. If you like paying for benefits, education, medical care and even court costs and incarceration for illegals, these are your guys, for sure.

    Herrod is a fool if she thinks she’s in “distinguished company” with liberal pro-aborts. Munsil and his wife are hard at work in an effort to sign, seal and deliver their district to McCain.

    That’s the real universe. Open your eyes!

    As far as keeping the seats we have, when there are conservatives who are willing to risk the establishment wrath to do the right thing, I’ll take them any day of the week instead of being betrayed by our own Republicans who have developed a major chronic case of Leftitis.

    They will never get either my vote or a thin dime from me again.

  11. Ajo Joe says:

    Seen It All says it all. I agree that this is an incredibly foolish misstep for Herrod and Center for Arizona Policy. Someone lost their moxie along the way. As kids, our mom used to advise us to be sure to wear our “thinking caps.” The CAP crew left theirs on a hook next to someone else’s door. McCain’s maybe? This looks like a money connection to me. Very sad for an organization that has made its name by promoting “values.”

  12. RUkiddingme says:

    Just because they are not in lockstep with Sen Pearce, I hardly think that CAP, Shadegg, and Kyl are “open borders” advocates. If illegal immigration is your new and only litmus test for whether or not someone is conservative, then so be it. If on the other hand, other issues like the economy, the sanctity of life, non-socialized healthcare, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, traditional values and a myriad of others count, then I think you have to look at the totality of the incumbents’ voting record to determine if they are “conservative” enough. I will still support Shadegg and Kyl and continue to help fund CAP. (And, by the way, I am a firm believer in enforcing our border laws and shutting down illegal immigration — I just refuse to trash incumbent Republicans who may not feel as strongly as I do about it.)