The daily: Winding down and ginning up its pro-illegal beat

For the Arizona Republic, the end-of-the-year is no different from the beginning or middle when it comes to promotion of their favorite topic. Today, the daily unfailingly gives us our dose of open border tonic in the form of an inane editorial which sounds like an assignment from the Cronkite School farm team — conveniently mixing both legal and illegal Mexicans in the stew. The vast difference between the two groups is intentionally given short shrift.

With regard to the border jumping illegals, readers are urged to “embrace and celebrate” them and question ourselves as to our reactions when we hear the “beautiful language” of Spanish spoken in the mall. The editorial poses this foolish question: “Are we welcoming these visitors? Or will Arizona’s attitude toward Mexico make it more attractive for Mexico’s growing middle class to skip Arizona and fly into Las Vegas to shop?”

If this was April 1st, we could rightfully conclude they were funnin’ us.

Then we are further counseled that “a continuous drumbeat of blame directed at those who cross the border illegally can have a pernicious effect…”

If only.

And finally: “These questions matter because the border represents a potential source of economic development on many levels. Our attitude matters because Arizona owes much of its culture and heritage to Mexico, Mexicans and Mexican-Americans.”

Along with, we might add:  Armenians, Basques, Chinese, Danes, English, French, Germans, Hungarians, Italians, Japanese, Kuwaitis, Lithuanians, Malaysians, Norwegians, Poles, Russians, Spanish, Thais, Uruguayans, Vietnamese, Welsh, Zimbabweans…….

A counter to this tedious blather can be read here.

2 Responses to The daily: Winding down and ginning up its pro-illegal beat

  1. Steve says:

    These editorialists are half nuts and completely leftwing. I agree with the poster saying it sounds like it was written by a student. The fact that the editorialist finds no distinction between legal and illegal immigrants tells the whole story. There is a world of difference! And, yes, I do get more than annoyed when I hear the “beautiful language” spoken by people who have lived for years, often generations, in this country. Carry on your traditions, but do it at home. English is the language of the land. I find it very rude to have people speak another language in my presence, when they are able to converse in English.

  2. Hometown Guy says:

    I am so sick of this amnesty crap. This was the major reason we cancelled our subscription. My wife pointed out that I was clenching my jaw and grimacing while I was reading over my breakfast. Not a good way to start the day. We started saving our subscription money in a coffee can and were surprised how rapidly it grew. We used it for things we could remember so we could actually see what our money bought that was a much better value than the Republic’s liberal spew. My wife and I each bought a watch, so we look at them frequently and sometimes start laughing. We always know what the other is getting a chuckle out of.