Paradise Valley mayors conspire to keep vote from citizens

In the ultimate of power grabs, and proffering the flimsiest of reasons, three former Paradise Valley mayors — David Hann, Robert Plenge and Ed Winkler — have unilaterally decided that the appointment process beats an election any day of the week. And, why not?  It’s much easier to control a few council votes than the residents of the entire town of Paradise Valley. 

Gubernatorial candidate and current appointed mayor of Paradise Valley, Vernon Parker, is oddly AWOL on the issue. 

It becomes far too risky a process for these elitists to allow a vote of the people, and leave elections to chance.  Here are their preposterous reasons for corralling the votes to themselves:

David Hann: “In a time of fiscal constraints, it is not appropriate to have the added expense of a separate race for mayor.”

Robert Plenge: “I don’t think our current system is broken. I suggest we stay with what we have.”

Ed Winkler: With the current process, voters are indirectly electing the mayor because the council members they voted for should all have the skills necessary to represent the town as mayor.”

With Winker’s rationale we would have the U.S. Senate electing the president.

The election is March 9, 2010. Residents have until February 8, to register to vote in that important election.

A “yes” vote for Proposition 402 would allow for direct voter election beginning in 2012.

Isn’t that what the Founders had in mind?

The daily carries the report here

The Paradise Valley local newspaper has a forum in which residents discuss this issue and Mayor Parker.


7 Responses to Paradise Valley mayors conspire to keep vote from citizens

  1. nightcrawler says:

    I agree with the author on this subject. No matter how large or small a theatre, the principles of democracy must be upheld. By virtue of their address, the people of PV have proven that they can make sound decisions and are more than capable of electing a mayor, even if it costs a bit more to do so.

  2. PV Resident says:

    These mayors were power grabbing wannabe kingpins when they were in office and they can’t bear to see reform that…gasp!…actually gives the citizens a vote.

    This is an outrage! Since the inception of our nation, Americans have fought and died to ensure this democratic (small “d”) fundamental freedon.

    How dare these fools publicly state otherwise?

  3. Stanford says:

    What a load of horse-pucky we’re getting from these former mayors!

    David Hann should know that whatever the cost for the township to elect their mayor, can be handled by the residents. The town of Paradise Valley has the highest concentration of millionaires in the country. They can well afford to fund the election to give them a voice in who their mayor is!

    Robert Plenge can take his arrogant “suggestion” that we not change the system which he declares is “not broken” and stuff it. Votes from a 6 member council are easier to garner than actually responding to the 15,000 + townspeople.

    Ed Winkler is absolutely disingenuous in saying the residents should trust the “skills” of the council members. What an insult! Americans have gotten use to trusting their OWN skills, Ed. You’re a jackass!

  4. American Dad says:

    The vote of the people is a fundamental American right. This is obscene! The post is right to call this a power grab, since that’s exactly what it is. I hope the folks in PV VOTE YES on 402.

  5. Craig says:

    It’s a largely ceremonial post anyway (though Parker’s campaign for governor is sure to paint it as the toughest job in AZ), so just rename it as “Chair of the Paradise Valley Town Council” and leave it up to the council to decide who is their own chair.

    Or keep it as “Mayor” and let the voters of PV decide who is their mayor.

    PS – Relax on the hyperbole. What the three former mayors are doing is just expressing opposition to a proposed *change* in the way that PV conducts its political business. In other words, it isn’t a “power grab”.

    It’s just free expression.

  6. PV Resident says:

    You could call the U.S. Presidency a “ceremonial position.” The mayor is not the “chair,’ He is the MAYOR. Was Rudy Giuliani the “Chair” of New York? Get real.

    You say it’s free expression rather than a power grab. I take it you are not familiar with these men. I am. Do you live in Paradise Valley? From your inane comment, I rather doubt it.

    Let’s make a deal, you opine on your mayor and I’ll opine on mine. You sound like a liberal who gives a pass to anything. Think about incorporating standards in your life. It won’t hurt a bit.

    BTW: Is your apostrophe key broken? You use asterisks in their place. Is that the make-up-your-own-rules-as-you-go “free expression” you allude to?

  7. MaskedTruthman says:

    PV Resident says: “…you opine on your mayor and I’ll opine on mine.” Doesn’t he/she realize that’s what elections are all about? Duh!

    And is the current mayor, Vernon Parker, hiding under his desk on this one? Come on Vernon, get off the fence! Everyone knows that you rewarded Virginia Simpson with the Vice Mayor job because she promoted you for the mayor slot. Not a healthy arrangement. An election would give us transparency and that would be enlightening.