Jim Deakin: Drinking too much tap water?

U.S. Senatorial candidate Jim Deakin has sent out an emailed press release, indicating he is the front-runner to beat McCain. It begins with this tidbit:

“Maricopa County Republicans confirm Jim Deakin is the front runner to defeat John McCain.

The results of the GOP Straw Poll performed Saturday January 16, 2010 prove Jim Deakin is leading all registered candidates. Jim Deakin may have been unknown to GOP politics in 2009, but is in a great position to perform probably the biggest upset in Arizona politics.”

Deakin is a diligent guy, showing up everywhere but saying little. Although he is devoting immense amounts of time to this effort, his name ID remains at  zero.

We linked to the straw poll results Deakin refers to in this earlier post. You’ve read of “funny math?”  Jim Deakin has made an unfathomable art-form of it. One thing is certain, as much as he might wish otherwise, Deakin is not the front runner.


12 Responses to Jim Deakin: Drinking too much tap water?


    Actually, technically, Jim is correct. J.D. is NOT a registered candidate and until such time, Deakin is the one who carries the next highest vote count.

    Granted, J.D. took more of the 228 vote percentage, but he’s not a registered candidate. Jim’s email specifically stated “registered candidates”.

    All the parsing of language aside (which clearly is seen as sleight of hand) I mentioned yesterday that this “straw poll” was conducted with only 228 votes fo the more than 1500 attendees yesterday. And each was required to pay $5 to vote.

    This hardly seems like a poll to be touting for anyone, winner or loser. When you have to pay to vote, it already damages the outcome in reality and perception. If you have to pay people to vote, I think we all see who the losers are.

  2. Blackbeard says:

    If Jim Deakin thinks he’s a “front runner” to defeat McCain with 15.4 percent of the straw vote to J.D. Hayworth’s 68.7, he must be smoking something stronger than Marlboros. Hayworth mopped the floor with him.

  3. nightcrawler says:

    You are both correct. Clearly JD is the fan favorite by a country mile. However, he is not a candidate. So Mr. Deakin used this poll to his political advantage in Clintonion double speak and thus he beat the pollsters to the punch in their own spin game. Need to tip the hat to that clever move.

  4. Stanford says:

    Nighcrawler is right to remind us of Clinton in Deakin’s manipulation of facts. I recall when Clinton lost the New Hampshire primary to Massachusetts Senator Paul Tsongas, and was preparing his concession speech. Former Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos later wrote that Hillary grabbed Bill by the arm and said something along the lines of: “Oh, no you don’t!” She convinced Bill to give a victory speech instead, since he did better in that loss than in previous losses up to that point.

    The cameras switched away from Tsongas and to Clinton. And the rest is history.
    Of course, Mr. Deakin is no Paul Tsongas.

  5. West Valley GOP says:

    ICONIC is incorrect because he creates the impression that “people were paid to vote” when in fact, people paid to vote. The distinction is important because it measures intensity as well. Who loves their guy enough to throw in five bucks? Well a lot of JD folks did and not too many others.

    Deakin and Simcox need to rally around JD and the effort to replace McCain with a real conservative. Unless its all about them of course.

  6. My Humble Opinion says:

    Your choice people is quite simply politics as usual with a different face the lazy way with a big name or do you really want to fight socialism? Do your own research or see what Jim Deakin has found! Votes matter more then words on a radio.

  7. 1776 says:

    McCain’s top supporters in Arizona have tried, since the conservatives took it over, to financially starve the Republican party organization. It appear that, rather than contribute five dollars per ballot in an attempt to improve their man’s standing in this straw poll, those of his supporters that did attend must have felt it was more important to stiff the Party. Judging from the member’s reactions to speeches, etc. and the enthusiasm of conservatives present at this Republican event, it would also appear that McCain may need the Party more than the Party needs him.

  8. MrM says:

    Straw polls suffer from self selection bias and therefore are not representative samples.

  9. Read Bull says:

    That poll tells us Jim Deakin has or has raised more disposable income than Simcox. Or,Deakin and supporters put a higher priority on that poll than Simcox.

    It speaks well to Simcox’ fiscal conservatism that he didn’t make a priority of this poll.

    The poll does tell us what we already know. Hayworth is far and away the crowd’s choice to run against McStain. Hats off to both Deakin and Simcox. Both of them have done more to relieve us of the worst Republican Senator in memory, John McStain, than anyone else including you and me have done.

    The real story here is JIM DEAKIN SENDS A PRESS RELEASE!!!

  10. Keen Observer says:

    Unfortunately, this will be seen for what it is: a pathetic act of political hypocrisy by Jim Deakin.
    He has campaigned on the basis that he is different from the standard spinmeister politician. This spin cycle approach to the poll results by Deakin proves that he is no different than John McCain in his willingness to try and deceive through an obviously absurd “straight talk express” take on truth.

  11. My Humble Opinion says:

    Keen Observer you seem to miss the whole point. Jim is stating that the poll was geared towards Hayworth, however it also shows that you should not count him out either. Everybody misses the point of the movement behind the TEA PARTIES and Grassroots NO MORE POLITICIANS! Plain and simple. Focus on what brought us to todays woes. 1999 VOTE that JD and MCCAIN voted yes on.
    S. 900 Title: AKA the Mortgage Act :An Act to enhance competition in the financial services industry by providing a prudential framework for the affiliation of banks, securities firms, and other financial service providers, and for other purposes.

  12. Grumpy Old Vet says:

    Those of us who served in the military have heard the old phrase “(Poop) or get off the pot!” and J.D., who seems to be playing politics as usual with his coy “toying with running” while maintaining his daily radio show, should do just that. Does anyone else find it strange that an undeclared local celebrity’s name found its way onto this ballot? This addition had the effect of sucking support away from the true grass roots (and declared) candidates. Would not the addition of other local celebs “David Spade” or “Sherriff Joe” have had the same effects on the poll results? “Sherriff Joe” woulda kicked J.D.’s butt, and his inclusion would not have been fair to all those actually involved, right?