KFYI radio and J.D. Hayworth part company

John McCain, who in 2002 talked about the corrupting influence of campaign contributions when promoting the restrictive McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform, has shown that he can put his words into action.  McCain’s ad buys during Hayworth’s 550 KFYI radio program were intended to harm the former congressman, who has been encouraged to challenge McCain by his loyal listening audience.

Legal intimidation by McCain’s surrogate Grant Woods has contributed to driving the popular Hayworth from the airways. It’s easy to clear the field and deprive a possible challenger of his livelihood, when you have nearly $30 million in your war chest.

J.D. ended his final program with a rendition of Kate Smith singing, “ God Bless America.”

Stay tuned. There’s bound to be more.


22 Responses to KFYI radio and J.D. Hayworth part company

  1. CCZ says:

    Hm, this is war.

  2. Hometown Guy says:

    This news is infuriating, and makes me realize all the more the thuggery that is McCain.

  3. Doc says:

    Agreed! Our senior senator is bashing what could legally be considered 1 of his own constituents, a PRIVATE CITIZEN of the State of Arizona!!!!! Meanwhile, a muslim drives America merrily into the socialist cess pool, un-hindered by the aforementioned legislator. In Fact, on many levels, our senior senator is HELPING! What a sad day for Liberty & Freedom.

    OH! Let’s NOT forget who else Mr. Woods is @$$0ciated with…our very own…Governor Jan Brewer! Give her a nice round of applause, everybody!

    Up next…Emesis session #3476…off to th’ porcelain pit! Uuurrrp.

  4. Kathy says:

    Let’s send McCain his walking papers – JD in 2010!!!!

  5. phxresident says:

    Mr McCain has once again showed who he really is. Hateful, spiteful and fearful. Let’s help our Senior Senator retire…before he does any more harm to Arizona.

  6. Doc says:

    Oops…& I’ll add THIS: Kate ended her career on a high note. She became singing good-luck charm for the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team with her renditions of God Bless America, helping to inspire them to two successive Stanley Cups (1974 and 1975).
    AND was also held in regard for her rendetion of that beautiful song at a game played between the Flyers, & the Russian National Hockey Team,”The Red Army”. The Russians were slapped HARD by “the Broad Street Bullies”. When they sniveled about it to NHL Officials & Flyers Owner Fred Snider, they were told that NOBODY wants to play IN Philly…they didn’t call ’em that for nuthin’, comrade! Is J.D.’s playing of Kate Smith’s awe inspiring version of “God Bless America” a portent of things to come? Stay tuned…

  7. 75%er says:

    75% of Arizona passes anti-illegal immigration propositions at the ballot box every Election Day. JD’s chances against McCain are excellent. Take him out JD. Get the grassroots excited about registering and voting in 2010!

  8. Realist says:

    WELL FOLKS, what the McCain operatives have done to J.D. tells you all you need to know! Remember, how McCain has always gotten a “pass” by the Democrats in every election since he carpet-bagged his way to Congress when John Rhoades retired? Remember, how he threatened to join the Democrat party on several occasions? Remember how he opposed George Bush, when Bush was right? This government knows best, bi-partisan compromiser (until he found out he was going to lose his Senate seat) deserves to be thrown out of office!

    The reason we have BHO is John McCain! NOW, he wants to take a “Chicago” page from B.O. to go after J.D.. Let me get this straight; McCain refused to critized B.O. during the 2008 campaign. However, when it comes to an American patriot & true conservative like J.D., he not only lies to besmirch J.D.s reputation, he has his lackeys go after his livelihood. IN MY ESTIMATION, YOU DON’T GET MUCH LOWER THAN THAT!

    It is up to all of us who want to stop this progressive/socialist take over of our country, to do everything in our power to insure that J.D. runs/defeats McShame and returns the peoples seat to a true representative of the people.


  9. North Valley Republican says:

    How many of you are willing to put your money into JD’s bank account to win this election? It’s going to take a lot of it to help him win.

    As evidenced by his being fired, money talks.

    This is going to be a heck of a campaign year.

  10. Steve says:

    I pray that J.D. runs.It’s time…no,it’s well past time…to retire that old liberal relic. I want someone in congress to represent me. McLame sure doesn’t!

  11. Trailboss says:

    Amen Realist, from your mouth to God’s ears…

  12. Jane says:

    I agree. I think McCain has clearly overstayed his welcome and doesn’t come close to representing Arizonans. The ads were ridiculous and evidence that he, like his soul mate Barack Hussein Obama, thinks his constituents are stupid.

    Then to add insult to injury, wife Cindy campaigns against the express wishes of California voters. Geez, they voted twice to exclude gay marriage. The McCains should take a break from public life. Arizona has had enough.

  13. Teapartygirl says:

    Lets pray that JD runs, and if he does, donate, beat the pavements, hit the phones, and remember Massachusetts!

  14. nightcrawler says:

    Who said anything about JD being fired ? I thought he did this on his own accord so he could run for office. Full story please.

  15. Joe Evans says:

    I listened to the entire program. He never said he was officially fired, but it was clear that the meeting he had with management exerted pressure. They must also hate to see him go, since he was the station’s biggest draw in terms of audience and revenue.

    Now, I’ll go back to listening to Hugh Hewitt on KKNT on my weekday drive home.

  16. Onward says:

    JD…you announce and my check is in the mail. And I will campaign for you. We do need change in AZ.

  17. Night Owl says:

    Just those of us who have commented here would form a good base for recruiting people to circulate nomination petitions for J.D. He needs them statewide with representation from each county. The signatures must be good, as far as legitimate registered voters. Those of us who have encouraged him to run, will actually have an opportunity to retire McCain. We need to get in gear ASAP in the event he announces. He has done far more than entertain us for the past three years…he has educated us, and at no cost. If he announces, it will not be a cakewalk. He will need us as a solid base. We can out Massachusetts Massachusetts! Talk is cheap. If he runs, he needs action. OURS! He won’t have $30 million, but he’ll have a committed base.

  18. Onward says:

    Night Owl – count me in…I’ll collect signatures.

  19. DeAnn says:

    I’m ready to fight. Hopefully J.D. will have petitions ready for the PC’s to pick up tomorrow. We should also have our checkbooks ready.

  20. Malaine says:

    As a lifelong Republican, and someone who, because of my disappointment in Mc Cain I feel it is time for him to go.

  21. […] A year-end Rasmussen Reports poll showed the old-time senator in a dead heat with Hayworth, causing the fearful McCain to purchase provocative and negative ads during Hayworth’s drive time radio call-in show on KFYI radio. The tension reached a fever-pitch yesterday, when Hayworth signed off with his final program. […]

  22. sherriaz says:

    Drudge reports that JD is definitely challenging McCain which is great news for AZ. Even though 2009 was a year of layoffs and fiscal downturn for our household, ( like so many Arizonans ) I’ll FIND the money in the budget to support JD. I’m a conservative Independent and I’ll bet that there are loads more like me out there who are chomping at the bit to replace McCain.

    Illegals who had been holding out awaiting amnesty had better head home to the hacienda. It’s about to get MUCH worse for them and MUCH better for the rule of law in this country.