AZ Democrat Rep. Raul Grijalva makes notorious Hamas-linked list

The blogs Sultan Knish and Thoughts of a Conservative Christian give in-depth reports on the links of 54 Democrat Congressmen to Hamas and CAIR.

Democrat U.S. Reps. Keith Ellison and fellow Minnesotans Betty McCollum, and James Oberstar sent a deviously worded letter* to President Obama (shown here addressing the Muslim world) urging him to use diplomatic pressure to “resolve the blockade affecting Gaza.” Fifty-four members of Congress, many of whom have been recipients of CAIR/Hamas linked largess, have signed on to Ellison’s letter. Ellison widely hailed as America’s first Muslim congressman, when he took his oath of office on the Koran, could more accurately be described as CAIR and Hamas’ man in Congress

PJ Media previously did an exposé on the California friends of Hamas. The post includes sections from the Hamas Charter, clearly defining their vicious and murderous mission.

The U.S. Department of State’s current list of Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations, includes Hamas along with numerous Palestinian-based groups.

Arizonans need to contact Rep. Raul Grijalva and ask him why he is associated with this nefarious bunch. Grijalva’s contact information is at the bottom of this page.

*H/T Powerline

7 Responses to AZ Democrat Rep. Raul Grijalva makes notorious Hamas-linked list

  1. Sovereign says:

    Illegal Immigration isn’t just a problem on our southern borders folks. This is a travesty — to put it mildly.

    Man-caused disasters indeed. Let Raul Grijalva know this affiliation MUST be terminated immediately.

  2. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    I am deeply embarrassed to live in an area served by two of the absolute WORST members of CONgress imaginable: gabby and the extremist grijalva. grijalva has massive support from the illegals in tucson, and will be very hard for responsible American citizens to remove. The good news is that with State Sen. Johnathan Paton running against gabby, we have a good change to throw her out of office in November.

  3. Watchful One says:

    I wonder if this news will cause his Southern AZ Democrat Jewish donors to draw their pursestrings. It should.

  4. Clark says:

    This is absolutely shameful!! Anything for a buck, eh, Raul?

  5. Pima Pal says:

    Yep. If there’s a handout, Raul’s hand is out. Besides, he is no friend of Israel.

  6. Seen It All says:

    Perhaps the reluctant to respond to inquiries Bruce Ash, might comment on this? I noticed he posted a comment on one of the other articles on this site the other day, and then refused to repsond to questions asked of him by other commenters. As the Republican National Committeeman AND a Tucson resident, I’d like to hear what Ash has to say regarding this Hamas connection of an Arizona congressman. It matters not a whit that Grijalva is a liberal Democrat. He is part of the Arizona delegation, and his signing on to this Ellison letter is digusting.

  7. Seen It All says:

    Where are the disapproving comments from other members of the delegation, both Democrat and Republican? Gabby Giffords is Jewish. Has the cat got her tongue? If the rest of the delegation are suddenly mute, where is her voice? Grijalva’s actions cry out for a response. Are they all so connected at the hip that they can’t bring themselves to speak a word of truth?