McCain-Scott Brown mystery solved: We’ve got another “Maverick”

It was more than odd when this call came in shortly after Republican Scott Brown was elected to the senate seat in Massachusetts. 

Now we get it.

3 Responses to McCain-Scott Brown mystery solved: We’ve got another “Maverick”

  1. Sovereign says:

    I am actually inclined to give Scott Brown the benefit of the doubt for now. In a way, you have to appreciate his loyalty to those who made a contribution to getting him into office. Ditto Palin.

    As much as most of us want McCain gone, let’s give the old fossil some credit for assisting Massachusetts in throwing off the shackles of the Democrat’s tyrannical grip on the ‘People’s Seat.’ That was no small accomplishment those boys pulled off – especially in light of the message sent in it’s aftermath. It may have actually driven a stake through the heart of Obama’s Health Care and it has certainly slowed the leftist juggernaut to some extent. We should thank McCain for whatever contribution he may have made, serendipitous or otherwise, to that outcome.

    I also point out that the ‘get it’ story noted above came from the liberal-leaning AP. I felt that the reporting on Brown’s statements to Republican leadership was simply the lefty writer’s hopeful spin on Brown’s statements of his intent to assert his independence from leadership and his intention to vote his conscience.

    My sense is that, in the end, the effect of Brown on our race here in Arizona won’t matter very much. Unless Brown rises to Messiah for the Republicans, I think he will fade from the spotlight out here over the next few months and his impact on our campaign here in Arizona will wane. His “star” power isn’t like Palin’s. And once we retire McCain, Brown will be even further relieved of his ‘duty’ and more able to vote his conscience.

  2. Maggie says:

    Why it was necessary for Brown to make this absurd statement right out of the hatch is beyond reasonableness. Since his nude Cosmo photos were given a pass during the campaign, he probably thinks he can get away with anything.

  3. NotBuyingIt says:

    I distrust Palin more than Brown. Am interested to see if she bows out of the Tea Party Nation rally next month in Tennesee where she is the keynote speaker.

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