McCain tanks: Polling at a mere 40%

Arizonans who have been around awhile still have vivid recollections of the Keating Five banking corruption scandal that nearly brought down John McCain in the early 1990’s. His lost credibility took him to the verge of falling off of the political precipice. McCain’s image sank along with his approval ratings, which dropped to 38 percent in 1994.

Now, according  to the latest poll conducted by the Behavior Research Center, a  mere 40% of Arizonans approve of the job McCain is doing for them in D.C.

A Rasmussen Reports statewide survey of Arizona Republicans in September found that 61% thought McCain was out of touch with those in his own party. And as dismal as those numbers are, they were up eleven points from 50% in May. Only 33% of Republicans in the state believe McCain has done a good job representing GOP values, according to that same poll.

The aggregate of these flagging numbers become worrisome as he attempts to fend off a primary challenge by popular former U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth. So far, McCain has been willing to spend early and liberally, running radio ads that are blistering attacks on the still unannounced candidate, Hayworth.

As McCain frets over the potential Tom Daschle-like embarrassment he would suffer if he were ousted, he and his operatives have engaged in despicable attempts at character assassination aimed at Hayworth. They have repeatedly tried to link him to the discredited and incarcerated lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, although they are well aware that Hayworth has been “completely vindicated” by the U.S. Department of Justice.

TPMDC reports that McCain’s job approval numbers are at a 15-year low in Arizona.  That’s not much of a surprise, given that he barely carried the state in the 2008 presidential match-up with Obama, limping to a home state victory by just 9 points.

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14 Responses to McCain tanks: Polling at a mere 40%

  1. Sovereign says:

    Interesting… McCain makes no bones in his attempts to smear JD about ‘alleged’ ties to Abramoff and yet, he was unwilling to talk about Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Toby Rezko, or Bill Ayers, in his failed Presidential bid.

    When McCain is more willing to savage a member of his own party than he was Obama, that sends a VERY POWERFUL message about where McCain’s loyalties lie.

    I’ll bet these polls take note of McCain’s disloyalty…

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    Excellent points about McCain’s duplicity. Remember that he initially wanted to run as a Democrat when he first was recruited for the old CD 1 seat in 1983. The then-powerful “Phoenix 40” had to take him in hand and talk him out of that. There was no way he could replace Republican U.S. Rep. John Rhodes as a Democrat. He’s never had a good handle on connecting with voters because he thinks we are merely conduits to his lofty aspirations — and treats us accordingly.

  3. Doc says:

    As I’ve said before, the man’s attacking what legitimately is…1 of his CONSTITUENTS!!! If this don’t tell ya’…

  4. Dist. 7 PC says:

    McCain will have to conduct another one of his own phony polls to bolster his sagging numbers and conceal his disconnect with Arizonans. He was booed at the state GOP meeting recently and J.D. received loud cheers of “J.D.! J.D.!”
    This is not second-hand information. I was there and heard it.

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    This is a great bit of news by a western region pollster. It must be a dagger in the heart to McCain and his operatives who look at him as nothing more than their ticket to ride.

  6. Kathy says:

    We need to expose McCain’s La Raza speeches, ACORN monies, etc. – Michelle Malkin has written on this many times. Now with Amnesty on the horizon again – wonder how will he walk that tightrope?

  7. Doc says:

    Is there a mainstream media outlet that would expose this filth? Since kfyi pulled their shennanigans, they’ve been 86’d from my speakers. Citizens of Arizona need to know this stuff…in a legitimate way, not a slandering/liabalous way, as is currently being exemplified by our senior senator, with support from the jr. one, the former governor of Alaska, the new R.I.N.O. senator from MA., on&on&on&on…ohhh mmmyyy GOD ! ! ! !-emesis break here!

  8. DonnaStylez says:

    Hey DOC,
    Personal social issue ideologies aside, why insult the new “RINO” Senator when he may be the vote needed to STOP the Health Care bill. Partisanship within the party is not the way to go if you want Republican’s to succeed in 2010.

    • Doc says:

      Well Donna, 1st, YOU said it. He “MAY” be the vote needed…if the man were a true Republican, the topic would be moot.

      And so how would we define a “true Republican”? I’d LOVE to give you the “Republican Party Platform Definition”, but Mr. Steele took it off of the website…at the behest of several R.I.N.O. senators, from what I gather.

      Which leads to the topic of “partisanship within”. Ma’am, I agree with you fully! A party divided is a party conquered. However, it appears that the division comes from those who “call” themselves “Republican”, & those who actually ARE REPUBLICANS. Republicans believe in FREEDOM, LESS GOVERNMENT, LOWER TAXES, FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY, etc.

    • Doc says:

      And by th’ way, Donna…”personal social issue ideologies aside…” uuuhhh…whadderya talkin about? Whassamatter, Donna? Got an issue against Bikers? Men with Beards? A guy that has a “Maker’s on th’ rocks”, occasionally? People that wanna’ have a little FUN? Or is it that you don’t care for people who call a spade a spade, ask our representatives to actually REPRESENT us, & vote as WE SEE FIT, & stuff like that? Or what?

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  10. donnastylez says:

    I apologize for my word choice as he WILL vote against the Bill. Also, your description of a true Republican would fit the bill for both McCain and Brown. The only way that McCain could possibly be misrepresented as a “RINO” as you put it would be his stance on social issues, which are often misunderstood which is why I said “personal ideological issues aside”.

    • Doc says:

      Donna-With respect, ma’am…the 1st & 2nd Ammendments, closing Gitmo, cap-n-tax, boarder SECURITY aren’t “social issues”. The lack of knowledge by you on this topic closes this conversation for me.

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