Simcox: He’s in, he’s out, he’s all about

That Chris Simcox is a real cut-up. Previously acknowledging his bottom-dragging standing in the polls, he had indicated he would drop out of the U.S. Senate race if former Congressman J.D. Hayworth got in.

Now he is sending out emails, apologizing for “glitches,” in which he pummels both John McCain and J.D. Hayworth with equal vigor.

The word “spoiler” comes to mind when dealing with a man who has no chance of winning, yet is content to siphon off the few votes that might be the difference between Mavericky politics as usual and a fresh approach with a proven conservative.


11 Responses to Simcox: He’s in, he’s out, he’s all about

  1. MacBeth says:

    Google Chris Simcox and you’ll learn more about him than you ever wanted to know. He couldn’t win in a race for dog catcher.

  2. Matt DeGennaro says:

    I intend to do that right now, MacBeth. I’ve heard he’s had a slew of problems. So at least we know his oversized ego isn’t the entire story.

  3. DeAnn says:

    If you are as concerned about our country as you say you are, you will get behind Hayworth. You know you can’t win, and J.D. can.

  4. Doc says:

    Chris-I was 1 of your 1st supporters. DeAnn’s 100% correct, sir. There’s absolutely no shame in doing the right thing! J.D.’s gonna’ take McCain, which was what I recall you & I discussing in Prescott, turning ?senator? mccain into MISTER McCain, remember?

  5. Charlie Conservative says:

    Both Simcox and Deakin will prove their disconnect with reality if they do not withdraw in favor of Hayworth. If they stay in to attack Hayworth, they will put a lie to the reason they entered in the first place…To defeat McCain. They have had a year to establish their campaigns and neither has shown they can take out McCain. Thank you for a valiant effort, but your run is over. That is why so many Republicans have urged JD to enter and take on McCain.

    Please don’t make this another race where we say when it is over, “if only Simcox and Deakin would have withdrawn, we could have defeated McCain.” Simcox and Deakin, is that what you want your legacy to be? Surely you are intelligent enough to know I speak the truth.

  6. nightcrawler says:

    That is really easier said than done. Both men have driven all over the state, spend a lot of money on the campaign and looked supporters dead in the eye and promised to represent them.

    Along the spectrum : McCain->JD->Deakin->Simcox there is choice for everyone. Honestly how many votes are we talking here ? I say let the guys be.

  7. SayWhaa says:

    I’m with you, nighcrawler. Simcox and Deakin have worked their butts off for months. They deserve to have their names on the primary ballot — they’ve earned it.

  8. Marine1 says:

    Chris Simcox should have thought a lot of things through before he started his lies to the Minutemen volunteers about the Minuteman Fence financials, his intentions, etc. He should have thought things through before he decided to terminate 18 volunteers for calling him to a meeting to discuss Minuteman problems they wanted resolved. And he should have thought things through before he decided to lie about others and degrade their military service.

    Eric, his new campaign manager; should have thought twice about taking up Simcoxs issues. Eric- youre gonna be drug through the mud in the coming months, get ready homeboy. You knew about the financial issues, and you too hid it all.

    Simcox: his Minuteman organization is owned and run by Alan Keyes, he too never had any intentions of winning his Senate or Presidential races…only to raise money and get rich. He did. Declaration Alliance is owned by Keyes, and it also owns Minuteman CDC. Simcox put that deal together in 2005 with Diener Associates and Keyes. And in 2006, they came up with a scheme to raise millions to build the MCDC Fence…..built barbed wire fences, provide no financial reports on expenditures, fired volunteers for asking where the money is, and is still collecting money for that fence as of today, 3 years later!

    Chris Simcox and his Minuteman leaders are frauds. They are bilking retired people for donations, of which they have no accounting for. Then Simcoxs MCDC VP Carmen Mercer was under investigation this past fall for a property tax mass mailer scheme…..she helped out her attorney friend in Texas with this scheme, its the same person in Texas who collects the donations for MCDC….see how the circle of friends benefit each other? Oh its only the begining, wait until you find out what else is being uncovered.

    Simcox, youve already bilked and lied enough to the Minutemen volunteers, the donors and the citizens of ths US. Youve got nothing in your background that details good solid character, moral standings or succesful business dealings, all indications show that youre a loser. Youd prove that again if you stay in the race against McCain. And it would be to collect more money , not to win.

    You dont deserve anyones respect. You dont deserve to be walking free, you deserve to be locked up behind bars; and that day will come. You lied. You stole. You misrepresented.

    The US Marine that you screwed with is going to take you down.

    S O’Connell

  9. Marine1 says:

    By the way, I own

    Its for sale. If anyone is interested in purchasing it, email at So far, not even his ‘competitors’ or enemies want it, they say hes worthless and presents no threat. I have to agree.

  10. Ben F says:

    Once again, night, you obfuscate the goal with meaningless clutter concentrating on side issues. The goal is not getting some reimbursement of ego stroking for investing time and energy in a failed effort. The goal is in removing John McCain from the Senate of the United States so that Arizona will have a senator that co-sponsors legislation with other conservative senators, not the hardest left socialists.

    Simcox and Deakin have a responsibility to not draw one vote from the candidate who has the best chance to beat John McCain. The McCain tentacles are ever growing and the only way to stop that threat to our republic is to cut off the head. Kennedy is gone – Dodd is retiring – Feingold, Baucus & Specter are on death watch – it is time to replace McCain

    Chris and Jim – We look forward seeing you standing with JD at his official announcement.

  11. Army Of One says:

    I can “report” only what I know, and that is people I talk with are getting damn angry that these two (Deakin and Simcox) refuse to get out of the way of the only chance conservatives have to win: J.D. Hayworth!

    Simocox has slim name ID, Deakin has NONE. They’ve made their points, but if they stay in once J. D. Hayworth enters, they have effectively killed their chances for any support, EVER. I know Chris Simcox and wouldn’t recommend him to anyone. Deakin should man up and do the right thing.

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