Arizona ranks in top 10 for charter school movement

When it comes to charter school enrollment, Arizona ranks in the top ten nationally, according to a recently released report by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

Arizona enacted its charter school laws 15 years ago. The concept has caught on with parents and students seeking alternatives to traditional public schools. There are now 502 public charter schools serving more than 100,000 students — approximately 10 percent of Arizona’s K – 12 students.

The report, How State Charter Rank Against the New Model Public Charter School Law, ranked state charter school laws according to the following measures:

Quality and Accountability, Funding Equity, Facilities Support, Autonomy and Growth and Choice.

Read the report and check out Arizona’s comparison ranking here.

One Response to Arizona ranks in top 10 for charter school movement

  1. Virginia says:

    Arizona parents are fortunate to have so many choices available to them and their children. Schools have changed dramatically since they were students. The unions and the leftist agendas rule the day. Believe me, as a career educator, I saw it all. I took an early retirement because the union pressure was so great. My heart breaks for today’s students. And far too many parents have no idea what is actually taking place in the classroom.