Study validates effectiveness of abstinence education, despite media bias

A new study released this month and reported in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine presents compelling evidence that teaching abstinence works better than sex-ed.

MedPage Today in an article titled Some Benefit Seen for Abstinence-Only Sex-Ed, substantiates the findings: An education program for middle-schoolers promoting chastity significantly reduced their self-reported sexual activity two years later, compared with other sex education approaches, researchers conducting a randomized trial said.

The Washington Post weighs in with their report: Abstinence-only programs might work, study says.

Even a causal observer will notice the reluctance to credit the findings by using the tentative words “some benefit” and “might work,” to infer reservations regarding acceptance of the study.

This article in the Wall Street Journal acknowledges the negative media bias directed towards abstinence education and purity pledges.

A Boston University School of Medicine study, one of the largest analysis to date on teen sexual behavior, reveals teens with positive attitudes about delaying sexual activity are more likely to practice abstinence. Using a scientifically-validated scale, researchers measured the beliefs and attitudes about sex of more than 11,000 students ages 12 to 17 to determine what influences their decisions to become sexually active. After one year’s time, nearly 90-percent of students who had expressed intent to not have sex had remained abstinent.

Conversely, teacher’s group represented by the liberal National Education Association (NEA) and the anti-abstinence group SIECUS have co-sponsored numerous reports attacking abstinence programs

Here is the stingingly offensive, profanity-laced parting speech of retiring NEA legal counsel Robert Chanin addressing the 8,000+ NEA delegates.  It provides an insight into the mindset of those who hold sway with America’s children each weekday.


3 Responses to Study validates effectiveness of abstinence education, despite media bias

  1. AZ Conservative Gal says:

    Abstinence stands in direct contradiction to abortion provider Planned Parenthood,SIECUS and the education establishment, which all have agendas that exclude parental involvement in the lives of their own children.

    This new report is good news, indeed!


    This is highly irresponsible.

    We don’t want our kids growing up not understanding how to manage their bodies, the functions of their bodies and the consequences of their choices.

    YES – abstinence teaching is a great thing – no doubt. But done so in conjunction with ALL information so that a teen can develop personal responsibility for his/her choices and not get involved in something which has life-reaching consequences. And all because we want to keep kids in the dark.

    Any parent is free to destroy his child’s mind; fill it with fables & fear to control. However, it is antithetical to teaching personal responsibility in hopes that your child has all information by which to make an educated decision.

    It is hypocrisy to denounce government as withholding information by which to manipulate the people, only to turn around and do the same to a teen entering into puberty.

    In a recent poll, in USA Today – surprisingly, more students are choosing NOT to have sex – but it’s a choice and that’s the freedom we want to encourage.

    If any parent has developed personal responsibility with their child, this shouldn’t even be a concern.

    It’s the manipulation of information for a personal self-agenda toward control, that leads to additional irresponsible choices.

    Teens “delaying” activity doesn’t mean they are ignorant of the facts and far-reaching consequences of their actions.

    Arm people with information and they will develop personal responsibility.

    Keep them ignorant and you are complicit in the degradation.

  3. Ben F says:


    You and your ilk are the irresponsible ones. This very detailed and well-respected study demonstrates that abstinence education produced better results than the normal garbage put out by the pro-abort community. Abortions make for an industry that makes hundreds of millions a year and any process that reduces unwanted pregnancies creates a negative impact to their bottom financial line. The havoc that is caused by their selfish, money-grubbing and crass attitudes on our young people is unethical and immoral.