If only McCain had run as hard against Obama as he is against J.D.

In a fundraising letter sent to supporters, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio urges their backing  for former Congressman J.D. Hayworth — who is mounting a challenge to Arizona’s long-time senator John McCain.

“Senator McCain has served this country admirably but it’s time to replace his moderate or even liberal positions on taxes, the border, social causes and big bank bailouts with a consistent conservative like J.D.,” Arpaio wrote. 

“I just wish Senator McCain had run as hard against Barack Obama as he is against a conservative like J.D. That could have prevented the harmful, liberal agenda we are all now suffering through.”

Arpaio addressed the early negative ads McCain has flooded the airwaves with this way:  “Indeed, Sen. McCain is already attacking J.D. by name in advertisements because [McCain] knows [Hayworth] is the type of exciting, principled conservative that energizes people like you and me.”

Arpaio sent the letter to his own fundraising network, as he went to bat for Hayworth’s bid against McCain — who is seeking his fifth six-year senate term.

Known for his support of a secured border, Sheriff Arpaio has a national following capable of bringing a strong assist to Hayworth’s efforts. McCain’s push for his own amnesty plan reconfigured as “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” won him few conservative supporters.

“We must stop Sen. McCain’s policies to open up our borders,” Arpaio writes, citing a Heritage Foundation report that highlighted the exorbitant costs of implementing McCain’s scheme.

In a statement of his own, Hayworth said, “Sheriff Arpaio and I agree that John McCain’s open borders approach for America is wrong.”

Hayworth will formally announce his candidacy on Feb. 15, 2010, with the 10:00 AM opening of his campaign headquarters at 3129 E. Cactus Rd. Suite 31, Phoenix, Arizona 85028.


6 Responses to If only McCain had run as hard against Obama as he is against J.D.

  1. Doc says:

    Well, I gotta’ tell ya’, I really don’t believe we’d be in any better shape, on any front, with Mr. McCain at the helm. At least with th’ head muslim, who’s got 0 (ZERO) real experience on anything other than bowing down to people who don’t deserve it, we know what to expect most of the time. Th’ head muslim doesn’t know how to cover most of his mess up, unlike Mr. McCain, who’s been doing this in D.C. for 25+ years, & knows how to get things done under th’ table, & when those things crop up, he uses them to make himself look “maverickey”…

  2. Kathy says:

    McCain will only attack Republicans, especially Conservatives ones because they show what he is NOT. McCain won’t go after Dems because he is one.

  3. Sgt. Preston says:

    McCain lost me long ago. He is angry, vile and definitely not a Republican — although he tricked alot of Arizonans over the years by running with an “R” after his name. He accuses Hayworth of being a big spender when his own rate of pork spending was far higher. And he is bonded to granting amnesty to millions of illegals at huge cost to the Anerican taxpayers. Here in Arizona, this is a problem we deal with everyday, and one he will work to worsen for us. No thanks, Mr. McCain. You need a rest form the seante and we need a rest from you.

  4. sherriaz says:

    The liberal Arizona Rag is running a blog about More Big Guns are backing McCain over Hayworth: it turns out to be Bill Bennett, a poor excuse for a radio talk show host with a major gambling problem who admits that JD is closer to his own personal philosophy but that he has to support McCain because “he is the man”, and Americans for Tax Reform Prez Grover Norquist ( WHO???? Sorry, I can’t take someone named Grover too seriously. Shouldn’t he be on Sesame Street?)

    As usual, this sorry excuse for a news machine panders to the liberals and totally ignores the majority who can’t stand McAmnesty. Neither of these so-called “big guns” will resonate with voters.

    Palin, who does have the ears of many conservative voters, has done herself a disservice by backing McCain and I still contend there is a backroom deal involved. She can’t seriously support Tea Party activists and still support McCain. Most Tea Party folks I have met are ADAMANTLY anti-illegal immigration. Sarah had better wake up before her career-what there is of it- is totally blown out of the water by this misalignment.

    • Doc says:

      McCain will trash Mrs. Palin’s career without blinkin’ an eye. Look at what he’s done to th’ Republican Party! Go to the Republican Party website & see if you can find the platform anywhere. WHY WOULD MR. STEELE REMOVE IT AT ALL? Because it’s tenants go against most of what Mr. McCain stands for…moderation, bi-partisanship, etc. I’m all about working together, but there’s a reason Dems call themselves Dems, & Conservative Republicans…don’t.

  5. Justin says:

    John McCain practically endorsed Obama. And he wants us to reelect him to the senate? What a joke!