Jim Waring: Close enough?

Jim Waring’s congressional campaign got a bit of a boost when his consultants announced him as the runaway winner in the poll they conducted.

The recently resigned state legislator Waring polled high against a couple of opponents named Ed Winkle and Debra Brimhall. In fact he beat the holy heck out of them both, leaving them bruised and battered with a mere 2.4% each.

The only problem is that Summit Consulting conducted the polling against people who were not actually in the race with their client.

Former state legislator and current Maricopa County Community College Governing Board Member Debra Pearson is considering a jump into the candidate’s pool.  She hasn’t been known as Brimhall since her marriage at least a couple of years ago. And it’s likely Waring’s consultant / pollster intended to survey against Ed Winkler, the immediate past appointed Mayor of Paradise Valley.

Summit says the margin of error is +/-5.6%. It doesn’t indicate whether those numbers refer to real or imaginary opponents — a fact which could skew the figures just a tad. With an ever growing field of aspirants, it will be amusing to see how the next round of polling goes.  There are so many names to mess with.


8 Responses to Jim Waring: Close enough?

  1. Stanford says:

    When your consultant is your pollster, you can go for broke….or broken. Facts are only incidental impediments along the way to winning.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Doesn’t this create a conflict? How objective is a paid campaign consultant who also acts as the candidate’s pollster? I’m not an authority on the subject, but aside from the obvious errors in the names of Waring’s opponents, it seems there is ample reason to game the results.

  3. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Using erroneous information is a tactic in eliciting desired responses. This is a shabby ploy and Waring himself (not his consulting hirelings) should publicly apologize to Pearson and Winkler. It would make him appear much nobler.

  4. Capitol Watcher says:

    Matt, I have a wakeup message for you: Hardball political maneuvering and nobility are not in the same league. They don’t even play in the same division.

  5. Seen It All says:

    This is not the high point of Waring’s campaign.

  6. Blackbeard says:

    High point? It may just be the nadir.

  7. Kimball says:

    None of the shinanigans matter. He’s got McCain’s backing. Unless you want a McClone, place your vote elsewhere.

  8. Brad Simpson says:

    It’s an incredibly deceitful poll.

    72% of poll respondents said they hadn’t yet made a decision. Of the 28% that had made a decision, 50% said Jim Waring.

    So in actuality, this poll indicates that 14% of the voters in CD-3 are backing Jim Waring.

    Not only is it a silly way to read a poll, it was done by Waring’s longtime friend and current political consultant that’s on the payroll, Chad Willems.