AZ’s Attorney General’s race: Tom Horne makes intentions official

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne has officially declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Attorney General.

In making his announcement, Horne said his priorities would be fighting crime, securing the border, creating a legal climate favorable to economic growth, and ensuring safe communities.

Republican Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, has opened an exploratory campaign and is expected to announce his candidacy.

Tajudeen Oladiran, who worked at the Attorney General’s office from January 2006  through October 2006 , has filed papers to run for the GOP nomination. His website says he’s been “slaying goliaths since 2008.”

Democrats are also lining up for the position. State Rep. David Lujan, Vince Rabago and Felecia Rotellini have announced.

And in the musical chairs we call Arizona politics, current term-limited Attorney General, Samuel Pearson “Terry” Goddard, III , is once again running for governor.


10 Responses to AZ’s Attorney General’s race: Tom Horne makes intentions official

  1. John Q says:

    Is this the same Tom Horne that stated in a public forum that he placed more credibility in the decision of 55% of the black robed legal beagles than in the Constitution of the United States?

    In fact, if this is the same Tom Horne, he actually stated that he would not file a case as Attorney General to overturn a decision that HE personally was convinced was unconstitutional.

    His smooth talk at multiple meetings as to his conservative values is not in alignment with his low threshold of value for our founding document.

    He might be absolutely wonderful as a neighbor, but he fails to measure up to the requirements needed for the chief legal officer of the state.

  2. DGN says:

    This IS the same Tom Horne who pushed hard for the Flores English language learners case and beat liberal lawyer Tim Hogan in the US Supreme Court.

    That shows a certain moxie, not to mention a lot of legal ability on Horne’s part.

    Horne has been right all along on the English language issue and he has court victories to prove it.

  3. John Q says:

    The real person behind the Flores victory was Speaker Jim Weiers who put in the behind the scenes work, guaranteed the funding and personally acquired the services of the #1 Supreme Court litigator in the country. Tom Horne’s name went on the paperwork because his position as SPI was the conduit necessary to to have “standing” to file the suit.

    Tom Horne was supportive. That was very important and should be recognized, but his constant taking sole credit for the results is unfortunate, at best.

  4. Pima Pal says:

    Tom Horne has done a masterful job as Education Superintendent, fighting for higher educational standards, elimination of junk food and against the racist Raza studies programs here in the Tucson Unified School District. He’s approachable and smart and has been down here on numerous occasions.
    Also, more to the point of him seeking the position of AZ’s Attorney General, HE IS NOT IMPLODING as the other GOP candidate is doing. Get behind Horne or you’ll get Lujan, a very happy democrat.

  5. John Q says:

    Pima Pal,

    Now we have the advice from the socialist state of Pima, Arizona’s premier left wing county, that the other GOP candidate is imploding. At this time, Horne is the only announced candidate, since Crump dropped out to run for Congress.

    As to Horne’s reign as SPI, he has fought the LaRaza studies and fought against junk food, but the size of the bureaucracy has exploded under his leadership and the educatonal outcomes have gone down in spite of the doubling of tax dollars into the system. Don’t romanticize too much on his accomplishments, since they are few and far between.

  6. DGN says:

    Horne is the first SPI to enforce English in the classroom and he hired Margaret Dugan, who wrote Prop. 203,as his deputy. His record on this matter is public and impeccable. To say his contribution to the Flores case is on paper ignores the fact that Horne pushed for the Flores lawsuit and welcomed the support of the legislaure. But if you care to look at the facts, the lead attorney was Rick Bistrow, who argued the case before the high court along with Ken Starr. Bistrow was retained and guided by Horne and Dugan. Starr was retained by the legislature. Please give credit to Weiers – he deserves it – but you do a disservice to Horne by claiming Horne did nothing when the facts say otherwise. If you have an ax to grind with him, fine. But you are not entitled to your own facts. It’s called Horne v. Flores for a reason and that’s because Horne was the prime mover behind it. To say otherwise is, at best, sour grapes.

  7. John Q says:

    It was called Horne v Flores because the SPI was the person with standing. That is the law, plain and simple.

    Horne’s work as SPI is an arguable issue – depending on what issue one wants to highlight. However, he is not running for SPI, the last I saw.

    As a candidate for AG, however he clearly stated that he supported precedence even when it was clearly in conflict with the Constitution. Horne might be able to function as SPI with that legal philosophy, but it is NOT acceptable for the chief legal officer of the state.

    I will make my decision – and encourate others to make theirs – on the issue of his position on this critical issue, not his education experience.

  8. Ben F says:

    Perhaps Horne should run for SPI again. On second thought, with his record that includs the highest growth in the spending in the history of the state for the Department of Education, we can’t afford to have him stay there, either.

  9. James Molina says:

    The Constitution is the repository for correct principles and doctrines for the proper role of government. All proposed legislation & enforcement should be scrutinized against the back-drop of the Constitution. When we stray from our Foundation, problems occur and reoccur… ever wonder why we keep hearing about the same problems just at different times? Because we have gotten away from our Foundation and have allowed government into places it was never intended. State and Federal governments need to observe their proper role as founded in the Constitution.

  10. Realist says:

    Personally, I wish Bill Montgomery would run for AG. As for Tom Horne (talk about “milk toast”), he’s too weak. Andrew Thomas is doing a great job as County Attorney and I believe it is vital that he stay in that position. I’m afraid that Sheriff Joe and the illegal immigration situation will not succeed without Thomas’s asssistance. Should Thomas let his ego get the better of him and he runs for AG, not only will the press eat him alive, the new County Attorney will come after him and the RINO’s will ensure his defeat!