The endless parade: Yet another sexual predator teacher makes the news

The disgusting list of Arizona’s deviant educators who sexually prey on students entrusted to their supervision continues to grow. Seeing Red AZ has covered this repugnant phenomena so many times, that we have a title devoted specifically to this exploitation and perversion: Arizona’s predatory teachers: The endless parade.

Today we bring you 47-year-old Jonathan Krieger, an Apache Junction High School teacher, who has also used the aliases John Snell and Johnathan Raye — while being employed at other Valley schools.  He is charged with having sexually contact with a 16-year-old old student.

Kreiger was booked into the Pinal County Adult Detention Facility in Florence and is being held under $250,000 bond. Krieger/Snell/ Raye faces eight counts of sexual conduct with a minor.

Although this aberrant behavior has reached epic proportions, the Arizona Education Association, the state’s teacher’s union, has remained oddly silent.  If the topic was related to their own benefit packages, we would hear their loud voices and witness their well organized protests at the state Capitol. 

Sexual exploitation of students by their members merits not a peep.


7 Responses to The endless parade: Yet another sexual predator teacher makes the news

  1. MaskedTruthman says:

    Why would the teacher union butt in? He’s current with his membership dues, isn’t he?

  2. sherriaz says:

    So much for the detailed background checks that the districts are supposed to conduct. There are a lot of good people who would love to teach yet creeps like this are holding jobs and taking advantage of students. The teachers union should be front and center on this issue, but it is really no surprise that they remain in the background.

  3. LD20er says:

    I learned much about the government indoctrination system (oops, sorry, that’s public school system) during the 20 years my mother served on our local school board.

    The primary reason these crimes continue and increase is that school districts are desperate to keep a lid on anything that puts them in a bad light. That extends to school district employees embezzling school funds as well as sexual predators.

    The district bureaucrats and school board members hush it up, allow the employee/teacher to resign with no record of their past crimes, knowing they’ll seek employment in another school district and continue their crimes.

    The district won’t initiate criminal prosecution but instead wants to hush it up and make it go away.

    In a situation like this when the problem extended beyond their influence, the district will sandbag the investigation with the excuse of “privacy laws.”

    There are probably no such laws, but bottom line is that the district wants to avoid any accountability or responsibility for failing to do their jobs.

    Reminds me very much of the way the Catholic Church handled sexual predator priests for decades–hush it up, move them elsewhere and pretend it never happened.

    The public school system is a disgrace. That they have the audacity to endlessly demand more $$$ for the pathetic job they do is reprehensible.

  4. Scott says:

    Masked Truthman and sherraz:
    Your truth telling succinctly exposes the teacher’s union for what it is. I taught, my wife taught and my mother also taught in AZ public schools. I can attest to the fact that sexual predators are only on the union’s radar screen if they would harm their abilities to promote their major goals of money, power and the promotion of their liberal agenda. Teaching basics takes a decided back seat.

    Try teaching in this state without being a union member and see the blackballing that takes place. The AEA and NEA are the educational Taliban. You might notice I said my wife and I “taught.” As conservatives, who were repeatedly marginalized, we both left the field.

  5. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    The loony-left d-crat socialists are certainly consistent. Not only do the teachers unions protect their sexual predators, the National Organization for (Left-Wing) Women does the same. Look at their kid-glove treatment of David Letterman.

  6. Political Curmudgeon says:

    These teachers, who fail to condemn the acts of violence against our children, are the same teachers that want you to APPROVE budget overrides in March. They want MORE MONEY from you. There isn’t a district in the state that deserves more money this election. They first need to get their act together and start teaching our children and the superintendents need to stop wasting money in the district offices.

    VOTE NO ON THE OVERRIDE QUESTIONS. Better, tell your neighbors and friends to vote NO. Together, we can stop the abuse and waste of our tax dollars.

  7. American Dad says:

    The answer to this despicable and ongoing problem of deviant teachers is obviously the same as always: “Teacher’s need a raise!’ “Get more money in the classroom!” (which means in the teacher’s salaries), “Vote in the overrides!”

    Maybe if they had more money they could afford other forms of “entertainment?” I’m surprised the usually loquacious education unionists and their minions are so silent. Whenever one of their sexually abusive teachers is criminally charged, the AEA and NEA become mute.

    Where is their outrage? As a parent and taxpayer, I sure have plenty!

    I’d like to know why someone like this abuser was allowed to use various names and gain jobs in various districts. Don’t they check social security numbers and teacher’s ID’s, rather than just the aliases they give?