Hayworth follows McCain’s lead: Demands debates

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Sen. John McCain called for ten debates when he faced Barack Obama.

Today conservative J.D. Hayworth, waging a full throttle challenge to McCain, doesn’t think the people of Arizona deserve any less.

This morning, Hayworth took that message to McCain at his campaign headquarters — presenting an official letter to McCain’s staff requesting the public debates for Arizona voters. The letter specifies that he wants — at a minimum — the amount of debates that McCain asked for in the 2008 campaign.

“Sen. McCain has always demonstrated himself to be willing to face off with his opponents in political campaigns. I look forward to a vigorous and respectful series of joint appearances where we can discuss how we view the future of the Republican Party and our country,” said Hayworth.

Given the years Sen. McCain spent away from Arizona to run for President, he can certainly spend a few days away from Washington to better inform the people of Arizona whom he represents.

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14 Responses to Hayworth follows McCain’s lead: Demands debates

  1. Kathy says:

    This is going to be fun watching McCain squirm since he has taken both side on just about every issue. Now McCain wants to regulate Vitamins/Supplements, will lead to higher prices & lay-offs – Big Brother strikes again!

  2. The other Jeff says:

    Hopefully, there will be accomodations for the other Senate candidates like Jim Deakin.

  3. Doc says:

    I think it’s a GREAT IDEA! And, J.D. said he was gonna’ do this at the Event in Prescott. So, He starts off by KEEPING HIS WORD!

    So, Who would moderate these debates…FAIRLY? As strongly as many of us here on our intrepid little blog about this issue, OUR own integrety is at stake here as well! If we, as conservatives, don’t act fairly, we are no better than the riff-raff we want to see GONE!

  4. Realist says:

    Doc, Several months ago, I thought KFYI host Mike Broomhead was a McCain shill. Today, I’m having doubts about my initial instinct. As of late, when listening to his radio show he seems more fair and balanced in his questioning of both men and reporting on their activities. So…I would put his name on the list of potential moderators.
    However, don’t look for McShame to jump at the chance to debate J.D..

  5. Joe Evans says:

    My suggestion for a moderator would be Bruce Jacobs, formerly of KFYI. Any thoughts? Or how about Darcy Olson from the Goldwater Institute? She has no axe to grind that I know of.

  6. Ellsworth says:

    Jim Deakin entered the race saying (as did Chris Simcox) that he wanted to offer an alternative to the same McCain doubletalk. That alternative now has a credible name and face — JD Hayworth. Hayworth is knowledgeable and has the ability to move hearts and minds. Jim Deakin is listless, stands by mutely at meetings I’ve attended, and can’t raise a dime to be competitive. Most people have no idea he even exists. He offers nothing. Unfortunately, his ego has taken over and he thinks he is a viable candidate. If his original intent of wanting to see an alternative to McCain still mattered to him, he would move aside. Simcox had a greater following than Jimmie, but realized that he wasn’t going anywhere and did the right thing by endorsing JD Hayworth.

    If JD loses by the paltry few percentage points Deakin holds, I wonder if he’ll still think he did the right thing by staying in? I find him to be an appalling spoiler.

    As to the question at hand…that of debates: McAmnesty will never agree. He’ll say he’s too busy in Washington doing the people’s work or some other such blather. He sure didn’t mind not being available for two election cycles!

  7. nightcrawler says:


    This may come as a shock to you, but some folk out there don’t like McCain or JD. They want another choice. If it is true that Deakin has little money and even less support, why should you worry ? It is up to JD to woo the voters from Deakin not simply ask for them as if he is entitled. The truth is the Deakin votes (if he drops out) may not go to a GOP candidate at all.

    JD and Deakin should debate as well. JD will win, but at least he would acknowledge that Deakin exists lest he be ignored the same way and for the same reasons by McCain. Big dog, little dog.

  8. Ellsworth says:

    So your bottom line is that Jimmie Lee Deakin appeals to Democrats? Swell. Why is he challenging McCain? McCain is as close to a democrat as you’ll get. I was right the first time. He is a spoiler!

  9. Keen Observer says:

    I thought Mr Deakin was providing an alternative for people to vote for in place of McCain. I knew he had absolutely no chance of winning, but I admired him for putting his name forward since no one of stature had announced.

    Now that JD has announced, and Deakin has not withdrawn, I see that it was all about Deakin and not about the greater good. He is now just a pathetic, small fry imitation of Ross Perot. Except that Jimme has no money, no name, no stature, no ability to raise money, no voting record, and obviously no common sense.

    He will take less than 1% of the primary vote, and that may be enough to keep McCain in office. He can then claim on his resume, “I kept John McCain in office.” McCain must love this foolish political neophyte.

  10. nightcrawler says:

    I never said anything about Democrats. Supporters of Deakin are tired of the status quo and professional politicians. JD is an establishment candidate not an outsider. My thought is that Deakin supporters will either go Libertarian or some new Constitutionalist or Conservative offshoot. The same is true of some tea partiers if McCain beats JD in the primary.

  11. Clark says:

    If McCain beats JD in the primary, REPUBLICANS will go elsewhere. I’m a lifelong Republican and I’ll NEVER again cast a ballot for RINO McCain.

    Jimmie Deakin is an arrogant and not terribley bright (quite a combination!!)little hick. He needs to remind himself of why he got in the race to begin with — which was to provide an alternative to John McCain, which we now have. Deakin has gained no traction, raised no money, has no profile, All he is a walking ego and a spoiler.

  12. thesnakeguy says:

    Broomhead is a McCain shill. He just learned to keep his mouth shut because he took over the time slot of Hayworth and wants to keep his job which means not aggravating those listeners in the habit of listening to KFYI at that time.