Ho, hum: Democrat high-drama becoming routine

Less than a week after New York Gov. David Paterson formally announced his candidacy for governor, he called a press conference to declare an end to his campaign. Paterson halted his campaign for election amid eroding support from his own Democrat party and an uproar over his administration’s intervention in a domestic violence case involving a close aide.

Gov. Paterson, 55, was sworn into office in March 2008 after his predecessor, Democrat Eliot Spitzer, resigned amid a prostitution scandal. Political watchers will remember that as far back as September President Barack Obama, stepped in and  made clear his objections to a then-defiant Paterson running for the seat

Even as the Paterson was announcing the termination of his campaign, new calls emerged for him to resign, amid a criminal investigation by the office of Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Thickening the machination-laced stew is the fact that state Democrats have been moving to anoint Cuomo, who has been quietly preparing his own campaign for governor, as their candidate.

 The New York Times has more here.

3 Responses to Ho, hum: Democrat high-drama becoming routine

  1. papatodd says:

    If Patterson had only consulted with Bill Clinton, all of these allegations of roughing up women would have gone away. Bill is the master on this subject.

  2. Ray says:

    The Dems are dropping like flies. Scandal and retirement or the realization that the jig is up, seems to be ruling the day for the party that promised “transparency.” Instead we get force feeding of their agenda, with the power plays behind closed doors. I hope the folks who voted for “Hope and Change” are enjoying dominance of Marxists.

  3. Kent says:

    Let’s face facts. Although Barack Obama ia a leftist disaster, continually apologizing for American superiority and attempting to make us into his Socialsit ideal, he is the reason Americans are galvanizing behind Republicans and Democrats are dropping off the Congressional horizon. Barack Obama was a backhanded gift. Be grateful.