More jobs Americans refuse to do?

March 31, 2010

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office reports that two more Valley McDonald’s managers have been arrested in an identity theft and forgery investigation.

Arley Lopez, 31, a Mesa restaurant manager and Jose Prado, 35, a general manager for McDonald’s, were picked up by Sheriff’s Deputies. According to the Sheriff’s Office, Prado was handed over to federal immigration officials and Lopez was booked into jail.

The arrests were connected with raids that took place last Friday at four separate McDonalds and a  Paradise Valley residence.

The average salary for mangers is listed here at $38,858, ranging upward to $44,000.  Bonuses averaged $4,875.

Proof positive that these are jobs Americans refuse to do.  Sure thing!


Goldwater Institute, AZ Republic: A match made in heaven?

March 31, 2010

In what would appear to be a case of the strangest of bedfellows, the Libertarian Goldwater Institute has found soul mates at the Arizona Republic. In a recent edition the daily lovingly gushes over GI’s Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation and its chief litigator, Clint Bolick, in this article titled, Goldwater Institute blazing a conservative legal trail.

In case it escaped notice, the newspaper is not inclined to wax poetic over anything conservative, including legal trails.

We’ve written about the alliance previously. The two find common ground in their propensities for skewering Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The newspaper has made an avocation of the spew, rarely missing a day in which they attempt to sucker-punch him.

Much to their dismay, his popularity remains stellar.

Now they are aided in their quest to take Arpaio down by the Goldwater Institute in general, and Clint Bolick, in particular. Bolick has relentlessly hammered Sheriff Arpaio over minutiae — both in opinion pieces in the daily newspaper and in two lengthy GI Reports, in an apparent effort to ingratiate himself and Goldwater Institute with the generous open borders crowd donors.

For a behind-the-scenes look at the inter-connective threads, read this from last December. Once again, you’ll see all roads lead to John McCain. Given that link, the Republic can’t laud Bolick enough.

Back in 2007, Bolick wrote this opinion piece for the daily. It opened with these cautionary words: Anti-immigration conservatives are subjecting U.S. Sens. Jon Kyl and John McCain to blistering attacks over their pivotal role in the comprehensive immigration bill currently on life support in Congress. But if they get their way and the bill dies, so too may Republican electoral prospects for the foreseeable future.

In those two sentences, Bolick attempted to relay the bogus impression that those who abhor an illegal invasion of the United States, while supporting legal immigration, are “anti-immigration conservatives.” He gives cover to McCain and Kyl and warns that Republicans are doomed unless condoning, accepting and embracing lawlessness.

Bolick’s wife, Shawnna, is currently running for the legislature in District 11. (Click fundraising invitation to enlarge.)

Forget the Taliban — BHO names America’s actual enemies

March 31, 2010

In a speech full of bluster and bravado, Barack Obama clarifies who the real enemies of America are. 

Here’s a clue: Osama bin Laden didn’t make the list.

Nope. It turns out the bad actors are banking institutions, insurance companies, “middlemen” and lobbyists.

There have been low points in our history before, and they have generated the desire for optimistic leaders who put the people in charge of their destiny, rather than reliance on expansion of government. As abysmal as he is, Barack Obama could provide the re-awakening we saw when Ronald Reagan was elected after the leftward lurched presidency of Jimmy Carter — ousted after serving but one term.

Hayworth the magician: His mere presence turns RINO McCain into a conservative

March 30, 2010

Hat tip to commenter Kathy for alerting us to the latest incarnation of John McCain. The old sea dog has changed into a border warrior, in the wake of a challenge from a genuine conservative, J.D. Hayworth.

We read a desperate sounding…er…shamefulletter from McCain, pleading with Arizona’s former Governor, uber-liberal Janet Napolitano — now Obama’s Homeland Security Chieftain,  to send troops to the border in the wake of the senseless murder of Cochise County rancher Robert Krentz. Unfortunately, knowing McCain’s double-talk and history regarding the border, it sounds more like an act of political desperation than actual anxiety. John McCain, along with his senate seat-mate Jon Kyl and the late Ted Kennedy were the trio of architects of the failed Comprehensive Immigration Reform — fancy words which could be distilled down to one: “Amnesty.”

Read Hot Air’s post here.

A McCain redux: Because it matters

March 30, 2010

With so much riding on the Arizona senate race between decades-long-Washington-insider John McCain and conservative challenger J.D. Hayworth, it is worth taking a fresh look at this Michelle Malkin article. There is now a mere 7-point spread between the two men according to the most recent Rasmussen polling.

In Conservatives: Beware of McCain Regression Syndrome, Malkin bluntly reminds us of the Maverick’s myriad shortcomings. She notes that as he runs to the right to protect his seat, McCain’s political machine is meddling across the country to install liberal and establishment Republicans over conservatives, to secure his legacy.

We are reminded of the extent to which John McCain supported Obama’s pork-laden, fraud-ridden stimulus package — voting for the $700 billion TARP bailout, the $25 billion auto bailout, a $300 billion mortgage bailout, and the first $85 billion AIG bailout.

McCain was wrong on the constitutionality of the free-speech-stifling McCain-Feingold campaign finance regulations. He was wrong to side with the junk-science global warming activists in pushing onerous carbon caps on America. He was on the wrong side of every Chicken Little-driven bailout. He was wrong in opposing enhanced CIA interrogation methods that have saved countless American lives and averted jihadi plots. And he was spectacularly wrong in teaming with the open-borders lobby to push a dangerous illegal alien amnesty

This is Malkin at her finest, unflinchingly exposing McCain for the liberal he is.

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The daily does Diane

March 30, 2010

Diane Douglas, Peoria Unified School District board member is taking heat over her principled opposition to Proposition 100, the contested sales tax hike, masquerading as a panacea, which has been referred to the ballot.

The Republic reports that during public comments at last week’s board meeting, some parents called for Douglas’ resignation, questioning how she could serve both on the school board and as treasurer of Ax the Tax Arizona.

The answer can be addressed with one word: “Integrity.”

Douglas, a conservative stalwart, said she is a staunch supporter of high quality education but opposes Proposition 100 because it would damage efforts to rebuild Arizona’s economy.

The former board president added that her support for Ax the Tax Arizona is not within the purview of the governing board and that she and the parents raising the issue simply have a difference in philosophy.

As might be expected, there are subplots here as well. The educrats, who bristle at being held accountable, think this is free money, falling like manna from heaven.  Young children are taught there are consequences for their actions and realities to face when situations change. But apparently some of their parents think there are no repercussions from levying additional taxes during the harshest economy most of us can recall.  Job losses are still hovering in the nine-plus margins and home foreclosures remain a fact of life for too many families.

There is also the McModerate wing of the Republican Party with a finger in this education pie. Rep. Debbie Lesko is closely tied to Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs, the Republican counterpart to Phoenix’s liberal Mayor Philly Gordon. In the upcoming race for an open legislative seat in District 9, incumbent Lesko and political newcomer Rick Gray both have strings tied to John McCain.

Napolitano the artist: painting extremists with a broad brush

March 30, 2010

Far too little is known about a band of nine alleged members of a Christian militia group, to draw any conclusions, but the following line, lifted from the AP report describing the “Hutaree,” serves as a warning:

Authorities said the arrests underscored the dangers of homegrown right-wing extremism of the sort seen in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people.

Quite a leap.

Such incendiary language is all too reminiscent of the Department of Homeland Security report with the unwieldy title, Rightwing extremism: Current economic and political climate fueling resurgence in radicalization and recruitment, issued by Janet Napolitano last April. In it she warned against the possibility of violence by unnamed “right-wing extremists” concerned about illegal immigration, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion and the loss of U.S. sovereignty — singling out returning war veterans as particular threats, according to an article in WorldNetDaily.

In Missouri around the same time Napolitano’s 2009 report was unclassified, police were instructed to look for “Americans who were concerned about unemployment, taxes, illegal immigration, gangs, border security, abortion, high costs of living, gun restrictions, FEMA, the IRS, The Federal Reserve, and the North American Union/SPP/North American Community.” The ‘Missouri Documents‘ also declared “potential domestic terrorists might like gun shows, short wave radios, combat movies, movies with white male heroes, Tom Clancy novels, and Presidential candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin.

Ultimately the chief of the Missouri State Patrol backed away from this stance. So should Janet Napolitano.

McCain: Understudies take starring role as senior actor stumbles

March 29, 2010

John McCain’s political fortunes have taken a decided nosedive which has not escaped the notice of the Washington Post.  The newspaper notes that in his response to the forceful challenge by conservative J.D. Hayworth, the wounded McCain is relying on newbie second-stringers to prop up his sagging re-election campaign. Just a few months ago, Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) was unknown to most Americans.  Now his illuminating star power was potent enough to have him brought in to Arizona to bolster the lackluster McCampaign. And this past week, his former Vice Presidential pick, Sarah Palin, also a relative unknown to most party regulars before being selected for the 2008 GOP second spot, was touring the state to give him support.

How the once mighty have fallen.

Challenger J.D. Hayworth is now running nearly neck-in-neck, separated by a mere 7-point spread, with the nearly three-decade long Washington insider.

There are only 3 days left in J.D.‘s Million Dollar March. Help send a clear message to the Washington establishment by donating whatever you can to his campaign. He’s almost there and your help will make all the difference. Please donate here today.

Florida mirrors AZ senate race: Crist, Rubio choice is clear

March 29, 2010

Takeaway line from the FOX News Sunday show with Chris Wallace: The U.S. Senators Gov. Charlie Crist “admires most are John McCain and Lindsey Graham.”

Crist also fell in league with Barack Obama, infamously supporting his “stimulus” program and sealing the deal by giving Obama a big hug.

This convoluted reasoning, from Crist’s March 2, 2010 State of the State Speech, gives a clue as to Gov. Crist’s stated admiration for John McCain:  “Problem solvers recognize that important achievements often require consensus, and consensus sometimes requires concession. There are times we must hold loosely to our cherished conceits in the interest of meaningful change. We also must recognize that consensus often means all parties walk away feeling vaguely dissatisfied.”

So in RINO-speak, holding true to principles is conceit?

The people of Florida, just like Arizona’s citizens, have a clear choice in these U.S. Senate races. When confronted with a known RINO or a consistent conservative, the odds-on favorites will be Marco Rubio and J.D. Hayworth. It’s time for a change.

Part 2 of the debate can be seen here.

Southern AZ rancher found murdered on his ranch

March 29, 2010

The Arizona Republic has scant information in the four-sentence report * about the murder of Arizona rancher Robert Krentz, 58, whose body was found late Saturday night on his ranch near Douglas, 12 miles north of the U.S./Mexico border. Krentz had last been heard from as he aided an illegal alien at one of his watering holes. Krentz’s dog was also shot.

Diggers Realm blog provides a full report on the slaying of the Arizonan whose 35,000 acre ranch has been in the family for three generations — since 1907.  We urge you to read the revealing exposé of the actual costs the family has borne in recent years. Syndicated columnist, Michelle Malkin has also given this tragedy coverage, finding more in the Tucson press than we could in the state’s largest daily, The Arizona Republic. 

In 2003, then-Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) wrote of the challenges faced by border ranchers, and in particular highlighted the Krentz family’s plight, calling them “American Homeland Heroes.”

In the month of November, 2002, in the Tucson Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol … where the Krentz ranch is located, the Border Patrol apprehended 23,000 border crossers,” Tancredo wrote. “Many people would suggest that the [apprehension] ratio is just about maybe one in five, and that is a very conservative estimate. … I think it is closer to one in ten”.

In February [2002] … a calf was butchered by illegal alien trespassers. Two men responsible were caught. They were tried. They were found guilty. They served a total of 51 days in jail. They were also ordered to pay $200 in restitution to the Krentz ranch. The Krentz ranch has not seen a cent of that money; and, of course, our best guess is they will not because these people have been released. They either came back into the population up here in the U.S.A. or returned to Mexico.

Read further details from Tom Tancredo’s account here.

* Expanded days later.