Shawnna Bolick and her friends


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Another friend of the illegal alien profiteers is running for the state legislature. Meet Shawnna L. M. Bolick, wife of Clint Bolick, the Goldwater Institute’s Director of the Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation.

Shawnna is one of seven currently announced candidates running for the Republican open seats in District 11. Clint Bolick has brutally taken on Sheriff Joe Arpaio in a series of reports for his employer. Seeing Red AZ has previously covered these forays into Maricopa County law enforcement here, here, and here.

Shawnna’s friends are throwing her a lavish fundraiser at a Paradise Valley residence. You’ll see from the list on the host committee the Bolick family has been co-opted into the illegal alien apologist crowd, willing to sell out the safety and security of Arizona’s citizens for 410 pieces of silver. The price of betrayal appears to have gone up along with inflation.

Missing from Mrs. Bolick’s website is any indication of her Republican Party affiliation. (Since this was initially written, the word ‘Republican’ has been added)

Jordan Rose is listed as the chairman of Bolick 2010. Odd, since her husband, Jason, has close ties to Sheriff Joe Arpaio.


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  1. Doc says:

    Speaking of going off on a tangent…

    I believe that I commented not long ago here on our intrepid little blog, on the Rose Family’s “flip-flopping” skills. The article concerned something involving sanctuary city idiot Philaberto Gordonez(carrumba, eye-yi-yi) & Mr. Jason Rose as I recall. THEN, I read somewhere else (& I can’t recall exactly where I read it) that the Roses’ will just go where the money leads them, & there is NO ‘conviction’ in their endorsements. I mean, after all they ARE a “Public Relations” firm…

    Now I’m not accusing anybody of ANYTHING. BUT, that typed, I seem to remember Mr. Rose CURRENTLY being involved with our last hope for sanity in the U.S. Senate in 2010, J.D. Hayworth (cheering & fireworks HERE! Thank You, JESUS!). I would like to remind Mr. Rose that he needs to keep MRS. ROSE “on point” so as to NOT skrew up our chances at achieving TRUE conservatism in D.C. This is the same kinda CRAP (spouses that go off on a tangent…a.k.a. GAY MARRIAGE, Mrs. McCain) that has helped make a poor impression (not that making ANOTHER poor impression was necessary, there’s an abundance…) on our current ?senator? during a losing re-election bid. Is ‘Mr. Rose & Co.’ a McCain SHILL scheme? Or am I being paranoid? Smells awful fishy to me…

    just sayin’…

  2. Hometown Guy says:

    Doc: From what I’ve read, Mrs. Rose is a lawyer and not part of the PR firm. But that aside, their client lists are quite strange.

  3. VoiceInTheWild says:

    Go through the invite list and see how many are not registered to vote in Maricopa County.

    Seeing Red – you got the Rep candidate count wrong – there are four in the state senate race and five in the house race (on dropped out). The Dems have one in the state senate race and their incumbent Eric Meyer in the house race.

  4. Helen Post says:

    Good Lord! Thank you for the heads-up, Seeingred. Every candidate maintains that they are for a secured border. For Pete’s sake, even McCain says that. With McCain using the phrase, it has become meaningless. You really must ask the candidates if they support Sheriff Joe, Andy Thomas and Russell Pearce in their efforts to enforce our immigration laws.

    Unless they respond with an unequivocal “YES”, you know they are McCain surrogates. If they give you the smoke and mirrors….”It’s a complicated issue, we need a guest worker program, we’re all God’s children, they help our economy, they pay taxes, they are just trying to support their families, you would do the same thing, we can’t round up and deport 12 million people, it’s a federal issue, you are a xenophobe, intolerant racist”…. you know they are McCain surrogates and are about remaking the Republican Party into the McCain Party.

    We all know that McCain, Kyl, Flake, Shadegg, have neither the will nor ability to enforce the immigration laws that are already on the books. Why in the world would we believe anything they say. They all should be voted out of office, I am for a TEA PARTY REVOLUTION!

  5. Sgt. Preston says:

    Helen: Sorry to take you to task, since I agree with nearly all of your comment. However, (and this is a huge “however”) the illegal alien profiteers and their liberal cohorts are the ones using the 12 million figure and have done so for the past decade. The actual number is at least double that with the continued influx of illegals coupled with the high birth rates. Don’t get caught up buying into their blather.

  6. American Dad says:

    It’s really all about the almighty buck, isn’t it?
    Principles and true love of country take a back seat. Disgusting!

  7. Helen Post says:

    Sgt Preston: I know quite well the actual figures. I was only quoting what the McCain surrogates were claiming. But glad to see you are paying attention.



    Let me support you with some FACTS rather than the credulousness that is liberal media standard when it comes to such misinformation and clearly revealed in this blog posted above:

    The federal government has let down all of the Border States.

    Mrs. Bolick believes in pro legal immigration.

    However, the rules of law for immigration and naturalization need to be followed and visa laws need to be enforced. She is in favor of securing the border. There is too much crime and drugs entering Arizona as a result of the lax in oversight and enforcement.

    From her perspective, one of the worst things that could have happened in 2009 was to allow former Governor Janet Napolitano to become the Director of Homeland Security. As a result of her lack of oversight, the State of Arizona needs to do the following:

    1) Shawnna Bolick stands by the idea to ban sanctuary city policies to protect Arizona from the illegal incursions of our sovereign state

    2) Shawnna Bolick stands by the idea to deploy National Guard troops with authority to use all necessary military options to protect Arizonans from the illegal incursions of our sovereign state when a threat is imminent

    3) Shawnna Bolick stands by the idea to declare war on the drug cartels and human smuggling regimes in Mexico

    4) Shawnna Bolick stands by the idea to support effective law enforcement as a top priority of state government; and get rid of amnesty.

    It is too expensive allowing illegal immigrants to continue to live in this wonderful country of ours.

    Shawnna Bolick stands by the ideas that we should not bear the burden of having illegal immigrants in our welfare system or cash poor education system.

    Mrs. Bolick has several friends who aren’t originally from the U.S. However, they went through the necessary steps to become a legal citizen and she applauded and celebrated the day they were an official U.S. citizen.

    Shawnna Bolick also knows that we need to work to improve e-Verify. In the State of Arizona small businesses and corporations rely on this federal government mandated system, yet employees and employers who hire illegals unbeknownst to them are being penalized and fined because the system is so flawed.

    If Mrs. Bolick were single and didn’t have children, one job she would want: to be a Border patrol agent because she’s tough and a law abiding citizen.


    You speak of her not posting “Republican” on her website, yet when asked she willingly and proudly will state such.

    So you disapprove of her FREE CHOICE to be AN AMERICAN FIRST!

    You disagree with her decision to bring more Americans to her point of view and allow each to research for self, her political affiliation rather than see a label and provide contempt prior to investigation! – Such as you’ve done here.

    Like James Carvell and Mary Matlin before them, Clint and Shawnna do not agree on all issues and specifically, illegal immigration.

    You should not connect these two people on this issue. Clint’s efforts at The Goldwater Institute lie in the fact that Sheriff Joe continues to break the laws, while Clint is hoping to get the sheriff to simply solve crimes instead of deeming them case closed before they even try to solve them. The sheriff’s office has an obscenely high amount of outstanding felony warrants.

    And how would you have known this?


    Congratulations, you now reveal yourself with the integrity, or lack thereof, of liberal media bias that is ubiquitous in our society!

  9. Doc says:

    “I’m tough and I’m a rule follower.” …uuuhhh…wow.

    Mrs. Bolick;
    With all due respect, I must state that “following the rules” is exactly what got America & Arizona where we currently are. The RULES have been altered by our ‘fine’ representation, to the ‘gubmint’s’ side! And we citizens are on the LOSING side of that deal. So while I’m personally against goin’ out & breakin’ th’ law for that sake, we need a LEADER(S), NOT FOLLOWERS. If that means occaisionally breakin’ the rules, many of which are SKEWED, o.k. by me. The Libs & R.I.N.O.’s have been doin’ that for YEARS, @ our expense.

  10. Night Owl says:

    Iconic freedom sure got his pants in a knot over a substantial and fact-based post. She would tell us if we asked about her Republican credentials? Please spare us the crap. And the Bolick’s are no James Carville and Mary Matalin. Mary Matalin is not a follower and speaks proudly about her Republican bonafides rather than hiding them unless asked. This is a scam of monumental proportions and you have fallen for it, although I suspect you’re actually a relative. What a windbag with all the answers. Since you’re the only one to know her secret thoughts, you can also be the only one to vote for her.

  11. Helen Post says:

    Dear Iconic Freedom,

    How you can talk so much and say so little is amazing.

    If Shawnna is such an opponent to illegal immigration, why did not husband Clint tell us that in his fund raising letter extolling her virtues? After all, illegal immigration is the number one issue driving the state to bankruptcy and destroying the economy of the country.

    But no, Clint tells us she is for education reform, budget reforms and is business friendly and one of her event Co-Chairs is none other that Jason LeVecke, the cheap labor, open borders advocate and McCain supporter. And Yo, there is also McCain supporter Steve Twist as a Co-Chair.

    Let’s just cut to the chase. Will Shawnna state unequivocally whether she supports John McCain or JD Hayworth? That will tell us all we need to know about her position on illegal immigration, and everything else political.

    There is no more defining statement any politician could make on where he stands this election. You either support McCain’s politics or Hayworth’s politics. That is the simple defining issue…….Well Shawnna, we’re waiting…

  12. ICONIC FREEDOM says:

    Yes, Helen, let’s cut to the chase; yes Night Owl do cut your crap; yes Doc, do go to the source next time before bloviating:

    If you have such questions for Mrs. Bolick or questions for Mr. Bolick, have you sent them emails requesting such information like I did?

    Have you picked up the phone and called them to get clarification?

    Have you bothered to attend an event where one or both of them were attending in order to seek them out and get answers to your questions?

    Have you demonstrated personal responsibility in educating yourself by going to the source rather than taking another’s word?

    Have you? Have you? We’re waiting…

  13. ICONIC FREEDOM says:

    and Doc, if you really had “all due respect” for Mrs. Bolick, you would have sought her out to ask her your questions and speak to your concerns before your jumping to conclusions. You had the energy to visit her website but not the courage to pick up the phone or send an email.

    What does it say about a person who seeks to discredit others by gossip rather than facts.

    • Doc says:

      ICONIC-Well, since the original post was viewed by me here on SATURDAY…asking her myself could be a bit of a PROBLEM! But don’t you worry my uppity friend. I’ll be contacting Mrs. Bolick MONDAY MORNING.

      And before you go making a complete idjit of yourself please remember that many of us here on “Seeing Red” contact the people that are discussed here. I recently posted on a conversation with Paradise Valley Mayor Vern Parker, my thoughts on his hypocracy, his subsequent e-mail & phone contact with me,& what transpired with those conversations.

      So again, I WAS respectful to Mrs. Bolick. However, I believe I’ll post my concerns to my fellow conservatives here, providing the blog administration allows it. And if you’ve any concerns regarding my testicular fortitude following up of those concerns, you haven’t been paying attention. I don’t gossip.

      And Helen’s EXACTLY correct! Where do your convictions lie, sir? With th’ R.I.N.O.’s, or with true conservatism? C’mon, speak-up!

  14. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    Exposing this list of cheap labor supporters has certainly generated a firestorm from Iconic Freedom, who balks at having a nerve touched. But Helen is right on the money here, McCain or Hayworth? That is the bottom line for me and many others I discuss the poltical scene with. Shawnna Bolick’s web pages tell the whole story by omitting so much, like her party affiliation of which she is supposedly so proud, if only we took the time to personally call her and ask! What a joke. Is every voter in the district supposed to call her and ask? Why not save us the time and put it up there for all to see?

    After reading these exchanges, I went to her campaign website and found her to be an excellent tap dancer as she carefully sidesteps the issues with guarded, carefully chosen words. Personally, I’ve had my fill of that from politicians. That’s why I will echo Helen’s question: McCain or Hayworth?

    I’m getting ready to head out to church now to clear my head of all this political scheming.

  15. ICONIC FREEDOM says:

    AZ Conservative, I have no issue with ANY question someone would ask, to the contrary.

    What I find fascinating, is that you, along with the others want to stay distracted by pointing my way instead of answering the fundamental question:


    As Americans, in especially in light of the last election, I would think that the development of personal responsibility was paramount to EVERY American when it comes to educating self with regard to candidates and their positions!

    So, instead of distracting & distorting, I will ask you the same question…AGAIN: Did you bother to call or write Bolick to find out her position?

    Did you? Did you? We’re waiting…

    Stop being cowards and take personal responsibility by reaching out to call or write candidates and find out. Stop trying to distract by attacking me and take personal accountability.

    Attacking me instead of contacting her merely shows how you’ve backed yourself into a corner because you reveal yourself as no different than what liberals do: vocal hysterics!

  16. Dan Saunders says:

    McCain or Hayworth? Have you all looked at Jim Deakin for the US Senate office? Even though he is not the current front runner, he may represent your positions and values better than either of these career politicians.

  17. nightcrawler says:

    Ahh.. the litmus test..again..McCain or Hayworth ?

    If you examine the records closely over a period of several years, there really isn’t that much difference between the two. True, JD is farther right but using the FM dial as an analogy McCain is 99.9 and JD is 101.3 in the large picture that isn’t much. JD made money working for MSM conglomerates and spend 12 years in the house. He is an establishment politician, wearing a tea party button won’t change that fact.

    As for Bolick, judge her on her merits and beliefs, not those of her husband. Doing otherwise may backfire with women voters.

  18. Active PC in LD11 says:

    Shawnna Bolick is the candidate. It’s her duty to get her message out to the people she would like to support her. We should not have to track her down to extract it from her. Iconic Freedom obviously has an ax to grind and his/her mission is clouding his/her thought.

    It’s not difficult to discern what her skew is. Jason LeVecke on her host committee speaks volumes. I’ve been active in the district for a number of years and she’s been a phantom.

    As to nightcrawler’s assertion regarding the Hayworth or McCain question being a litmus test…You bet!! It works for me! That’s defining as far as I’m concerned.

  19. ICONIC FREEDOM says:

    No, Active PC, it is YOUR PERSONAL REPSONSIBILITY to advocate for yourself and seek clarification for that which you have researched and cannot find the answers.

    Your repsonse is a dodge and avoidance of your own accountability.

    Should Mrs. Bolick give you her opinions about what? the movies? tv shows? recipes? what isn’t she covering that you have placed SUBJECTIVE VALUE upon and want answers for?

    Stop being lazy; stop avoiding personal responsibility; stop being a liberal and get out there getting the answers you desire from candidates.

    A litmus test? Now you sound like John Kerry! oy!

  20. ICONIC FREEDOM says:

    And Nightcrawler, I would add to your observations: where has JD shown his self-evaluation, self-correction toward self-development that he is no longer the tax/spend porkulus type that he was in the past?

    I’ve listened to him pontificate but he never reveals this transformation, if ever there was one to begin with.

    With the ONE 20.10 Project, should he choose to engage, we’ll find out the answers to those questions.

    *BTW – for those of you who read that – yes, you see, I take personal responsibility for getting involved to ask questions of candidates before I vote for them*

  21. 1776 says:

    How many times have we heard what we thought a politician believed and then watched him do something far different? Asking Shawnna direct questions and then hearing/parsing/interpreting her answer as I.F. demands, is the long way to an uncertain answer. A better method, the utility of which has withstood the test of time, is: “Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”.

  22. Capitol Watcher says:


    It is candidate Bolick’s responsibility to give District 11 voters her platform. They should not have to ferret it out. She’s asking for their vote, not the other way around.

    Given that she doesn’t even choose to identify herself as a Republican but has, among her long list of lobbyist supporters, the lobbyist for the homebuilders (instrumental in undermining Arizona citizens in the construction trades while bringing in lower paid illegals to do their work) tells me plenty about her.

    BTW, one of the other blogs says it is Shawnna Bolick who is “defending herself” here. If you are actually Mrs. Bolick, why don’t you say so? You are the only one giving her cover here as far as I can see.

    Regardless of your identity, your repeated contention that it is the voter’s responsibility to find out what she thinks is beyond ridiculous. She has a web site. Let her be specific there. So far that is not the case.

  23. Chuck says:

    Excellent point made by 1776. I remember hearing it as an admonition from my parents as a boy growing up. “You are known by the company you keep.” It’s a takeoff on the old “Birds of a feather flock together” adage. Both apply here.

  24. Keen Observer says:

    Well here is what we have ferreted out so far: Ms Bolick does not want to be publicly identified as being a Republican, her host committee is full of those opposed to enforcement of immigration laws, from those who endorse her, she could be easily connected to McCain, and her husband likes her….and IF shouts that it is my business to find out who the real Shawnna Bolick is. An old cliche comes to mind, “Give me a break”.

  25. LD11 Voter says:

    Is Shawnna Bolick an elected precinct committeeman? I don’t recall seeing her at any district meetings or involved in any way previous to her desire to get a legislative seat and represent me. We’ve seen enough of this with Jim Ward and Ben Quayle deciding they have what it takes to be U.S. Congressman from AZ without any prior involvement. Ward is a new resident, and Quayle hasn’t been concerned enough to vote with regularity. Enough of this! How about the concept of paying one’s dues first? Is that now an antiquated concept?

  26. 75%er says:

    75% of Arizona voters fight illegal immigration every Election Day.

    Shawna Bolick is exactly what is wrong with America. Patriotic conservatives will carry the day on Aug. 24th.

    Bolick’s list of Co-Chairs speaks for itself. As an example, the LeVeck’s are not just deeply involved in the push for illegals, but are beneficiaries of the continuing invasion of low cost labor. She is on the side of big business hiring half-price employees while the rest of society is expected to pick up the other half of the cost. Bolick favors wink-and-a-nod border security. Just look at her big money open-borders friends list.