After squandering $700 million Janet Napolitano freezes funds for virtual fence

Just one year ago, USA Today reported that the Department of Homeland Security announced it was accelerating plans to build a costly and long-troubled “virtual fence” of sensors and cameras along the U.S.-Mexican border, aided by $100 million from the economic stimulus package. That was in addition to the $600 million already spent over a two-year period on the 28-mile “test patch” that was ultimately scrapped. The department, we were told at the time was embarking on what its officials and members of Congress called a “do-over” on the same land near Tucson and another along 30 miles in Ajo, Arizona.

Fast forward to today. Here’s what Janet Napolitano has to say this afternoon: Not only do we have an obligation to secure our borders, we have a responsibility to do so in the most cost effective way possible. The system of sensors and cameras along the Southwest border known as SBInet has been plagued with cost overruns and missed deadlines. Effective immediately, the Department of Homeland Security will redeploy $50 million of Recovery Act funding originally allocated for the SBInet Block 1 to other tested, commercially available security technology along the Southwest border, including mobile surveillance, thermal imaging devices, ultra-light detection, backscatter units, mobile radios, cameras and laptops for pursuit vehicles, and remote video surveillance system enhancements. Additionally, we are freezing all SBInet funding beyond SBInet Block 1’s initial deployment to the Tucson and Ajo regions until the assessment I ordered in January is completed.”

Arizonans have long known what an ineffective leader and spendthrift Napolitano was as governor. But here, she rejected funding for increased national security. Meanwhile our unsecured and porous southern border poses massive threats to American’s citizens.

Seeing Red AZ covered this debacle two years ago.  The president was George W. Bush.


10 Responses to After squandering $700 million Janet Napolitano freezes funds for virtual fence

  1. Hometown Guy says:

    It’s all been smoke and mirrors, with an enormous price tag! Chertoff was no better than Napolitano. And neither of them have had any intention of actually shutting down the border. I read the previous post linked here about the OTMs (Other Than Mexicans invading our country). Unlike the Mexicans who contemptuously thumb their noses at our laws, take our jobs and cost us unfathomable amounts of money, the OTMs are out to create havoc and bring terror in this country. WE MUST ACTUALLY SECURE OUR HOMELAND! Enough of this limp-wristed garbage that imperils us.

  2. DeAnn says:

    All the “Republicans for Napolitano” must be proud. It is too bad that what is good for Arizona is so dangerous for America.

  3. Night Owl says:

    You and I have different recollections. I recall Napolitano as being an unmitigated disaster for Arizona. You’re right in stating she is a danger for America.

    And those “Republicans for Janet” should hang their heads in shame. Many of them were McCain aides. And Maria Baier even got elected to the Phoenix City Council before she resigned to take a job with Gov. Brewer. They just keep recycling!

  4. Doc says:

    Is there REALLY an organization/group called, “Republicans for Napolitano”? REALLY?!?! I honestly didn’t believe that th’ head muslim’s “for Napolitano” anymore! I’m not sure Napolitano’s “for Napolitano” anymore…

    Hometown…maybe we could get th’ mexicans to get pissed at th’ OTM’s for us! We could have th’ Drug Lords secure th’ boarder! Evidently, that’s an actual possibility, as our own “homeland insecurity” guru has proven that she actually WANTS th’ OTM’s to come on up & open up a can of insta-terror…

    My GOD! We’re surrounded by idiots, folks!

  5. DeAnn says:

    I meant that it was good that Napolitano left Arizona. She was a disaster for us as governor.

    • Doc says:

      DeAnn- I was just bein’ a wise-guy! You are 100% correct…Dammit Janet is a “Menace 2 America”!

      By th’ way, I commented a while back about th’ Woodster bein’@$$0c8td w/Nappy, McNasty, & Brewer…which is a really sad fact that needs consideration when thinking about an appropriate choice for th’ Guvnah’s chair…

  6. DeAnn says:

    Did you notice that Grant Woods is one of Napolitanos supporters? He is also on Jan Brewers campaign. Why would Jan have him work for her?

  7. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Why did wrong-way napolitano cut the funds?

    An election is coming up in Nov and the d-crat socialists need all the illegals votes they can get. DUH!