McTurncoats in the Arizona legislature

sy·co·phant (n.) Latin. sycophanta: obsequious, flatterer, servility. The character or characteristic of a sycophant.

Here is the list of current and former state legislators who have endorsed John McCain over consistent conservative challenger J.D. Hayworth:

State Senate President Pro Tempore Barbara Leff (R-Paradise Valley)
State Senate Majority Whip Steve Pierce (R-Prescott)
State Senator Carolyn Allen (R-Scottsdale)
State Senator David Braswell (R-Anthem)
State Senator Linda Gray (R-Glendale)
State Senator John Nelson (R-Litchfield Park)
State Senator Jay Tibshraeny (R-Chandler)
State Senator Frank Antenori (R-Tucson)
State Senator Ed Bunch (R-Carefree)
Former State Senator Jonathan Paton (R-Tucson)
Former State Senator Jim Waring (R-Phoenix)
Former State Senator Robert Blendu (R-Litchfield Park)
Former State Senator Toni Hellon (R-Tucson)

House Speaker Kirk Adams (R-Mesa)
House Majority Leader John McComish (R-Phoenix)
House Majority Whip Andy Tobin (R-Paulden)
State Representative Nancy Barto (R-Phoenix)
State Representative Tom Boone (R-Peoria)
State Representative Steve Court (R-Mesa)
State Representative Rich Crandall (R-Mesa)
State Representative Adam Driggs (R-Phoenix)
State Representative Doris Goodale (R-Kingman)
State Representative Laurin Hendrix (R-Gilbert)
State Representative Russ Jones (R-Yuma)
State Representative Bill Konopnicki (R-Safford)
State Representative Debbie Lesko (R-Glendale)
State Representative Lucy Mason (R-Prescott)
State Representative Steve Montenegro (R-Litchfield Park)
State Representative Warde Nichols (R-Gilbert)
State Representative Frank Pratt (R-Casa Grande)
State Representative Michele Reagan (R-Scottsdale)
State Representative Jerry Weiers (R-Glendale)
State Representative Vic Williams (R-Tucson)
State Representative Amanda Reeve (R-Anthem)
State Representative Ted Vogt (R-Tucson)


58 Responses to McTurncoats in the Arizona legislature

  1. LD7 PC says:

    Some of these are expected. Their pictures are in the dictionary next to the word “RINO.”

    Others disgust me. They have purported themselves as conservatives and then sign on with Mccain who is the ANTI-conservative.

    Nancy Barto is one who slithered out of the legislative chambers rather than cast an appropriate vote against sanctuary cities, and Jim Waring worked for Mccain.

  2. 75%er says:

    75% of Arizona voters fight John McCain on illegal immigration every election day.

    Frank Antenori, Laurin Hendrix, Debbie Lesko, Steve Montenegro and Jerry Weiers. We expected so much better from you. May you all LOSE in 2010!

    Demand a refund of your contribution to the reelection of these legislators. Ask for your contributioni back!

    McCain crafted the $700 Billion TARP and these non-conservatives (it turns out) endorse him. Vote these scum bags out of public office! Elect RINOs in their place–at least we will know up-front what we are dealing with.

    • Angee says:

      Amen to this comment. At this point we are all feeling the same way about these McAmnesty followers, Shame on all of them! You’ll be seeing a lot of us. And the
      word is out in our circles: No more Rhinos, save your letters asking us for support.

      • RJ says:

        You do not know what you are talking about. Antenori, Hendrix, Montenegro and Weiers have been some of the staunchest supporters of the Pearce bills and made floor speeches in support. If you question that, ask Sen. Pearce about it.

        You are so out of touch with reality that you cannot even spell RINO correctly.

  3. American Dad says:

    Professing to be something is easy. Standing for principles is difficult. This list shows that difference clearly. 75%er is right on the money! I’m calling my legislators this morning. I’ll make it easy for you. Here are their numbers:

  4. Moon Valley Hippie says:

    I wonder how many of those legislators endorsed McCain before Hayworth got into the race? I can’t imagine some of those happening otherwise.

  5. Hank W. says:

    MVH: There is no excuse for endorsing McStain over Simcox or Deakin. Both were in the race early and either one is better than CFR Member, and big govt. fan, McStain.

    Why didn’t they pull their endorsement when Hayworth got in??

    I certainly hope PAChyderm Coalition is listening and yanks any endorsement of these legislators. PAChyderm endorsed Antenori, Hendrix, Lesko, Montenegro and Jerry Weiers in 2008. Not in 2010 or “last one out, turn off the lights.”

  6. nightcrawler says:

    The litmus appears yet again..

    Anyone who endorses McCain is radioactive, never to be touched again..

    Be reasonable here folks, many people on this list have very faithful to the GOP and conservatives principles.

    Imagine all those seats replaced by democrats..Like that ?

    • Sylvia Smart says:

      We cannot morally be like those blinded Democrats in Washington. We cannot endorse and vote for someone who turns his back on the United States of America so that he can get Mexican votes and stay in office until he dies. Fixing elections by legalizing criminals is wrong.
      He is a disgrace to our nation. He can’t ride the coattails of his happening to have been a POW for the rest of his life and become as dirty and rotten as the most leftest Democrat who votes pure party line no matter how rotten and corrupt they become. We just cannot do it anymore – its wrong – morally wrong. Yes, I would rather see an honest Democrat than a two-faced RINO = at least the person actually registered for the party that he believes in. McCain is truly a left-wing Democrat and he needs to change his party affiliation and stand up for what he truly is – not even close to being a Conservative. We need to vote the lot of them out into the streets.
      These are the killers of a nation – the murderers of our Republic. McCain does more harm than any Democrat could ever do – because he lies and gives the Dems the “bi-partisan” label that they need to get their dirty politics into law. McCain handed Obama the White House on a platter – and if you watch the debates it is obviously orchestrated intentionally that way. We got conned, big time! Jeff Flake is a clone of the McCain philosophy – it should be labeled what it is – the rape of America to enrich themselves and ensure their career in D.C. If he gets elected again – and we are subjected to 6 more years of his dirty political machine and the underhanded politics that he plays so well – we should all pack up and move to Texas where at least there is some semblance of Conservative values still in place. Now we have Flake and his Cap & Tax bill he is doing for the Democrats – another tax increase to line his own pockets with and satisfy his handlers and corporate supporters. He is just as rotten as McCain if not worse – because, unfortunately, he will probably be around for a lot longer so he can wreck more havoc upon our Nation. We have one shot and it is NOW! Take it! Cut off the head of the snake and the rest of the snake dies!

    • Economist says:

      It has become the AZ Republican way that we’ll give up everything we have over one issue. So dumb. Any other state and the Dems would have long ago taken over. It’s not far off here if we don’t get our act together.

  7. Seen It All says:

    MV Hippie:
    Fair question. The obvious answer is for the professed conservatives is to now call and tell Team McCain they want their names removed. That effort on their part will bring them back from the wilderness. Any one of the names on this list can reclaim their stature by doing that. I intend to request my contributions be returned, including the $5 (so-called) Clean Elections money. Personally, I despise that process but participated in order to help those who presented themselves as conservatives. I see I’ve been duped and my money was solicited under false pretenses. It’s bad enough to be scammed by Democrats. I don’t intend to support those in my own party who do the same.

  8. sherriaz says:

    Vote them out.

  9. Chuck says:

    What an assemblage of disappointments. By signing on to this list, they have shown us that they all have a price tag around their necks. To answer some of the apologists here, those who regret this decision, can have their names removed. if they signed on early, the dynamics have changed with JD Hayworth in the race. And according to yesterday’s Rasmussen polling, McCain only leads him by 7 points!!

    I’ve already received the link to this post from two conservative friends this morning. it’s obviously making the rounds.

  10. Angee says:

    We are monitoring and adjusting our votes.
    Nice list to picket in public places so the rest of the State know them by their

  11. Doc says:

    I’m very dissapointed in District 1’s Senator Steve Pierce. Many of the bikers up here took a hard line against th R.I.N.O. Tom O’Halleran, & he got FIRED. We all pushed for Mr. Pierce. Now, THIS?!?! I’m callin’ him.

    Fellow Conservatives, ya’ gotta’ call these people if they still currently represent you. EVERY DAY! You’ve got to remind them that they were elected by us, & work for us. Ya’ just gotta’!

    • RJ says:

      Pierce has made more bad calls than just this one. He has sold out on numerous issues to become a member of leadership as a first termer.

  12. Joe Evans says:

    McCain has accomplished his goal, by dividing our ranks. Give our Republicans an opportunity to have their names removed today.

    Chuck is right. Send this link out to your AZ email list. It’s importance cannot be over emphasized. It might help some of these wayward legislators find their way home.

  13. Doc says:

    I just sent this, AFTER calling Senator Pierce’s office:

    Senator Pierce – Please find attached the article from ” “:

    Sir, Many bikers up here in the Prescott area slammed the door on the R.I.N.O. Tom O’Halleran, & were glad to help you defeat him. Even after we heard that the only reason you were running was to get Williamson Valley Rd turned into a 5 lane highway.

    Please tell me that this information is inaccurate. I cannot imagine you supporting McCain, after his “amnesty” ideas, his TARP vote, HIS GRAND idea that we close Gitmo, & bring the 911 terrorists on to American soil, on & on & on. He’s acting all conservative like NOW, but that’s NOT his track record, sir.

    Honestly, I personally support J.D. Hayworth. But if J.D. weren’t running, I’d write in Bugs Bunny before supporting Mr. McCain ever again. 1 last point: Mr. McCain abandoned his post TWICE in less than 10 years to go do something else. I don’t care that other legislators do it, they aren’t MY legislator, who I’ve supported since 1992! Maverickiness is over for me, sir.

    Respectfully, your constituent, David “Doc” Pratt, LD-1, Prescott

  14. Helen Post says:

    Even if no one was running against McCain last year, any true Constitutional conservative would never even consider endorsing McCain. But there were even two other better choices than McCain! There was no excuse for endorsing McCain! Especially, when these legislators knew full well how McCain was and is despised by true conservatives for his lies, lack of character, attacks on our Constitution, siding with far left Democrats against conservatives to get liberal legislation passed, etc.

    At the very least, these legislators should be tarred and feathered, ridden on a rail to the Mexican border and thrown over. They love McCain; they now have McCain’s support; they do not need nor deserve our support. Do not carry their petitions, do not donate money, demand your donations be returned.

    No wonder we cannot get conservative legislation passed; we have been electing McCainiacs while believing they were the conservatives they claimed to be. No wonder we can’t get laws against illegal immigration passed. We have a bunch of McCain surrogates in the state legislature.

    • RJ says:

      Based on your logic, we should tar and feather Ronald Reagan post-mortem for signing the 1986 Immigration Reform Act, also. Please let me know when this rally will occur so I can come and take pictures.

  15. kbell says:

    Instead of writing in “bugs bunny,” everyone posting here and elsewhere needs to consider the “third man” already qualified (through signature petitions) for the August Primary ballot. His name is Jim Deakin and he has been all over the state for a year+ meeting with people in small and larger towns at the grassroots level. This man, who is not an incumbent or a POLITICIAN, knows all about McCain and the tactics the senator has utilized for years.

    If we truly want a Conservative, grassroots candidate, Jim Deakin IS the real deal, voters owe it to themselves to find out about this man.,, and if you want to hear his Conservative ideas, you can listen to a past interview on blogtalk radio at the following:

    Email Jim. Ask him the hard questions about both McCain and Hayworth. He doesn’t skirt the issues. and he’ll be there no matter the size of the group or the questions asked.

    If McCain wins the August Primary, I will for the first time in my life, vote for the opposition.

  16. Charlie Conservative says:

    If John McCain is our last line of defense as Kyl claims in his ad, then please bury McCain in Phil Gordon’s basement so he is a back up for Phil. These fools should be no where near our first line of defense.

  17. Rambling Rose says:

    Jim Deakin said early on that he was entering the race for US Senate to give the people of Arizona a choice other than McCain. He has never been able to gain any traction and even Chris Simcox who was polling low, but better than Deakin, had the good judgment to endorse J.D. Hayworth when he entered the race.

    Now with McCain leading Hayworth by only 7 points, it is a race that gives Arizonans a real choice at last. Deakin isn’t even mentioned in most of the national articles or polls because he has no chance of winning, while Hayworth stands an excellent chance of giving us that choice that Deakin originally talked about.

    The fact that Deakin has remained in this race actually shows the pettiness of the man. If he becomes a spoiler by allowing McCain to win by the few percentage points he is pulling, it will show Jimmy Lee Deakin for the reckless, egoist he is.

    Since his ego is more important than getting rid of McCain, his original words as to why he was entering the race ring hollow. I’m beginning to think he is actually a willing pawn for McCain, especially now that the polling is closing between the two leading contenders.

    • John Q says:

      Exactly. Deakin is causing JD more problems with getting elected than these endorsements. Where is the outrage with his candidacy that may be the defining difference since every vote he receives would be a JD vote.

  18. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Kbell, in my opinion, voting for Deakin IS voting for Bugs Bunny, only worse. Bugs Bunny never promoted amnesty. Tom DeLay says it best as he rattles off a multitude of reasons why McCain should not win.

  19. Hometown Guy says:

    Here’s another video that exposes the duplicity of McCain. He’s all over the map on any issue you can name. It says a lot that so many Republicans distrust him, but this explains a lot of the reason why.

  20. Onward says:

    kbell –

    “…the “third man” already qualified (through signature petitions)…” That’s the only way he is “qualified” to run for this seat and he gathered those signatures over the past year without another serious candidate running and with people sick of McCain they will sign almost anything to get him out of office. Deakin just doesn’t have the experience for this particular job. If he really wants McCain out of office he needs to throw his support behind Hayworth.

    I’m disappointed in some on this list. I really don’t know how you can call yourself a conservative and then endorse McCain. That’s one reason I’ve lost a lot of respect for Palin. It’s not about what a person “says” it’s how their actions line up with their words.

    • Doc says:

      Onward-I agree! And unless Sarah Palin wakes up, she’s 86’d in my book too!

      The more I read & learn about Deakin, the more I believe he’s a SPOILER…a McCain Lackey, & nuthin’ more!

  21. Keen Observer says:

    There is no clearer demarcation of where a person stands on ethics, morality, character, political ideology, honesty, duplicity and consistent political philosophy than where they stand in support or non-support of John McCain.

    If you endorse John McCain, you not only endorse a name, you endorse a record. John McCain’s positions are now your positions through your endorsement. You endorse John McCain, you endorse his record. You endorse the status quo just when the whole country is rejecting it. May you suffer the consequences.

  22. Fed Up says:

    Our strong desire to get rid of McCain has given us an inconsequential candidate like Deakin and his small band of enthusiasts. But there is no rationale for the actions of some of our elected state reps.

    Steve Montenegro? Jerry Weiers? Debbie Lesko? Frank Antenori? Laurin Hendrix? They should all be embarrassed. I‘m ashamed OF and FOR them. To call them “representatives” is all too generous. They don’t represent me!

    • John Q says:

      It is interesting that you spend all your time and attention reaming our most conservative legislators while giving a pass to the RINOs who vote against us time after time. And this is supposed to help, how?

  23. Moon Valley Hippie says:

    I don’t know what the deal with Deakin is. But if he was serious about getting rid of McCain, he’d be getting out and supporting JD. Maybe he wants to and his wife won’t let him? She seems to have a grudge with everybody, while Jim seems to be the nice and reasonable one. Remember the cause Jim! Get back to work WITH your friends in the movement and help us get rid of John McCain!

  24. Sally Forth says:

    I agree that his wife is classless, but Jimmie is no prize. He flares up and gets hot under the collar at the slightest provocation. I guess they thought this was going to be a walk in the park, instead of having republicans wanting him out of the race.

  25. Tomfoolery says:

    If you donated to any of these people’s campaigns, ask for your money back. Otherwise you are supporting the man you want to lose (McAmnesty) instead of the one you are working for (JD Hayworth). This request should also include the $5 donations.

  26. Sgt. Preston says:

    Have they no shame? What do you suppose they find appealing about a senator who would author unconstitutional legislation restricting our First Amendment rights to free speech?

    Thanks to Seeing Red AZ for posting this list.

  27. MaskedTruthman says:

    Lucky for them that it is more like a cow pasture than a mine field because they certainly have stepped in it this time! Come to think of it, too bad it wasn’t a mine field.

  28. McSickened says:

    Fed Up and others, ready for more disgust? TRENT FRANKS led the way last year endorsing McCain. Many of these House members have contacts with Franks, and figure if he can get away with it, maybe they can slither through as well.
    While you’re at it CD 2 folks, ask for your donations back from Franks also. He says he can’t go back on his word; well, Mr. Franks, this is a new race (JD within 7 points before he even spent a dime on ads).
    You all should have at least remained neutral. McCain had no serious competition last year and endorsing him is endorsing his record. Is that how you want to be remembered?
    And as Hometown Guy points out above, McCain has changed his word numerous times, especially to his own constituents who thought they were sending a real Republican to Congress!

  29. Doc says:

    Check out SB1443, and it’s sponsor, Senator Linda Gray, ALSO LISTED ABOVE. As I’ve said before, follow th’ money, find the problem. Senator, REPUBLICANS don’t approve of socialism, nor do they approve or participate in furthering, ILLEGAL TAXES.

    Anyone for getting rid of some incumbants?

  30. Eileen H. says:

    In addition to the many names mentioned on this list, I am very concerned by the fact that Sarah Palin will be campaigning in Arizona soon for John McCain, even after he just this month introduced S.3081, a bill that would authorize the federal government to detain American citizens indefinitely without trial

    I understand her loyalty to McCain, (well, sort of — he sure didn’t try to silence his campaign staff after the ’08 election, did he?) but at what price?

    If John McCain’s new bill is not brought to the public’s attention, the price some, perhaps many Americans may pay will be much higher.

    If S.3081 becomes law, any American citizen who is suspected by the government as a possible terrorist will lose his or her Miranda rights and may be held indefinitely without trial. For Americans who have a clear conscience, this may not sound so bad, until you realize whom the Department of Homeland Security has gone on record defining as possible terrorists.

    In the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) report dated 02/20/09, DHS clearly defined what types of people may be terrorists. According to the MIAC report, if you oppose *any* of the following, you could qualify for being profiled as a potential dangerous “militia member”:

    The United Nations
    The New World Order
    Gun Control
    The violation of Posse Comitatus
    The Federal Reserve
    The Income Tax
    The Ammunition and Accountability Act
    A possible Constitutional Convention
    The North American Union
    Universal Service Program
    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
    Illegal Immigration

    So, if you are “anti-RFID,” let’s say, you may be legally targeted and jailed without trial in the future for your stand. This is wrong.

    It appears that if you are vocal in your disagreement with anything the government promotes in the future, you could be labeled a “belligerent” or “terrorist” and become a political prisoner.

    Co-sponsors of the bill, barring one independent, are another long list of Republicans:

    Scott Brown [R-MA]
    Saxby Chambliss [R-GA]
    James Inhofe [R-OK]
    George LeMieux [R-FL]
    Joseph Lieberman [I-CT]
    Jefferson Sessions [R-AL]
    John Thune [R-SD]
    David Vitter [R-LA]
    Roger Wicker [R-MS]

    So while I too am very eager to see McCain & those who endorse him leave office ASAP, let’s not let the highly charged primary race distract us from blocking this tyrannical legislation. Let’s get the word out about S. 3081 & it’s effects when viewed in light of the MIAC report.

  31. Realist says:



  32. Everyman says:

    Thank you for pointing out Trent Franks culpability. He is by far the best we have in our congressional delegation, but he is now paying penance to McCain for endorsing Duncan Hunter in the 2008 presidential primary. His lack of leadership in calling out the worst of the worst (McCain) at this crucial time is a sad spectacle to behold. That’s why some of the others such as Steve Montenegro are following his lead.
    Franks could be a much better influence on these up and comers, but he is showing them how the “game” is played when hard choices need to be made. I pray he’ll reconsider.

  33. ron says:

    This post supports the reality that the people who support this blog are the 20%ers. You may think you represent the “mainstream” of conservatism. Clearly, you don’t.

  34. Night Owl says:

    What a disgusting spectacle. On the bright side, at least we know who they are. Reprint this before the election.

  35. RJ says:

    Everyman has an insight that should not be overlooked. We need to give some of our best conservatives an opportunity to correct this mistake.

    Don’t forget that even Ronald Reagan made a few mistakes – like the 1986 Immigration Reform Act.

    We need to make sure that everyone informs these legislators who have a stellar voting record of our anger at their decision, and I agree that you should ask for your contributions to be returned if they do not take corrective action,but we really should be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water.

    Anyone writing here who is without sin and can attest to never making a major wrong decision, just write that on tablets of stone and bring them to the rally for JD next week at the Capitol. I will be looking for you there. If you need a forklift for the tablets, let me know.

  36. Janelle says:

    Looking a little further under the surface, there is only one of these “conservative” legislators with a track record of a mutual working relatinship with McCain and that is Lesko. She began only two days after her election.

    Her current main campaign supporters are liberally peppered with McCainites and has violated her commitment made two years ago on a running mate this year.

    She dropped the bill to stop the notorious “Green Energy” super tax on all Arizona utility customers within less than 24 hours at the behest of the elites who will make tens of millions on this boondoggle.

    She has linked with certified McCain interests in her district and is a multiple occasion turncoat behnd the scenes.

    Lesko should NEVER be counted as anything other than a Benedict Arnold traitor – albeit a very clever one. Remember the best spies are usually perceived as one of the strongest advocates of the cause. That is no accident.

  37. Kate says:

    Well, I have not seen any of these McCain Toadies telling us how sorry they are. What they have done is confirm their desire to remake the Republican party in the image of John McCain. If these legislators tell us that they are afraid of McCain’s vindictiveness, then they have no business being in the legislature. They are suppose to represent us, not be a yellow-spined secret McCain agent.

  38. LD 11 PC says:

    I note that many of these McCain gutless wonder legislators also were the same ones who walked out of the vote against sanctuary cities rather than disclose their vote in favor of the illegal alien invasion. The others at least had enough guts to show they were with McCain on his Amnesty beliefs.

    Three of these proponents in that McCain lobby faction were Adam Driggs, Nancy Barto and John McComish. LD 11 PCs….Barbara left also voted her admiration of McCain and endorse him. How proud we all must be in LD 11. How far we have fallen.

    • Ben F says:

      I agree with you in these cases. This shows a pattern of voting or refusing to vote for conservative issues. Just do not lump everyone into that evaluation and do more harm.

  39. Ben F says:


    Can I meet your armless children sometime? I know they must be armless since you would have cut them off at the shoulder the first time they took a cookie out of the cookie jar.

    I am opposed to the decision the legislators made, but, evaluating the overall work product of many of them, they are among the most consistent and constitutionally conservative members of the legislature. In fact, they have been the deciding votes in favor of our core values and opposed positions advocated by McCain time after time.

    We need to express our intense displeasure with this action through civil – albeit strong – discourse and implement punitive responses, if necessary, without giving them the death penalty. We may create a legislature where NO conservative legislation passes.

  40. Blackbeard says:

    Ben: You sound like a McCain apologist. Most of us get it.

    As far a conservative legislation passing or not, didn’t Sen. Pearce just have to pull some excellent bills due to those on this list withholding support? Just because someone has an “R” after their name does not indicate they are conservative. McCain is the best example of that. Get your head out of the sand. And by the way, your comments to Kate are rude. She obviously understands the far reaching effects of this shameful endorsement list. I hope some of these people reconsider, but it’s clear they are short on platform based principles, just like their mentor Mccain.

  41. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    I previously supported Jonathan Paton to run against d-crat socialist gabby giffords in the 8th Con District. However, Paton’s misguided support for AMNESTY-JOHN and his failure to get support from ANY true conservative leaders in the state or nationally, has caused me to totally and completely abandon support for him. I now see that Jesse Kelly is clearly the best choice to replace gabby, and my money and time are going to him.

  42. Ben F says:


    I neither sound like nor am a McCain apologist. I have confronted that POS on more than one occasion.

    The answer to your first question is NO.

    I was not rude to Kate, I just tried to make the point that some of these people have the highest ratings of anyone in the legislature over the last two years. Get your own blackbeard out of the sand.

    Some of these legislators have actually stood on their own two feet on the floor and in committee to espouse platform. Some of them have been summoned to the governor’s office and berated for hours for not supporting big government values.

    Why don’t you stop finding fault with those who have made a bigger sacrifice to serve than you will ever make in order to protect your right to attack them.

  43. Blackbeard says:

    You are a righteous, arrogant and very foolish person, “Ben F.”
    You have no idea about me and sacrifices I have made, but I can assure you I have likely made much greater ones on behalf of this country than most of the 90 state legislators. You need to collect yourself and step down off your self constructed high horse. Speak to issues in areas where you might have some actual knowledge. I am not one of them! I regret that I have allowed someone of your limited character to bait me enough to answer your inane statements, but you did and I have. Be assured I will never disclose more than this to the likes of you.

  44. Ben F says:

    You started the personal attack by calling me a McCain apologist. If you don’t like being attacked, don’t start the fight.

    Once again, you take the gratuitous shot that I am of limited character while taking on the cloak of victim.

    Go back and look through the posts. I have been talking about not being hyper-critical of others to the point of hurting the conservative caucus in the legislature. Remove the log from your eye before complaining about the splinter in mine.

  45. Night Owl says:

    Conservative caucus? What conservative caucus? Looks to me like a whole lot of those claiming conservative credentials are playing kissy face with John Mccain. From what I’ve read, these folks need to be taken to the woodshed on election day. I’m so tired of taking it in the slats from disappointing and disreputable Republicans. I’d just as soon be betrayed by Democrats. If that doesn’t appeal to you, Ben, you handle it your way, and I’ll handle it mine.

  46. RJ says:

    I agree with those who are angry about those who endorsed McCain and I agree with Ben that we need to look at the overall record of the 31.

    25 or so need to be thrown out at the first possible time as their record demonstrates a complete disconnect with Constitutional conservative values. Beat the H E double hockey sticks out of them.

    However, for about a half dozen of the 31, this action is in direct opposition to their service that has taken them to the top of every conservative organization’s ratings.

    As a matter of fact, five of the eight top rated representatives in the Pachyderm Coalition ratings are in this group and all of them but one are freshmen that do not have a long-term political history.

    They made a serious mistake with this endorsement, and I have been told many of them will be withdrawing that endorsement. If you want to take one snapshot in time and make that one moment the only criteria for determining a person’s core values, let me demonstrate how that could work.

    John McCain and Ronald Reagan share exactly the same core values since McCain was responsible for the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2008 and Ronald Reagan was responsible for the Immigration Reform Act of 1986 becoming the law of the land.

    This is ridiculous. Mentoring and supporting those who share our values but have made a gigantic mistake is much more beneficial than trying to castrate them.

    Save the passion and energy for defeating those who vote against our values on a regular basis.