From blowing smoke to selling smokes

From time to time, all of us take a trip down memory lane wondering what’s happened to some of our past officeholders and candidates.

Usually we engage in such musings while lazing creek-side on a daisy-dotted, grassy knoll and watching the clouds waft by like puffs of smokeElectronic smoke.

And so it was that we remet Matt Salmon — making the case for electronic cigarettes?

From state senator to congressman to gubernatorial candidate to electronic cigarettes hustler?  Not the path we would have expected for the Mandarin Chinese speaking lobbyist.

But then again, given his endorsement of John McCain, the Smoke-Blower-in-Chief, we shouldn’t be surprised.

10 Responses to From blowing smoke to selling smokes

  1. Ellsworth says:

    How the mighty have fallen! If I hadn’t seen this with my own two eyes, I never would have believed it! And the McCain endorsement makes me ashamed for Matt. He once earned my respect for sticking with his pledge to term-limit, unlike Jeff Flake, who lied to us. But this changes my thoughts regarding his level of honesty as well. He was obviously recruited to embarrass his former seatmate Hayworth. That’s fine. Hayworth will be the US Senator from Arizona and Matt Salmon will be hawking smokes. Quite fitting under the circumstances!

  2. Maggie says:

    Pathetic! Poor Matt.

  3. nightcrawler says:

    Another person made radioactive because of endorsing or associating with McCain. With the Adams post below, you folks are running out of candidates. You know who not to support, but have are hard pressed to name someone (other than JD) to rally behind.

    The business model is well intentioned, we will see if the free market system and consumers vote with their pocket books.

    Smoking, like abortion (to some extent) is nature’s way of culling the herd. The strong DNA survives and weak does not.

  4. Calypso says:

    You’re being quite the hardliner yourself, nightcrawler.
    A case of the pot calling the kettle black, hmm?

    If we don’t have a line in the sand, are we to accept every liberal into the ranks? And yes, McCain fits that description as far as I’m concerned.

    Why should any conservative settle for a liberal? We have enough of them masquerading as true blue in order to gain support, only to finally show their actual colors as they veer further and further left after elected.
    I will not waste my time, money or energy on such two-faced candidates anymore. Sorry if that doesn’t sound mild mannered enough for you, but I’m not Clark Kent. However I AM damn mad!

  5. Night Owl says:

    What a phony! And looking none too good in the process.

  6. Keen Observer says:

    I have to come to Matt’s defense. He is not a Johnny- come-lately in support of McCain. He has always been a McCain apologist. Years ago Matt was the only politician at the State Convention who was brave enough to voice his pro-life beliefs. But then he threw them under the bus as he backed John McCain, the pro fetal tissue research and pro killing of human embryos politician, both at tax payer expense.

    Now McCain’s record is far worse, but Matt is still there, singing out of tune with Kirk Adams, sycophantically endorsing McCain. I wouldn’t buy any of that smoke Matt is blowing if I were you.

  7. Army Of One says:

    Wow! This is an amzing decline for a man who once appeared to have such a stellar career. Maybe McCain can give him a hand? (And I mean more than appluding).

  8. East Valley PC says:

    This video is one of the more amazing things I’ve seen lately. A real head shaker. He’d be better off doing it in Chinese, a skill he honed while on his church mission as a youth. He’s fallen a long way since those golden days.

  9. Pima Pal says:

    And to think I worked on his campaign for governor. I honestly never thought I’d see Matt Salmon take on something like electronic cigs as a client. All I can figure is that the DC money streams are drying up. Maybe he can go work for Barack Obama and talk him out of smoking the real thing.

  10. Linus says:

    The man who could have been!

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