Southern AZ rancher found murdered on his ranch

The Arizona Republic has scant information in the four-sentence report * about the murder of Arizona rancher Robert Krentz, 58, whose body was found late Saturday night on his ranch near Douglas, 12 miles north of the U.S./Mexico border. Krentz had last been heard from as he aided an illegal alien at one of his watering holes. Krentz’s dog was also shot.

Diggers Realm blog provides a full report on the slaying of the Arizonan whose 35,000 acre ranch has been in the family for three generations — since 1907.  We urge you to read the revealing exposé of the actual costs the family has borne in recent years. Syndicated columnist, Michelle Malkin has also given this tragedy coverage, finding more in the Tucson press than we could in the state’s largest daily, The Arizona Republic. 

In 2003, then-Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) wrote of the challenges faced by border ranchers, and in particular highlighted the Krentz family’s plight, calling them “American Homeland Heroes.”

In the month of November, 2002, in the Tucson Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol … where the Krentz ranch is located, the Border Patrol apprehended 23,000 border crossers,” Tancredo wrote. “Many people would suggest that the [apprehension] ratio is just about maybe one in five, and that is a very conservative estimate. … I think it is closer to one in ten”.

In February [2002] … a calf was butchered by illegal alien trespassers. Two men responsible were caught. They were tried. They were found guilty. They served a total of 51 days in jail. They were also ordered to pay $200 in restitution to the Krentz ranch. The Krentz ranch has not seen a cent of that money; and, of course, our best guess is they will not because these people have been released. They either came back into the population up here in the U.S.A. or returned to Mexico.

Read further details from Tom Tancredo’s account here.

* Expanded days later.

9 Responses to Southern AZ rancher found murdered on his ranch

  1. Ajo Joe says:

    Interesting to see this post. Earlier this morning I commented to my buddies over Monday morning coffee that the tiny blurb in the Repulsive was shameful. Their reporters, had they been so inclined, could have googled and found out some background information to flesh the story out until facts about the murder came in. The fact is, the rancher was probably slaughtered by an illegal, and that is nothing the newspaper wants to touch.

  2. Kathy says:

    I read the article, Very sad – especially since these ranchers have been asking for help for years & rec’d nothing but lip service. Hey Janet, where’s that border security? Hey McCain, where is your outrage, oh yea it’s against Border Patrol who are trying to do their jobs even with their hands tied. No comment from McCain or his buddy Juan Hernandez or La Raza (McCain’s friends).
    My prayers go out to the Krentz family, may God comfort them in this time of great loss.

  3. American Dad says:

    Right on, Joe and Kathy. This is definitely not the type of news they want to report. It doesn’t play with the amnesty agenda and how these are all “good people” coming into our country illegally. “God’s children” as John McAmnesty calls them…as he neglects to acknowledge America’s very generous LEGAL immigration policies. There is a proper way to get here. Slithering across the border is the first of many criminal acts for most illegals who then purchase stolen ID’s and other documents to facilitate their lives here. When your first act on entering is a crime, the following ones are easier.

  4. family member says:

    Robert is the father in law of one of my cousins. We got the call early Sunday morning of his murder. We’ve been told that the police think it’s drug runners. No other info about illegals was ever mentioned. Although one mention (possibly rumor in the family) is DEA/police/border patrol accidentally killing Robert and trying to cover it up with drug runners being the culprit.

  5. Alice says:

    This is just one more death of an American citizen that can be laid at the feet of John McCain. McCain has spent the last ten years advocating for the rights of illegal aliens and attacking citizens who want to be protected from the McCain sponsored invasion from Mexico.

  6. nightcrawler says:

    family member,

    I heard the same thing from another inside source. Drug runner work. I don’t believe there was a cover-up by the DEA/police or border patrol, but I do believe the cartels are importing their violence across the border. This is completely unacceptable. No US citizen should ever be shot on his own property. If you are not safe on your own property nothing else matters. You have lost your freedom.

  7. Carrie Mason says:

    Thank you, John McAmnesty, for the years you have spent undermining the safety of U.S. citizens and the sovereignty of our once proud country before you rose to prominence. And here is a shout out to the fools who endorse you.

  8. sherriaz says:

    Mr. Krentz, rest in peace.

    J.D. Hayworth, start beating the anti-amnesty drum like never before and place the blame for this man’s death where it belongs- on politicians like McCain and Flake who support amnesty and the flood of more criminals into this country. Cartels already “own” many of our national forests, cultivating pot crops. The DEA is afraid to venture in and stop it. Amnesty will allow for local takeovers of towns and cities here just like in Mexico. Corruption will be common and the death toll will rise.

    We need to make sure that Mr. Krentz is not forgotten and the cause of securing our borders and repelling the enemy is strengthened.

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