Thomas makes it official: Leaving office April 6 to run for AG

 Read Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas’ media release here.

These are coming at breakneck speed. Yet another alert:

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas will be at the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) Office on Friday, April 2nd and available for interviews with Arizona media.  PLEA is located at 1102 W. Adams Street in Phoenix.


22 Responses to Thomas makes it official: Leaving office April 6 to run for AG

  1. Marianne says:

    Good luck in your latest endeavor! I voted for you the first time you ran for Attorney General.

  2. 20/30 GOP says:

    We do need to secure our border, but the only reason this guy went down there was to hide from answering questions from the media. He has a lot of questions to answer with his out-of-control actions as County Attorney that he now wants to take statewide. He totally abuses his position at the taxpayers’ expense.

  3. Capt. Marvel says:

    Andrew Thomas has a lot of fences to mend. He’ll be out riding the range with a mouthful of nails and lots of wire, trying to tighten up that wobbly relationship with the Board of Sups. On second thought, he should ditch the repair kit, start sending roses and taco platters to Mary Rose and buy a new toupee for Stapley. They might forgive him.

  4. Bob Shell says:

    He will get my vote

  5. Ron says:

    What I’m most focused on is who the board will appoint to fill out his term. For sure it will not be a Thomas clone. God, I hope Rick Romley isn’t going to do a rerun of his previous gig. I’ve read he works for the board now.

  6. Dagne Taggart says:

    Since this office isn’t “up” until 2012, will there be a special election or does an apointee stay on until then?

    • EVRed says:

      The appointee serves until the voters select a person to fill-out the unexpired term in the primary and general elections this summer/fall. That person would then have to run for a full four year term in 2012.

  7. Villanova says:

    Egos leave midterm. Dedicated public servants fulfill their terms.

  8. PLD says:

    The waiting is over. Andy Thomas is resigning to run for Attorney General. What happens next will be of major importance to all citizens of Maricopa County. State law is very specific regarding selecting an interim replacement for Thomas.
    A.R.S § 16-230(A)(2) says “… the board of supervisors shall appoint a person of the same political party as the person vacating the office to fill the portion of the term until the next regular general election.” Thomas feels there exists a conflict of interest for the BOS to make the interim appointment and instead Gov. Brewer should make the appointment using provisions under the Arizona Constitution Article 8, Section 5. Reportedly the BOS will be making recommendations as to who will be appointed interim county attorney but no time table was reported by the “Arizona Republic.”
    It seems nothing is easy in Maricopa County lately. Regardless of who winds up making the appointment the real issue is who is appointed. It would be a major mistake for the BOS to appoint a care-taker who may or may not want to run.
    The only viable Republican option is William G. “Bill” Montgomery. Bill has been actively exploring a run for county attorney since last September. He is currently the Auto Theft Bureau Chief with years of experience prosecuting all manner of criminals. In fact Bill became an attorney with the express intent to be a criminal prosecutor.
    Bill was the vigorous GOP nominee for Attorney General in 2006 and will be the leading Republican candidate for Maricopa County Attorney in the August Primary and then the General Election in November. His intention to run is clear and sincere.
    Bill is a career conservative Republican who believes in the rule of law and its enforcement, the right to life, a strong advocate of the Second Amendment and will actively and effectively enforce immigration laws. He will work with all levels of law enforcement to make Maricopa County a safe place to live for all citizens.
    As a graduate of the United State Military Academy, decorated Desert Storm veteran, knowledgeable criminal prosecutor with a deep commitment to the victims of crime, Bill Montgomery would bring a strong sense of duty, honor and integrity to the Office of County Attorney. For more details see .
    Contact the BOS and insist they appoint him as interim County Attorney.

  9. Steve says:

    There is an unsavory aroma to all of this. I know Thomas is a conservative (as am I) and strong on actual border security, not McCain-like platitudes (as am I), but he ran for a second term and within weeks was sending out signals that he was seeking higher office. If I had my druthers, it would be that he fulfill his commitment to those of us who supported him last November when he ran for a four year term. I have to think about this one.

  10. Realist says:

    Unless Thomas can drop his pompous demeanor, and get his head out of the clouds, his chance of winning the GOP primary (much less the general) is ZILCH!

  11. ron says:

    I see Mr. Thomas found one Sheriff to support him. I wonder if the Maricopa County Sheriff will support him?

  12. Hometown Guy says:

    Apparently you didn’t bother to read the linked press release, ron. Sheriff Arpaio is a big supporter of County Attorney Thomas. I’ve even attended public events where the sheriff was pointedly supportive of the county attorney.

  13. nightcrawler says:

    My take on Thomas is he is an honorable man who has good intentions and truly believes what he does and how he operates is of a higher calling.

    The perception of many liberals, libertarians and also some Republicans is that he shoots a flea with a bazooka. It kills the flea, the dog and makes anyone in close proximity nervous. That perception he will need to change in order to win another general election. The media certainly will not help him. It will be up to conservatives stand up and be counted.

    Montgomery is a hard working man who is taken from the same cloth as Andy. I mean that as a compliment. That fact will work for and against him depending on who will make the selection for the interim post. I would say be careful what you wish might make sense to gear up for 2012 and let some other person take the body blows sure to follow.

    As political stories go, this is a big deal with far reaching consequences throughout the County.

  14. Night Owl says:

    Watch it there with the “big deal” talk, nightcrawler. You’re sounding way too close to Joe Biden!

  15. Joe Evans says:

    I wish Andrew Thomas luck. I suspect he’s going to need it.

  16. PCbutnotPC says:

    Maybe we can now get a real county attorney who goes after criminals, not headlines.

  17. Ellsworth says:

    The Board of Supervisors will appoint Bill Montgomery to replace Andrew Thomas in your dreams.
    He’s out there collecting signatures for a run, which is nutty since whoever is appointed to fill out Thomas’s term will then be the incumbent. Short of running naked up Central Ave.that person will stand a good chance of being elected.

    The BofS would never appoint someone who currently works for Thomas, a man they all despise. The only way this plan plays out differently is if Rick Romley is hauled back in as an interim county attorney with the promise not to run in 2012. If they want an incumbent, they’ll appoint the ultimate ANTI-Andrew Thomas: Andrew Pacheco. That will be the beginning of the end. He has longstanding ties to McCain and Kyl and would be the establishment pick. Pacheco’s father has a career of being a university president in Missouri and Texas and was president of University of Arizona. Pacheco’s wife Jessica was a lobbyist for the AZ Chamber of Commerce, a haven for illegal alien profiteering businesses that promote the concept there are jobs (like construction!) that American citizens refuse to do. This is the well honed and obviously phony excuse for hiring illegals. Now Jessica Pacheco is a partner with sleezeball Nathan Sproul at Lincoln Strategy Group. If Pacheco is appointed, the people of Maricopa County would be forgiven for not supporting Andrew Thomas in any office he seeks now or in the future. He will have proven that the issue of illegal immigration was only a means of getting to the next level of his career path.

    • EVRed says:

      Ellsworth: You need to understand the process before making predictions. First, by law the BOS appoints an interim CA from the same party as the person leaving to fill the office until the next general election in November. Any one who wants to run for that office must first be nominated by his/her party in the August primary. In order to get on the primary ballot a candidate must submit 3516 valid nominating petition signatures by 5:00 PM May 26th. The November general election will be to fill the unexpired term which runs to 2012. At that time the replacement CA would have to repeat the process to run for a full four year term. So the BOS is not appointing to 2012 only to November. In fact Montgomery already has well over the number of required signatures and continues collect more. He has an exploratory committe that’s been working since mid-September collecting signatures and raising money. You seem to think that because Montogomery is currently a Deputy County Attorney that somehow automatically means the BOS will not appoint him interim. Montgomery is not Thomas. While they agree in some key areas of law enforcement Montgomery is a career prosecutor who is only interesting in being County Attorney. Check his record and positions on issues before writing him off. It would make no sense for the BOS to appoint any one other than Montgomery.

  18. Kate says:

    I have to agree with most of what Ellsworth has to say. If the Thomas resignation gives us McCain supporters and open borders deceivers Pacheco or Romney, what have we gained?

    But the real villains here are the Board of Supervisors. Corruption oozes from every board member. They are in lock step protecting their power structure just as our congressional delegation is in lock step with the corrupt McCain machine.

    Thomas and Arpaio are Republicans and are investigating corruption at the Board of Supervisors where four of the five members are Republicans. Thomas and Arpaio would normally be praised for being non-partisan. Instead they are attacked not only because they seek to enforce the laws against corruption, but mostly because they are opposed to the illegal alien invasion.

    The connection here is that both the Democrat and the Republican power elites are about supporting illegal immigration while they pretend to oppose it. Therefore, Thomas and Arpaio must be attacked and demonized while the Board must be praised and defended. I must admit the plan is working very well.

  19. Yeah, right. says:

    I am sorry, but as a taxpayer of this sorry county, I am pissed that Andy doesn’t have to pick up the tab for all of the stupidity he spawned.

    The insanity he has shown in dodging reality is nearly beyond comprehension.

    The millions the county is going to have to pay out for this fiasco is coming from my pockets. The jumping ship to go to the state when so much is still unresolved shows he is not serious.

    Now, as I said on sonoranalliance, I support ANY other candidate as better qualified of those in the race. ANY.

    As for the illegal immigration folks- you are being played folks. He doesn’t care beyond the media circus.

  20. EastValleyPC says:

    I’m a Bill Montgomery fan and have to admit that an appointment by this group of supervisors might be difficult to come by. The Board could start to redeem themselves among us grassroots if they do appoint him. Montgomery can lead the office with honor and do the with or without the headlines.