Sybil Francis, elitist educrats, pulling a fast one

An innocuous sounding bill making its way through the state legislature screams out for scrutiny. Titled high schools; graduation; board examinations, HB 2731 employs deceptive language to foist unsavory mandates into Arizona law.

The Arizona Republic gives front page coverage to this scam, without revealing the full identity of the director of the Center for the Future of Arizona, whom they identify as “pushing the Grand Canyon Diploma legislation.” She and her liberal minions are looking to federal grants to jump-start the program.

If the name is unfamiliar, Sybil Francis is none other than the highly paid, “senior advisor” wife of ASU President Michael Crow.

Read between Francis’ lines as she states she believes it will help raise Arizona’s high-school graduation rate, which hovers around 70 percent. As the gift that keeps on giving, the schools will continue to receive daily allowances for students who no longer occupy seats, while artificially bringing up the base scores, since these students will receive half the education in half the time and still be awarded a diploma — of sorts.  This scheme — a quickie promotion out the door — should go a long way to make us competitive in the global economy. ‘

Ya think?

“For some students, this is going to be very appealing. Right now, I think students are talking with their feet,” Francis said. “These exams, while they’re challenging, they are not an elite program.”

No kidding!

The program, supported by a physician legislator and a couple of lawyer House members is most assuredly not something they would want for their own children. But for the proletariat, who are dragging down the state education scores, it’s an attractive fix.

5 Responses to Sybil Francis, elitist educrats, pulling a fast one

  1. Virginia says:

    I found this infuriating! As a retired educator, I see right through this subterfuge. Mrs. Francis/Crow is trying to pull a fast one, and with the legislators, educators and people like former Justice Ruth McGregor in her corner, she‘s likely to pull it off. No one wants to say it, but the majority of test scores in decline are due to students who are not proficient in English. And, yes, many are children of illegals. I have seen such students taken out of school for the flimsiest of reasons, since education and English speaking are far down the totem pole for many of the families. Although my heart aches for the children, it is endemic to the community in which they live. If Mama needs a babysitter for the younger children, the older sibling misses school for the day. Parents who know English speak only Spanish to their children further exacerbating the problem. Mrs. Francis/Crow is not helping students, she’s aiding and abetting the education establishment with this plan. What a shame!

    This scheme has nothing to do with benefits for the students. Don’t be conned.

  2. Doc says:

    Isn’t “Francis” the name of 1 of the personalities played by Sally Field in the movie, “Sybil”? Wasn’t she th’ one that liked to screw with people’s minds? Strange coincedence, eh?

    just sayin’…

  3. Cynthia Reed says:

    The only issue with regard to education that I believe should be of immediate concern to Arizonans is whether Governor Brewer’s application to the U.S. Department of Education will result in Arizona being named a “winner” of the DOE’s “Race to the Top” competition. Winning states will receive funding for “education reform” provided for under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. By looking at all the strings attached [and there are plenty] it certainly appears as if the DOE is attemtping to create a federal curriculum with this grant program by financially rewarding those states that teach what the DOE wants them to teach–exactly how it wants them to teach it. The specific conditions that must be met in order to receive this funding leave little room for speculation as to what the future holds for Arizona’s schools–both public and charter. The application itself lists numerous federal requirements that Arizona has to comply with in order to receive the funding–including a commitment to significantly increase the amount of time students spend in school. Winners of the RTTT are to be announced by the DOE sometime this month. My fear that this sweeping education “reform” is the federal government’s attempt to nationalize education was not allayed when I learned the following. Arne Duncan [U.S. Secretary of Education] and Dr. Martha Kanter, [U.S. Under-Secretary of Education] were guest speakers at the 2009 Fall Conference of The Renaissance Group, a consortium of 30 teacher preparation universities. The conference, held October 4-6 2009, in Arlington, VA, had only one other guest speaker, who was scheduled to speak in between Duncan and Kanter–this third speaker was William Ayers. Does anyone not see a problem with all of this?

  4. Janelle says:

    Yep. Sybil is an appropriate name for this education elitist that wants to indoctrinate our children with the Socialist/Communist platform.

    The Crow family is willing to inflict “multiple personality disorder, psychoanalysis, and unspeakable acts of child abuse” in order to control our kids.

    That should be enough for conservative legislators to kill the bill, but the financial ripoff for the taxpayers is unbelievable. The student gets a Grand Canyon Diploma after his sophomore year and the district school still keeps getting full ADM funding for that student for the next two years!

    We are already giving government schools way too much funding to poorly educate our children, now we are ready to pay them for not teaching them at all?? Bring on Patsy Cline, CRAZY!

    This bill needs to be stopped.

  5. Jon Altmann, ISCS, USN (Ret.) says:

    And, the child will not be eligible for military service because they require a regular high school diploma. With fewer positions in today’s military, higher retention, and more demand for jobs, military recruiters are no longer giving any exemptions for GEDs, juvenile records and the like.
    So the old idea that the kid could join the Army is dead. Today’s Army wants them with brains, not a free parking card allowing them early exit.
    This idea needs to go into the Grand Canyon.