The ball to keep your eyes on: Newly configured “political refugees”

In a FOX News article titled Mexicans facing drug war violence could seek political asylum in U.S., the crystal ball is before us. If amnesty isn’t your game, try this sham on for size.

From the article:  If political asylum is granted and made available to a large section of the Mexican population, immigration experts say, it could have implications far beyond El Porvenir. They say it could open the floodgates for a new wave of immigration from Mexico, much as allowing Chinese to seek political asylum because of China’s one-child policy created a huge migration when it happened. After that ruling, tens of thousands of Chinese boarded boats and planes and told immigration officials they were seeking asylum because they were allowed to have only one child. Most were granted immigration papers and allowed to stay. Even those who made spurious claims were granted a hearing and often simply disappeared.

If you’re too busy to read this report today, bookmark it for this evening.  This is chock full of important information. If you care about your future, your children’s and this nation’s, set aside time to acquaint yourself with these facts.

It matters.

3 Responses to The ball to keep your eyes on: Newly configured “political refugees”

  1. Kathy says:

    Where is the Mexican gov’t? It’s their responsibility to protect their citizens – NOT the US’s. But alas, Mexico is encouraging their proverty & criminals to flood our border so they don’t have to deal with them.

  2. American Dad says:

    Mexico wants its citizens here. If you remember the Mexican authorities were putting out comic books to assist the illegals in finding best paths, water stations, etc. An estimated $25 billion each year in remittances is sent back to families in Mexico. I’ve read that the money is the second highest income to the country, behind petroleum and outpacing agriculture and even tourism.

    If these people are granted “refugee” status, they will no longer be “illegal” and “amnesty” will no longer be the route to get them here as grateful voting Democrats. It’s as slick as can be.

  3. sherriaz says:

    This is an outrage. We have gang killings all over this country and neither Canada nor Mexico would take Americans who claimed they needed asylum. Calderon has received billions from this country with nothing to show for it but an escalation with the drug cartels and increased corruption.

    We are in more danger from Mexicans taking over this country than what is happening in Iraq or Afghanistan. Perhaps the bleeding hear liberals would like more kidnappings and mayhem which is exactly what we will get if we allow their culture to supplant our own. Bribes, corruption and death will be commonplace.

    Put troops on the border, search every car and truck that comes into this country from Mexico and declare all out war on Mexican drug cartels operating in this country- including within our national forests. Stop ALL immigration for 10 years regardless of reason. We need to take our country back and expell the invaders.