Phoenix New Times: Stinking…er…sinking like a rock

Just when you thought it couldn’t happen, The Phoenix New Times’ Michael Lacey has hit a new low in what passes for that rag’s idea of journalism.

Even for a give-away tabloid, this intended-to be-mocking article, complete with an authentically Naziesque caricature, lacks even a semblance of the necessary humor needed to underscore actual sarcasm.

We’d encourage our readers to cancel their subscriptions, but this vulgarity is free and deposited in street corner boxes. Why not grab a few and put them to good use in the fireplace or cat’s litter box?


12 Responses to Phoenix New Times: Stinking…er…sinking like a rock

  1. Stanford says:

    Thoroughly disgusting. There is no humor here. There is no comparison here. The supposed sarcasm is nowhere to be found. There is a vast difference between illegals sneaking into our country and purchasing stolen IDs and Jews, most of whom came to the USA at the turn of the last century and entered LEGALLY through the port of Ellis Island.

  2. American Dad says:

    Mexican illegals hanging out at Home Depot and Jews lurking in bank parking lots? Great humor. Chortle, chortle. Har, harty har har. This is sick. Lacey needs to apologize.

  3. Jana Simmons says:

    I learned about the many immigrants who came to America at that time when I was in grade school. And guess what? No one pushed 1 for English and 2 for Italian, Russian or German. They were proud to become citizens, get educated, and make their way in this great nation. The US has the most generous immigration policies of any industrialized nation. But ILLEGAL entries are ILLEGAL. What’s so difficult to understand about that? We are a nation of laws, for which I am grateful.

    As to this article in the New Times: I find it despicable.

  4. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    This is so over the top. If I hadn’t clicked on the embedded link I would never have believed it! The “cartoon” is not funny. It is a stereotypical anti-Jewish depiction. I’m shocked that the New Times would think this underhanded slam at Sen. Russell Pearce passes any kind of muster. I “get’ what they are attempting to do in marginalizing the senator, but it is hateful and shows this trash publication for exactly what it is.

  5. Kathy says:

    Where’s the outrage from Terry Goddard, Ann Kirkpatrick, Gifford, Harry Mitchell? Since this is truly leftist hate in black & white. Oh wait – I’m sure they are trying to blame this filth on the Tea Party people. One thing – thanks for the 1st Amendment, because everyday it is exposing who these people are.

  6. Ellsworth says:

    Anti-Semitism is permissible in the pages of the New Times when the purpose is to hammer their political enemies. I’m LDS and have been raised to revere our Jewish brothers and sisters. I’m appalled that the NT thought this was acceptable.

  7. Frankly Speaking says:

    If this is supposedly a hard-edged spoof, I’m a money’s uncle. It’s offensive in the same way using any other ethnic, racist or religious stereotypes would be. Desiring to enforce the law and secure America’s sovereign border is not racist, it’s prudent! I support Sen. Russell Pearce and Sheriff joe Arpaio 100%. I also deplore this garbage in the New Times. They should be ashamed, but are obviously lacking the decency to realize that fact.

  8. sherriaz says:

    First, the “parody” was anything but and was horrible.

    Second, the fact that the Jewish people were targeted is ironic as they are usually pretty supportive of Democrat causes and have been pro-illegal alien rights in many cases.

    Note that nobody picks on the Muslims- only Jews and Christians are fair game in this country. The PC police must love this. Aren’t they part of BHO’s new civilian army?

  9. Braveheart says:

    You are one smart lady.You’re right on the ironic nature of the article and on the fact that Jews and Christians are fair game, but God help anyone mocking a Muslim. I, too, thought this was horrible.

    And speaking of God, I believe that he will bless the true patriot, Russell Pearce.

  10. J. Harris says:

    Where is the outrage from the Anti-Defamation League on this monstrous article? Their silence speaks volumes to me, and I’m Jewish. I also know all too well that the group is very liberal, so I suspect they are torn between condemning this vicious piece and not wanting to appear to be giving aid and comfort to a conservative Republican such as Sen. Pearce. The ADL’s silence is as reprehensible as Michael Lacey’s disgusting article.

  11. Michael says:

    I am also Jewish and became furious as I read the linked New Times article. I would never have seen it were it not for reading this blog. Thank you for exposing this disgusting article masquerading as a nose poke aimed at Sen. Pearce. Lacey obviously has an amnesty agenda, which I do not share. My father’s grandparents immigrated to the United States as a young couple enduring many hardships. They came here legally and loved this country. Each successive generation has felt that influence in our lives and we have imparted it to our children. We are the most fortunate people in the world to have had our forbearers do the difficult so we could do the possible.

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