Hayworth supports Pearce’s enforcement bill; McMaverick mum

In response to the passage of amended Arizona Senate Bill 1070, candidate for U.S. Senate J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) made the following statement:

I have been a longtime supporter of the efforts of State Senator Russell Pearce to combat illegal immigration and to protect our borders. Arizona Senate Bill 1070 is no exception. During my service in the U.S. House of Representatives, I sponsored the “Enforcement First Act.” Senator Pearce’s bill is very much in line with that Act and my belief that we need to enforce existing laws .”

I applaud the House’s recent passage of the amended AZ S.B. 1070 and look forward to its quick passage through the Senate. I also call on Governor Brewer to sign the bill when it lands on her desk.

Without a doubt, S.B. 1070 sends a clear message to illegal aliens who enter Arizona that they will not find sanctuary here.

Cities cannot pick and choose which laws they enforce. S.B. 1070 stops “sanctuary cities” from turning a blind eye to immigration status and holds illegal aliens accountable to our nation’s immigration laws,” said Hayworth.

Since John McCain — enabled by Sens. Jon Kyl and Ted Kennedy — was the architect of the failed Comprehensive Immigration Reform, now being resurrected by Barack Obama, chances are slim that McCain will address this landmark legislation.

But McCain can’t have it both ways. He pandered to the racist La Raza during his botched 2008 presidential bid and put the open-border proponent Juan Hernandez in a position of prominence in his campaign. Still the Hispanic vote went overwhelmingly to Obama.

In Arizona’s 2010 senate race, the same abandonment of McCain will take place, among all Arizonans who are weary of his crass double talk and raw duplicity on issue after issue. It’s time to bring him home and replace the Maverick with consistent conservative — J.D. Hayworth.

Get onboard and help make this a reality.


14 Responses to Hayworth supports Pearce’s enforcement bill; McMaverick mum

  1. Martin says:

    I am absolutely with you in distaste for McCain. However, I wish we had a better choice than Hayworth. I think he’s just hopping on the Tea Party bandwagon. I’m not sure he really stands for much. It seems like he’s more of an opportunist blowhard than a true conservative.

    I’d love to be wrong.

  2. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    AMNESTY-JOHN’s multi-millionaire’s wife uses hundreds of illegals in her beer distributorship. AMNESTY-JOHN wants to protect her mega-profits, so he won’t do anything that might causes these illegals to be replaced by American citizens.

  3. Seen It All says:

    I am happy to inform you that you are not just wrong, you are very wrong. JD Hayworth is a man of integrity and very intelligent to boot. His style is more bombastic, but that is style. The substance is there, fear not! I met the man years ago, and connected with him very quickly since we are both conservatives. We remain friends to this day. His views are not based in opportunism, but in deeply held convictions. I am campaigning for him because I believe him to be the man for the job. Why do uou think the elitist McCain is actually running for election this time? He knows of his disconnect with the voters and is damn worried. I want to help him retire.

  4. Doc says:

    Martin-I’ve met J.D., & spoken with him regarding his past victories, & blunders. The thing about J.D. is that he’s HONEST. If he’s made a mistake, he admits it. He’s NOT a runner. Somewhere here on seeingred, is a video of mr. mccain…RUNNING from a reporter that wanted to talk to him about J.D….then our ?senator? slammed a door in the man’s face. mr. mccain has no character, & he represents us in that same manner. His ads state, “character…matters…” Which is EXACTLY why true conservatives are backing J.D. Hayworth. I’ve honestly have only heard 1 person THIS YEAR politically support mccain to me…she said, “McCain’s the only one standing up for Arizona in D.C.!” I replied, “Gee, don’t we have TWO Senators?” She was silent…

    I sometimes wonder if ol’ johnny mac’s just stayin’ in th’ race to keep it interesting…cuz’ anybody with a brain knows that ?senator? mccain’s gonna’ get his walkin’ papers this August.

  5. Army Of One says:

    Here it is, Doc!

    • Doc says:

      Army…YOU DA’ MAN! Martin, watch & learn. I recommend that you dig into J.D. You might like what you find. I did, & I DID! Especially after talking to him re; pertinant negatives, which he politely & accurately responded too.

  6. Everyman says:

    Great links here! They really tell the story of this guy. He needs to go. We all have to pledge to give JD an assist in any way we can. This is a rare opportunity, the first real chance we’ve had to get rid of McCain in nearly 30 years. If you think it doesn’t matter, watch the video links in this post. You’ll see how glibly he lies. I’ve never liked McCain, but now I can clearly see why he’s so despicable. I’m sending this post with instructions to watch the links to everyone I even think might not understand how important this election is.

  7. sherriaz says:

    Has anybody else noted that both the Rag and the Spitoon have totally ignored the story on the ICE bust of a major smuggling ring? Can’t bear to offend friends of McLettuce?


  8. Xyooper says:

    Mccain’s an old leaf blowing in the media’s wind. Completely unreliable.

  9. Vagabond says:

    I hope those shameful Republican state legislators who signed on with McCain are feeling proud of their decision about now.

    I’d like to know how they voted for this bill while supporting McAmnesty? What a bunch of losers. They are going with what they perceive as power, but will be sadly mistaken come the primary election, when McMaverick tanks. How soon will they be sucking up to JD Hayworth?

  10. Realist says:

    McMaverick Mum?

    John doesn’t want to be referred to as a maverick anymore. So…instead of Maverick Mum, he’s just plain DUMB!

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