Brewer protects Second Amendment rights: Allows concealed carry w/o permit

With the stroke of her pen today, Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law a bill allowing Arizonans to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

Arizona now joins Alaska and Vermont as the third state in the union not to require a permit.

Gov. Brewer declared, “The State of Arizona has long been the home to defenders of personal liberty and the freedoms enshrined and protected by the Constitution of the United States and our State Constitution. I believe strongly in the individual rights and responsibilities of a free society, and as Governor I have pledged a solemn and important oath to protect and defend the Constitution.”

Today I signed Senate Bill 1108, the constitutional carry bill. I believe this legislation not only protects the Second Amendment rights of Arizona citizens, but restores those rights as well. I am joined in support of this legislation by both Republican and Democratic members of the Arizona legislature, and I laud the strong number of bipartisan supporters who join with me to defend the rights of our citizens,” Brewer, a Republican, said in a statement.

The measure takes effect 90 days after the current legislative session ends.


12 Responses to Brewer protects Second Amendment rights: Allows concealed carry w/o permit

  1. Realist says:

    Now… if she would change her position on her tax increase proposal, she might have a chance at winning the primary.

  2. Xyooper says:

    I’m expecting this to eventually backfire for us 2nd amendment types, very badly. If it doesn’t, then I will be surprised. Nothing like some good tragedy for a campaign platform.

    ALso, what is this I heard about that bill including something about sharing personal/AZ info with the Feds? Just heard some blurbs on the radio. Anyone?

    • Tony says:

      I’m sort of uneasy about this, only because there are a lot of gun owners out there who probably shouldn’t be hauling guns around. They may have been law-abiding enough to avoid concealed carry in the past without a permit, not wanting to get into trouble, but now they’ll all be out there. I dunno. Everyone out there probably knows someone who’s a firearm aficionado who they think, “You know, there’s someone who just makes me nervous” Now that guy will be out there.

      As a CCW permit holder who appreciated the legal knowledge that the classes gave to participants (something that now will not be required since there won’t be any classes)I’m a little worried that there will be a whole bunch of people out there without a clue as to what problems they can get themselves into by using a firearm in the wrong circumstances — it’s bad enough when you have to use one in the RIGHT circumstances.

      Perhaps it just sort of annoys me that the current permit holders jumped through a lot of hoops and demonstrated, via fingerprint analysis and by caring enough to go through the laws, that they were probably the sort of people you’d WANT to have a permit. Is this an elitist attitude? Maybe; however, I was just fine with open carry in Arizona, and having a group of law-abiding citizens who were willing to go the extra mile for concealed carry seemed OK to me. Am I all wet? I’m honestly asking for opinions here.

      • Tony says:

        I forgot to add my prediction — we’ll see if I’m wrong here — there will be people walking into places like Walmart, which have signs banning the possession of firearms in their store(which they can legally do, as the store is privately owned) and getting themselves hauled off to the clink because they think that the new law means that they can carry weapons anywhere. I guess I just think that people, at a minimum, need to know the current laws regarding firearms. They’d be stupid not to, if only for their own protection. Additionally, another thing occurs to me — if Arizona will no longer be issuing permits, what happens when an Arizonan is in possession of a concealed weapon in a neighboring state that formerly honored AZ permits? Now the Arizonan will have nothing to prove that he is allowed to carry concealed in these other states.

  3. ron says:

    Jobless numbers increase:

    “Retired Mesa police officer Dan Furbee runs a business teaching permit and other gun safety classes. He said if most people choose not to get a permit, it will put several hundred Arizona firearms instructors out of business.”

  4. Dave K. says:

    It hasn’t backfired for the two states that don’t require permits now (VT and AK). Nor has it backfired for the twelve states that don’t require training to issue CCW permits, all of whom are allowed to carry here under our recognition laws.

    Have a little faith in your fellow Arizonans. They’ve been carrying openly without any classes or cards for 150 years without any serious issues. I don’t think putting a jacket over your gun is really that much of a challenge, do you?

    As for putting instructors out of business, not if they’re even a little bit good at what they do. If so, they will survive. If they need the government to force customers into their arms, they should go work for Amtrak.

  5. Senator Pearce’s SB1108: Freedom to Carry/Constitutional Carry

    COMMON MYTHS ABOUT CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY: By Alan Korwin, Bloomfield Press “We publish the gun laws.”

    Q: Why is the CCW permit being eliminated?

    A: The CCW permit is not being eliminated — that appears to have been misinformation designed to scuttle the bill. The permit system remains completely unaffected by freedom To Carry. The permit, its advantages, the training, reciprocity schemes, the classes, fees and taxes are unchanged. That all remains voluntary as it always has been. Anyone who meets that law’s requirements can apply. Shame on the “news” media that has repeatedly said otherwise.

    Q: What’s the difference between Constitutional Carry and Freedom To Carry?

    A: There’s no difference, they’re just two names for the same thing. Constitutional Carry, the more formal term, comes from following the Arizona Constitution’s provision that “The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself or the state shall not be impaired…” Freedom To Carry (no government interference with the right to arms) refers to the next step after so-called Right To Carry (massive government interference with the right to arms).

    Q: If people can just carry guns, won’t crime and gun problems skyrocket?

    A: Half of Arizonans keep and bear arms now, without any of the CCW red tape and government supervision, and without any “skyrocketing” problems. Removing the requirement to only carry openly doesn’t change who people are or how they act, it just restores their rights. Restoration of rights and becoming mentally unhinged are not related — but the same arguments have been made everywhere CCW programs passed.

    It’s commonly recognized that some folks, especially people who lean left politically, do seem to equate discreetly bearing arms and becoming unglued. Decades of experience however provide no evidence of any such behavior. Those concerns have been repeatedly proven false and often turn out to be irrational fear mongering. Government permission slips for the exercise of rights have not turned people into homicidal maniacs. Restoring the right to discreetly bear arms will not change people into something they are not, and
    brings the state into proper compliance with its Constitution.

    Q: Can anyone carry a gun?

    A: Anyone who could legally carry a gun previously can legally carry under this law, no more, no less. “Prohibited possessors” — criminals, illegal aliens and others forbidden to carry arms remain banned as always. The main change is that now a woman can put a handgun in her handbag without being subject to arrest for carrying discreetly without a government permission slip (and a man has equal right to carry a gun in any discreet manner — under a sport coat or shirt, in a pocket or pants holster, fanny pack, attaché case, etc.)

    Q: Training is a good thing, why was it eliminated?

    A: Training is indeed a good thing and it is not eliminated. Anyone can and should take as much training as they want, which is voluntary. What has changed is that you are no longer forced to take government-mandated classes, registration and taxes before you can exercise your right to carry discreetly. This is the same formula working in Arizona since statehood for open carry (which includes concealed carry in your home, business, land, vehicle (with some minor conditions), and in a visible scabbard or case designed for carrying weapons, or in luggage. Now that the half of the public that bears arms can do so discreetly, many experts expect statewide gun training to flourish.

    Q: Won’t people shoot each other if they’re not required to take the training?

    A: Twelve states currently issue CCW permits without a training requirement and they’re doing just fine. Half of Arizonans exercise their right to arms without government-demanded training and they’re doing just fine. The idea that you’re only safe if government requires training is statistic, foolish and incorrect. That said, responsible people should get education and training for firearms-and swimming, machine tools, medical care, raising children, being married, owning a home, preparing food, writing articles, etc., without government mandates.

    If government could require training for everything that has risk, your freedom would be evaporated and your government would be out of line. Government has no legitimate delegated authority in this country to be your nanny like that, or to require anything beyond the specific, limited delegated powers given to it in the Constitution and subsequent valid legislation. The fact that government has in many cases abandoned those constraints is part of why the Tea Party movement has gained such ground and, in some cases, driven the public out into the streets with pitchforks (figuratively).

    Currently, 11 states issue carry permits without training and they’re fine (AL, DE, GA, ID, IN, MD, MS, NH, PA, SD, WA). Because Arizona recognizes all other permits, many of our snowbirds have been carrying under those permits, without problems.

    Q: Why are children of any age going to be allowed to carry guns to school?

    A: That is total nonsense. No such thing occurs. The bill has no effect on children. That appears to be part of a misinformation campaign designed to scuttle the bill. There is no change as to who has the right to keep and bear arms. School grounds are unaffected by the law. That question is typical of similar lies and disinformation used to defeat and mislead the public about many good bills that seek to restore our civil rights. It’s almost as bad as the lies told about blacks during the civil rights era of the 1960s. Almost.

    Q: Will other states imitate Arizona and enact Constitutional Carry?

    A: Many people hope so, and it has the backing of the gun-rights groups.

    It was a deliberate, conscientious, focused and tireless effort from what must be a candidate for the best pro-rights organization in the nation. Get your friends to join, send a donation or buy a t-shirt or hat, attend the
    meetings, and in your little way, make a difference and preserve our rights.
    Note that I strongly advocate the individual do all in his power to obtain the best instruction and ‘training’ possible, and practice to whatever extent practical — ‘the heaviest thing about carrying a firearm is the responsibility’ — not because there is any government ‘mandate’ beyond the barely adequate 8 hours, but because I have accepted the responsibility that comes with the choice to go armed. Tangentially, the willingness of more citizens to accept the philosophy of ‘personal accountability’ is the key to restoring the republic, another of my ‘personal interests’. -Duke Schecter

    If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you’re reading this in English, thank a veteran.

    “No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” –Edmund Burke

    Guns Save Lives
    Guns Stop Crime
    Guns Are Why America Is Still F r e e

    It was a deliberate, conscientious, focused and tireless effort from what must be a candidate for the best pro-rights organization in the nation. Get your friends to join, send a donation or buy a t-shirt or hat, attend the meetings, and in your little way, make a difference and preserve our rights.

  6. Bob Shell says:

    My hats off to Governor Brewer in signing that bill. It will enable AZ & other adults to carry without burdonsome regulations. Other states would do well to follow AZ’s example and restore 2’Nd ammendment rights to their citizens.
    Good job Governor

  7. RealAmerican says:

    My hat is also off to Governor Brewer. I didn’t think she had the guts to do it (It sat a while on her desk). But beyond that, Arizona has always had OPEN CARRY. And Yes I have done that. But if you think that every Tom, Dick and Harry is going to start carrying a concealed weapon, I really don’t think so. Will I carry concealed – Yes in certain situations, but not as an everyday thing ie going to the grocery store etc. Concealed carry really fixes many small problems that have existed with open carry. In most of Arizona, concealed carry in 6 months out of the year is difficult. Yeah we wear shorts and a tee shirt and you tell me if somebody is carrying concealed in this outfit. You will see the bulge. Yesterday the law said you could OPEN CARRY with no TRAINING. What’s the difference with Concealed Carry ? People that did open carry, were people that were around weapons a long time and knew most of the laws. So I really don’t think there will be any issues.

  8. Janelle says:

    I have a problem with the headline.

    The fact is Governor Brewer did not lift a finger to get this legislation passed through the legislature. Conservative legislators, in conjunction with Leg Council, phrased this bill in a way that allowed it to pass muster. Actually, this bill only passed due to the strong consistent actions of real conservative Republicans in the House and Senate, in conjunction with Dave Kopp, John Wentling, Alan Korwin, Don Goldwater, and others.

    The governor had no option but to sign it, or she would in fact have signed her own political death warrant. Her menial support hardly deserves praise.

  9. Scott says:

    OK, Janelle, so you don’t like the governor. But she signed the bill. Would you have preferred having Janet Napolitano and her everfast veto pen back in action on the ninth floor? Somehow I doubt that. Break out of your anti-Brewer mode and give the governor her due. It could have been much worse.

  10. Bob Shell says:

    To the comments that new law will cause problems I say that you must not trust AZ law abiding citizens to do the right things. That’s the problem with areas that have restrictive gun laws. THEIR GOVERNMENT DOESN”T TRUST THEM & THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE. As for the schools there is nothing wrong with training but the 2ND ammendment is more important then someone’s bottom line.
    Contrary to all of the hype there will not be blood running down the streets.