McKyl: AZ’s duplicitous senators do a U-Turn on amnesty

Faltering Maverick John McCain, unable to gain momentum in his senate re-election bid, has taken to pardnerin’ with campaign props. Today, it was his senate seatmate and amnesty co-conspirator, Jon Kyl, and the sheriffs of Pinal and Cochise counties.

The mission?  The quartet participated in an announcement of a 10-point border security action plan, which includes sending 3,000 National Guard troops to the border, adding 3,000 Border Patrol agents in Arizona by 2015, increasing funding for programs that help local law enforcement fight drug and illegal alien smuggling, and ensuring that anyone caught crossing the border illegally more than once serves 15 to 60 days in jail, according to a report in the daily.

“Border violence has spiraled out of control, and Arizona has been disproportionately hit,” McCain solemnly intoned at a desperation press conference.

And who would believe that the old open borders crusader, now fearful of being kicked unceremoniously onto the senate curb, would be singing the praises of Sen. Russell Pearce’s strict immigration legislation?

Referring to Senate Bill 1070, which would make it a state crime to be in the United States illegally, McCain amazingly said, “I think it’s a very important step forward.”

He might be growing senile, but we don’t have amnesia. McCain has been the nation’s leading amnesty proponent.

Then Kyl piped up, added, “People are fed up.”

He got that right. We are fed up with the Duplicitous Duo, who as Johnny-Come-Latelys to this serious issue are responsible for allowing it to fester for so long while they both worked feverishly to provide amnesty to the growing millions in this country in violation of the law and our national sovereignty.

The two sheriffs spoke of the escalating criminal activity associated with the illegal invasion.

Funding? Kyl said he didn’t know how much the plan would cost taxpayers, although admitting a single provision of the ten offered would likely ring up a $40 million tab.

The Duplicitous Duo didn’t specify how the ambitious plan would be paid for, although McCain said he thought the money could come from shifting funds away from “unneeded and unnecessary” federal spending programs.

How nice to know there are such things.

Minuteman co-founder, Chris Simcox rightly called the desperation switch “shameful.”

The recent brutal murder of Southern Arizona cattle rancher Rob Krentz prompted the Arizona Cattlemen’s Association to travel to the state Capitol to let their voices be heard and draft their own 18-point plan.

We’ll put our chips with the ranchers.  The senators long ago lost our trust.

26 Responses to McKyl: AZ’s duplicitous senators do a U-Turn on amnesty

  1. VoiceInTheWild says:

    Yep, we’re fed up with 28-year incumbents, too.

  2. Chuck says:

    These two are such frauds. I wish we had the opportunity to get rid of both of them on the next ballot!

  3. Sgt. Preston says:

    Frauds? That’s the kindest description you could lay on these two. I won’t even say what I think of them. They finally come to the position the citizens of Arizona have desired for years. But these creeps have no core. They are fumbling for McCain’s survival in desperation. Don’t be conned, Arizona. These are the two who wanted to screw us all over not so long ago. Kyl campaigned on “securing the border” and then within days of being reelected, began shoving “comprehensive immigration reform” (AMNESTY) down our throats.

  4. Army Of One says:

    My take on this charade is that Kyl will not run again when his 6 year term is up, so it doesn’t matter what he does. And the poster is right in calling this desperation. I believe Señor Juan McAmnesty is cooked. He and Kyl both know it. Going from the 2008 presidential candidate to the gutter is the reward he deserves.

    I can think of no one on the Arizona political scene who deserves the embarrassment as much as McCain does. He had Juan Hernandez, the “Mexico First” Hispanic Outreach Director, in a prime position in his campaign as he made promises to LaRaza about granting blanket amnesty to illegals.

    I’m convinced the power and accolades go to their heads and they long ago lost sight of the fact that they put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us. I stopped voting for Shadegg when he told the NY press that we Arizonans who wanted a secure border were “intolerant and xenophobic.” After that, he could kiss my ass. I care far more about my children’s future than I do about any of these double crossers. I’m a conservative Republican and the only US Congressman I think is worth his pay is Trent Franks, and I’m not in his district.

  5. Kate says:

    FISH OUT OF WATER!!!! FISH OUT OF WATER!!!!! FLOP, FLIP,FLOP,FLOP,FLIP,FLIP,FLIP,FLOP,FLOP,FLIP,FLOP. This is what my mind’s eye saw the second I heard about this pathetic display by Kyl and McCain. We have all seen fish flopping on a bank or on a boat as they struggled for air or to get back under water.

    These two characters are flip-flopping trying to get back under water by misdirecting and confusing the issue so we will not remember where they stood a few months ago or a few years ago. Then they can dart and dash and hide under rocks and run from the wrath of the conservative voter. If only they can fool us one more time.

  6. Rambling Rose says:

    Fish are good. Snakes are better.

  7. Pablo says:

    What a joke. These guys are truly without principle. Despite the numerous video clips of McCain declaring himself a “maverick,” he now shamelessly maintains he has never strayed from the ranks of the conservative. Now, he and Kyl have seen the light, they are now ready to enforce the “rule of law” and protect our Nation’s sovereignty. Too little, too late…these are not men of character. It’s time to replace them both with true conservatives. I only hope my fellow conservatives remember McCain’s liberal bent and his deception in August. The local press and radio personalities can mock J.D. Hayworth and try to undermine his campaign. However, I think they are going to be surprised when election results are tallied.

  8. Orion says:

    The reason they think we’re so gullible is because they keep getting elected even as we know they lie to us. No wonder they play us for fools. Neither McCain nor Kyl have seen any evidence to the contrary.

    We Republicans have got to send these fakes home and stop rewarding them. They think we like being played for suckers.

  9. nightcrawler says:

    These two can’t win. Once they come around to your way of thinking this is their reward. Doesn’t anyone believe in redemption ? The real issue is that they have deprived you of a reason to dislike them.

    From a moderate point of view, this upsets me more than it does you, trust me. The net result is that this will cost McCain votes. The conservatives weren’t going vote his way regardless of his positions, moderates now will have pause.

    The Libertarians are all hot and bothered over this bill that both JD and McCain support. Watch for Deakin to add a couple of percentage points to his quiver.

  10. Maggie says:

    Along with your liberal bent, I see you’ve also become a jokester. What a combination!

    If you think these two, who along with Teddy Kennedy, wrote the amnesty legislation that threw the country into an infuriated spin, have had a change of heart, you need your head examined. What you are witnessing is hardly a change of heart. It is raw fear, based on Hayworth’s surge and McCain’s diminished numbers.

    You do much better on your often repeated topic that American’s are unable make food out of flour, lard and water. That’s where you excel.

  11. Kathy says:

    Kyl & McCain have NO credibility on AZ’s illegal aliens problems, they have continually turned a blind eye! They both worked on backroom deals for amnesty, fought Sheriff Joe for years, promoted sancutary cities, etc. McCain’s own words – illegals come here to do jobs American won’t do – really?? Now when McCain is in trouble & sadly a rancher is murdered they are singing a different tune. Kyl & McCain both have praised & voted to confirm Napolitano – who has done nothing but stifle border patrol, remove national guard & attacked American citizens. Hey McCain & Kyl – your words mean nothing – it’s your past actions which have shown your true intents!

  12. Doc says:

    Maggie & Kathy are, in my ever not so humble opinion, 300% correct-a-mundo! These guys’ track record is indisputable! Their duplicity NOW isn’t going to save either of their hides. They are both an absolute disgrace.

    And we elected them…God I’m SO sorry I EVER voted for either of these two…

  13. MuddFlapp says:

    The handwriting is on the wall. Johnny Boy is goin’ down.
    I’m sure the socialist miscreants currently in charge of our government are scrambling to find a post, a high-level sinecure, for McCain after his defeat. He is still valuable to the team and will be rewarded for his years of service to the insiders destroying this country.

  14. Justin says:

    Perfect, Maggie!
    Every time I see those comments from nightcrawler goading us on how we would be unable to subsist if we had to prepare sustenance from lard, flour and water, I have to laugh. This liberal is so within his realm. Arrogance and lack of information is always the dead giveaway. He wants us to be able to make tortillas.

  15. MaskedTruthman says:

    Naivete is our number one enemy. Gullibility is a close second. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me thrice, shame on me.

  16. Diogidog says:

    All of the McTrickster’s throughout Arizona have finally realized that they have to first get through a REPUBLICAN PRIMARY. Ouch!

    After nearly 3 decades of McLiar, McKyl and the rest of ’em telling us how the world works, you’d think they’d have a little more credibility with their own Base? Ha!

    Egg on all their McFaces!

  17. Everyman says:

    This is nothing short of hilarious. Both Kyl and McCain have always held Russell Pearce in disdain. Now they need to polish up McCain’s clearly tarnished credentials, so they suddenly hop on the anti-ILLEGAL immigration bandwagon. They need red noses and curly wigs to complete their clown outfits.

  18. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    For those that missed the latest, Arizona’s anti-American CONgressman, Grijalva, has announced that all businesses should now boycott Arizona in protest of its anti-illegal position! Only a lunatic-left d-crat socialist would stoop so low.

  19. SeenItAll says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Those Dems are really something, aren’t they? Hurt the state while promoting illegals!! But think about it, the very people he is advocating for are the ones his actions will hurt most if jobs in the service industries are slashed. Those are the ones his illegal buddies most often hold,in restaurants, hotels, lawn work, maids, etc. Grijalva is a real wizard.

  20. Pima Pal says:

    It’s a real pleasure reading through these comments and realizing the extent to which so many are “on to” these two.

  21. Howard Levine says:

    We owe Kyl some support. Let’s do what we can to help Kyl serve out the rest of his term as Arizona’s SENIOR US Senator!

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