Headline writers needed: Must be able to lie with impunity

The Houston Chronicle must be using the same manual for hyperbolic headlines that the Arizona Republic employs.

Try this one on for size: Texas lawmaker to introduce anti-immigration bill.

Of course no lawmaker — in either Arizona or Texas — is “anti-immigrant.” The issue is illegal immigration, which doesn’t fit the flagrantly open-borders agenda of the left.

Texas lawmaker Rep. Debbie Riddle who represents a solidly Republican district, plans to introduce a measure similar to Arizona‘s new law, in the January legislative session.

“The first priority for any elected official is to make sure that the safety and security of Texans is well-established,” said Riddle, who introduced a similar measure in 2009 that didn’t get out of committee. “If our federal government did their job, then Arizona wouldn’t have to take this action, and neither would Texas.”

Ms. Riddle obviously understands the obligations and responsibilities that come with her job. We wish her well.

Editor’s note: Since this post was written, the Chronicle changed the headline to the current, less offensive one. And Rep. Riddle is now being joined in the effort by Rep. Leo Berman.

4 Responses to Headline writers needed: Must be able to lie with impunity

  1. Jon Altmann, ISCS, USN (Ret.) says:

    I worked for a newspaper for 13 years, part of it in the news room and a news reporter.

    Headline writers on the “copy desk” used to associate headlines directly with the lead facts of the story.

    Today, because newspaper readership is in study decline, I think the quality between when I was in the business (1970s-90) has declined. It is more about “sensationalism” not journalism.

    ALL networks and local TV station on their news marquees have multiple spelling and puncuation errors. Journalists were supposed to be the bedrock of good English diction, spelling and puncuation.

    Now it is “you guys” and frequently invoking the first person opinions in writing.

    I think many of today’s journalists need to go get remedial English classes and learn to utter something a bit more intelligent that “you guys” and writers need to be factual.

    Of course, I am also hoping for lower taxes, children that have respect and for Columbian nationals who happen to be pop music stars to keep their political opinions out of our family discussions in America.

  2. Braveheart says:

    I’m betting the Chronicle changed the headline due to pressure. One can only hope. Thanks for calling them out on this.

  3. sherriaz says:

    Good for Texas… who’s next?

  4. Xyooper says:

    Abject lying is the name of the game at every level in every area politics, media included. Possibly the only guy that didn’t speak perpetual untruthitudes was our last president in recent history.
    Objectivity is like smoking and guns, purely the Devil’s work.