Shakira: Queen of world’s drug capitol criticizes AZ law

Flanked by Phoenix’s Mayor Philly Gordon and Vice Mayor Michael Nowakowski, Shakira, the pop singer who performed at Obama’s inaugural festivities, blasted our unlawful entry law (Senate Bill 1070) as a “violation of human and civil rights.”

“I’m not an expert on the [U.S.] Constitution. But I know the Constitution exists for a reason. It exists to protect human beings. To protect the rights of people living in a nation — with or without documents,” announced Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll.

State Sen. Ron Gould (R-Dist.3), who has more than a passing knowledge of our U.S. Constitution, responded to her appearance with these words: “As far as foreign singers coming to Arizona to tell Arizonans what to do, take it back to your own country.  We don’t need you to come to Arizona to tell us what to do.”

Shakira was in town to incite resistance to the newly passed law. “I’m in opposition to this law because it is a violation of human and civil rights. It goes against all human dignity. This law goes against all the principles of prosperity that we know and promotes discrimination and resentment. Immigrants forged this country,” she said. “They came to this country wanting to work hard. They work long hours.”

“It’s not just unconstitutional,” Shakira said just minutes after admitting her unfamiliarity with our founding documents, speaking inside a Radio Campesina van. “It’s a violation of civil rights.”

And coincidently Radio Campesina Phoenix Vice-Mayor Michael Nowakowski is the Vice President of Communications of Radio Campesina, a network of ten Spanish-language radio stations.

17 Responses to Shakira: Queen of world’s drug capitol criticizes AZ law

  1. Doc says:

    Perhaps Shakira & the mayorial idjits mentioned in the article SHOULD famailarize themselves with the document that they lament…Shakira at least admits her ignorance…then merrily goes on to PROVE IT!

    Sen Gould…Please have a “Maker’s Mark” on the rocks! Your comments were well spoken, sir.

  2. Flying V says:

    Wow! Shakira sang at Obama’s inaugural. Does that tell you anything?

  3. Calypso says:

    Interesting information about councilman Nowakowski’s connection to the Spanish language radio network. That’s the one that rustles up support for all of the marches and gives leftist propaganda to Spanish speakers in Spanish.
    Having a Polish last name throws people off. But this clarifies what he is all about:

  4. InfernalDisaster says:

    Fools like Shakira use these issues to boost their own fame, they are ignorant of the Constitution and have no respect for our laws when it conflicts with their politically correct view of the world.

    We have laws for a reason, Arizona is simply enforcing federal laws that are already on the book and if we are not going to enforce these laws then get rid of them.

    People who want to come to America that don’t live right across our borders are forced to come here legally and it is a long process. So why should someone crossing the Mexican or Canadian border be exempted from following our laws?

    No one has right to come to the US and every country in the World has immigration laws, we are just of the few who does a piss-poor job of enforcing them.

  5. Carl in LD19 says:

    Foreigners coming to our country to lecture us on our laws while admitting no knowledge thereof are freaking morons. Do these people know no shame? Apparently not just like the throngs of ignorant illegal immigrants thinking they can frighten us with their numbers. I’ve got news for them. We WAY outnumber them and if things get rough they are going to be on the losing end big time. Possibly to never see their homeland again.

  6. Kathy says:

    There ya go Philly another idiot hollywood type – who knows nothing about our Constitution, wonder if he asked for a date??!! You both have something in common, ignorance.

  7. Justin says:

    What’s “inhumane” about enforcing our national borders and laws? No other nation allows its sovereign border to be overrun like we do. Mexico takes its own border seriously!. The federal government’s explicit Constitutional authority is the protection of US citizens and it has failed miserably. Thank you, John McCain for your decades long service! Thank you for nothing! Time for old John to come home and hit the rocking chair. Since you have no front porch, you can rock on your luxury penthouse’s balcony.

  8. Frankly Speaking says:

    Shakira’s opinions mean a lot, especially since she’s a Colombian citizen living in the Bahamas. Give me a break!!

    I wish Sen. Gould was representing my district! Great assessment from him.

  9. Blackbeard says:

    That Gordo, and the other city council members would stand there with the discredited Mary Rose Wilcox and the rest of the Hispanic cheering section for illegals makes me sick. This young woman is a pop celebrity in the Latino music arena. Why are they listening to anything she has to say? She’s not even a U.S. citizen.

  10. sherriaz says:

    Obviously she did not cultivate a following due to her brains. What a complete idiot.

  11. Jane says:

    Correcting the liberal is of no use. Honestly, seeing one pop-idiot after the other making political statements reminds me of Mary Poppin’s carpet bag. You never know what amazing junk will be pulled out next. Today, the Huffington Post presented an article from great American legal expert, DESMOND TUTU! My respect for him just blew out the window. South Africa’s policy toward illegals is just like Mexico’s. Hypocrites! I’m fed up with the “marches” too. I don’t know who pays for the police presence tomorrow, but all this has put me in the mood for additional legislation:

    (1) Banning publicly displayed foreign flags except on embassy vehicles.

    (2) Banning housing rentals to “undocumented” aliens.

    (3) Banning the use of public funds to produce documents in any language but English.

  12. sherriaz says:

    Jane, I am totally with you on mandating that all state and local documents printed within this state, ( I would add educational materials like school newsletters ), shall ONLY be in English.

    I would take it further and note that all state and local signs must ONLY be in English and that taxpayer supported libraries must spend the same money on Spanish language materials that they do on materials in other languages (right now it’s off the charts).

    Other ideas?

  13. Jane says:

    @sherriaz if I’m not mistaken, we don’t have to wait for the legislature. A citizens initiative can put this on the ballot.

  14. Kelly says:

    She would have spent her time a whole lot more productively if she’d stayed home and touched up her black roots. Meow!

  15. Night Owl says:

    Her expertise in belly-dancing comes from her Lebanese side of the family. She is also part Italian. To portray herself as solely Hispanic is a farce. Her father’s middle name is Mebarak, a name she also carries.

  16. VoiceInTheWild says:

    I am boycotting Shakira.

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