Sleeping giant awakening? Yes! It’s Arizona!

In this AP report, “Immigrant rights activists” are described as an awakening sleeping giant as thousands of marchers nationwide chant “Si se puede!” (Yes we can!) on the traditional Communist holiday of International Workers Day, celebrated on May 1st.

Syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin rightly calls it May day/Che Day: Reconquista returns.

But AP got it wrong. American citizens are the actual giant being aroused from a lengthy apathetic slumber.

And what are the foreign nationals and their advocates angry about? Arizona’s new law dealing with the uncontrolled flood of illegal aliens in our state — driving up costs to astronomical levels in health care, education,  criminal justice expenditures and social services benefits, while taking American jobs and precious lives.

At the White House, Jeff Flake’s close friend and ally, U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a “far left”  Illinois Democrat, was among 35 people arrested in a demonstration of civil disobedience against the Arizona law. He was also in Phoenix last week demonstrating against it. With Chicago politics exemplifying corruption, it would seem Gutierrez would have plenty to keep him busy at home. But pushing for clean government doesn’t hold the same appeal as advocating for those in our country in violation of the law.

 Juan Hernandez, the Hispanic outreach coordinator for John McCain’s failed presidential campaign attended the Dallas rally. He said Arizona was once considered by those south of the border to be a model state with particularly close ties to Mexico.  Apparently the fact that we intend to protect our borders from on onslaught of foreign nationals has taken us off that dubious list. What a shame to have fallen from Hernandez’s grace.

Arizonans — by a wide margin of 70 percent — support curtailing illegal immigration. We support the much needed SB 1070 (Amended), now signed into law by Gov. Jan Brewer.

If anyone is “mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore,” its America’s freedom-loving, and overburdened taxpaying citizens.

We are no longer slumbering and are prepared to take back our country, one law at a time. Watch us!

6 Responses to Sleeping giant awakening? Yes! It’s Arizona!

  1. Ross Wolf says:

    Increasingly the Arizona border resembles an Iraq War Zone as Mexican Drug smugglers from Mexico invade Arizona, escalating their violence against state police and Arizona Citizens with automatic weapons. Mexican Drug Cartels like Terrorists in Iraq now use (road side bombs) to attack the Mexican police and military. It would be naïve for U.S. Citizens to believe Cartel terrorism—won’t spread to American communities. Meanwhile the press appears focused on reporting the many demonstrations against Arizona’s recently passed immigration law, S.1070 reporting that the new law will cause profiling of certain groups. Not addressing that issue here, I can’t help wonder to what extent passed. S.1070 might help Arizona police damage Mexican Drug Cartels that benefited previously from police being prevented during lawful stops, from determining if a vehicle’s driver and passengers were in the country illegally. It would seem Mexican Drug Cartels might certainly oppose the passage of S1070. It would be interesting to learn if Homeland Security or other U.S. Police agencies have evidence of Mexican Drug Cartels contributing money or other resources to defeat the enactment of S1070.

  2. Kathy says:

    JD should use Juan’s words & actions – then tie him to McCain (since they are buds). Whatch Johnny squirm! Yes Legal American Citizens have awoken – We are the Sleeping Giant & we are fighting for Our Country!

  3. Scott says:

    Most of us have had our fill of this garbage! I am sure awake!

  4. TOLL FOR THEE says:

    My parents live in Nogales, Arizona. They used to cross the border frequently for lunch, shopping with friends, etc. They and all of their friends no longer go into Mexico near the Nogales border, it is a war zone- literally. Mom recently sent me some electronic photos she had received from a friend of a drug cartel hit and they weren’t pretty. The cartels are battling violently for control of the Arizona border because this is where the drugs come in.

    It bothers me not that 50,000 people marched in Los Angeles and 20,000 in Dallas. It speaks to the illegals that are already here. It bothers me not that others are calling for boycotts of Arizona. I am proud that Arizona is leading the nation in saying “enough is enough.” I hope all can find the courage to stand strong in the coming storm. We cannot blink. When you blink, you lose. If we remain strong, others will follow suit.

    Stay the course, Arizona.

  5. sherriaz says:

    It takes a lot of courage for an economically ravaged state like ours (in part, thanks to bad home loans made to illegals, but that’s another topic)to continue to stand strong in the face of hysterical boycott threats. Frankly, we will come out stronger as we withdraw the welcome mat from the illegals.

    Let the loons protest- it’s old news. The race card gambit is getting old and they don’t have any new acts. Arizonans aren’t afraid of the threat of boycotts. We say “Bring It” and we’ll take care of our own.

    We are all going to need each other when the drug cartels start to really ramp up their terror tactics in this country. One thing they had better count on… Arizonans actually know how to use those guns they keep at home.

  6. Pablo says:

    I agree with you Toll For Thee. It’s time all like minded Arizonans stand up for the “rule of law.” Yes, the leftists and no borders crowd are going to use every trick in the book to demoralize us. However, like our Founding Fathers, we must stand firm against those that would make us serfs of the state. It will take courage but we can do it if we pull together and rally behind leaders like Sheriff Joe and J.D. Hayworth.