J.D. Hayworth launches Complete Danged Truth website

This site is brilliant in its ‘compare and contrast” facts and videos:



This fact-filled site is in response to Sen. John McCain’s latest pandering television ad in which he claims he now wants to build the “danged fence” along the U.S.-Mexico border.

McCain’s pathetic election-year-conversion ad has been assaulted by national media as a blatant flip-flop of the Senator’s previous opposition to a fence and his support of amnesty for illegal aliens.

The media has seen through this game McCain is playing:

Glenn Beck warned his listeners the ad might make them vomit.

ABC News reminded its audience that in a 2007 Vanity Fair interview, McCain said, “I think the fence is least effective. But I’ll build (expletive deleted) fence if they want it.”

Big Government
called it the “Worst ‘Danged’ Political Ad in History! Congratulations, John McCain.”

wrote of McCain: “His shift across the political landscape on this issue remains stunning to his former allies in the immigration world.”

MSNBC mocked McCain saying: “John McCain, who once led the charge for comprehensive immigration reform, is up with an immigration ad a hardliner would be proud of.”

TRUE/SLANT wrote the ad is “perhaps the worst, most ineffectual, pandering campaign ad ever.”

The Washington Post’s
web headline over The Fix column reads “Has John McCain Started to Panic?”

Drudge Report’s

The Arizona Daily Star
wrote: “But critics who say he flip-flopped on the issue of the border fence suggest it’s almost as if Babeu is saying ‘You’re one of us . . . now.’ (Even though you weren’t before when you were ‘pro-amnesty.’)”



8 Responses to J.D. Hayworth launches Complete Danged Truth website

  1. Maggie says:

    Fabulous!!! I’m sending this link to everyone I know…especially those McSquishes.


  2. Norlene W says:

    John McCain has not changed his mind he is still pro Amnesty he hopes we are dumb enough to believe he has had a sudden epiphany and now sees the light. He hopes to be reelected then show his true colors again. We need to oust all those who favor anyone that Illegally invades our country burns our flag in the street while waving a foreign flag out on their worthless butt. And that includes our President who has proven his own contempt for America. Deportation and impeachment would solve many of Americas problems. Party affiliation should not be a concern we are Americans first, united we stand divided we fall with that knowledge they are trying to divide us if that happens we will surely fall.

  3. Kate says:

    John McCain is so typical of the type of Republican representatives we have in congress. They are oh so pleased to walk across the aisle to pass liberal legislation. I am so sick, sick, sick of the two faced John McCain I could scream!!!!!!!!!! I just did. I could not keep it bottled up any longer. Why can’t people see through this phony? How could they even campaign for the guy. They have to know what a liar he is.

  4. Kathy says:

    Awesome JD!!!!!

  5. Hometown Guy says:

    How do you spell “deception?” J-O-H-N M-c-C-A-I-N !
    But “We The People” are wising up. I’d sit on my hands before I’d ever vote for this old snake again.

  6. Sgt. Preston says:

    The new Hayworth site is a testament to how smart JD Hayworth is and what an absolute dummy John McCain is. He thinks because he has skunked us so long we are up for getting screwed over for another six-year term.

    Earth to McCain: It ain’t going happen!

  7. Rambling Rose says:

    Truly amazing. This man has lied so long he doesn’t even flinch when doing so.

  8. Ajo Joe says:

    Take pity. John McCain is a desperate man. He is banking on the fact that we have as short memories as he does. We don’t. He is hoping not to suffer the embarrassing fate of his fellow senators who have been unceremoniously bounced out of office to a porch swing. Hanging on to his powerful and prestigous job means more to him than anything else, so he flips and flops on his long held positions and prays no one notices. We have.

    Time to hang it up, Johnny.