Democrats read election tealeaves, run to the right on illegal immigration

In his Viewpoints column, Robert Robb takes a fresh approach on Arizona’s new immigration law, in Tide is turning in favor of Arizona immigration law.

Robb details how a solid majority of Americans join Arizonans in believing that our state was right to take action on its own, rather than wait for the federal government. Further, he makes the case that Democrat politicians running for office aren’t falling for the party line.

“Almost universally,” writes Robb, “their strategy is to allow as little daylight as possible between them and their Republican opponents on immigration.”

Any evidence to the contrary, readers? We’d be interested to hear.

7 Responses to Democrats read election tealeaves, run to the right on illegal immigration

  1. Jana Simmons says:

    Of course the tide is turning in AZ’s favor. Other states are wising up and enacting similar legislation!! We are faced with major issues here as a border state, but this is a mega problem that has become widespread as lawlessness has been given a pass. That’s why I will never vote for amnesty shill Juan McCain, regardless of what he says now in order to save his prestigious job.

  2. Kent says:

    Maybe the dems are getting smart? Nah.

  3. TOLL FOR THEE says:

    Very good, Arizona. And props to Governor Brewer for not blinking on this issue. Despite the negative MSM reports and misinformation propagated by liberal, d-crat, progressive political leaders, Arizona is clearly leading the way toward national “illegal” immigration reform.

    For every one degenerate political leader who cries “boycott,” there are two who step up and support Arizona. In reading several blogs out there in cyberspace, I am reading that many folks have cancelled their vacation plans to California and are heading to Arizona to support us.

    And of course Rasmussen reports tell us with 95% accuracy that the Nation overwhelming supports our new law.

    Last point I want to make is that this really is not about race. It living in a healthy, vibrant community and following the law. The left is making it about race, but “race” no longer provokes. The race card is dead.

    Stay the course Arizona!

  4. Norlene says:

    This was never about race these people think if they pull the race card everyone will run away, Not this time this is about America, it’s citizens and our laws. The safety of our nation has been in jeopardy way to long, Perhaps those who were hoping for the Mexican vote should go to Mexico and run for office, “OH yeah” they wouldn’t have the proper papers for that. Well maybe they can buy some and the Mexican government will look the other way like our government does, These people are a disgrace to the office they hold.

  5. Orion says:

    How smart could they be, Kent? They voted for Obama.

  6. Walt G says:

    Jan Brewer never blinked? Give me a break! She bragged she added language to the bill so, she certainly knew what was in it. Yet, she waited a week for Arizona and the country to boil into near riot stage. Rassmussen finally came out with a poll showing nearly 70% of Arizona wanted SB 1070. Brewer finally acquiessed and gave us the “G..D…SB 1070.”

    Brewer’s campaign manager is Grant Woods. She has endorsed John McCain. Brewer is NOT with us for border security. She is only in it for reelection. Brewer a border hawk of any kind? HA! You have not been paying attention.

    Dean Martin wrote Prop 300 in 2006 ending illegal aliens getting public benefits including the in-state tuition taxpayer subsidy. Martin has always been with us for border security…long before it was cool.

    Martin for Governor in 2010. Brewer is a fake who had no choice but to go along with 70% of Arizona.

  7. Doc says:

    I must concur with Walt G, @ least on most points. Gov. Brewer really didn’t have any choice, & she IS a McCain supporter. The Constitutional Carry bill was a no brainer…& so is SB1070. So much so that I’ve asked several times, “Why did we even waste our time & money on concocting SB1070?” All it does is envoke Title 8 of the United States Code into a state law. Honestly, I support SB1070, but really it’s fairly redundant. And Redundancy is not fiscally responsible. So she’s basically doin’ the same thing as the “maverick”…it’s an election year, Dean Martin woulda handed the Gov. her backside on a plate had she NOT done some conservative-ness. Just like McCain. I gotta’ go with Martin! Gov. Brewer also had a REDFLEX schill as a transition team leader along with Grant Woods-maverickiness as a campaign mgr. She won’t get kudos from me for doing her job. SB1070, & Constitutional carry were just doing her job. Wanna’ get VOTES, Governor? Do something GREAT…Like Gov. Haley Barbour of MS…Tell REDFLEX & ATS to pack their $#!+ & get out!

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