AZ Right to Life endorses in AZ Senate race

This is the equivocal headline on the press release that was sent to media outlets and others this afternoon:

“Arizona Right to Life PAC Announces Endorsement of John McCain in the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate; Acknowledges J.D. Hayworth’s Perfect Pro-Life Voting Record.”

And here is the man so worthy of that honor, in his own words:

19 Responses to AZ Right to Life endorses in AZ Senate race

  1. Nancy Nurse says:

    McCain, the AZ Right to Life honoree, says abortion is an “unpleasant” procedure. No doubt the dead babies, if they had a voice, would agree with this fool. Having your body ripped apart or being injected with a saline solution until you die is downright unpleasant.

  2. snowflakemommy says:

    This is my take as a former employee, as well as some details of a conversation I had with them prior to making this decision.

  3. Hunter says:

    It looks like McCain bought himself an endorsement.

    Alternatively, the PAC may have figured that JD will do the right thing no matter who they endorse, but McCain would thumb his nose at pro-life issues if he got elected after they endorsed someone else.

    Arizona Right to Life has undermined its credibility with this endorsement. They would have been better off staying out of the race. If that wouldn’t have been good enough for McCain, they should have done the right thing and endorsed Hayworth.

  4. No name please says:

    As a longtime supporter of Arizona Right to Life, count me gone. This endorsement has the fingerprints of John Jakubczyk all over it. His rapt fanaticism over McCain is bewildering. That’s his business, but he is harming a fine pro-life organization. I will not be part of this charade. JD Hayworth’s congressional voting record was far superior to McCain’s. I suspect this endorsement has a price tag tied to it. Jakubczyk night think he pulled a coup, but he is harming a worthy organization.

  5. American Dad says:

    I’m disgusted!
    And a special thank you to Snowflake Mommy for her insights.

  6. Joe M. says:

    Here is McCain from the 2000 election cycle:

  7. Seen It All says:

    AZ Right to Life will no doubt rue this terrible decision. Jakubczyk needs to go. ASAP!

  8. Jack says:

    AZRTL, I’ve got a two word message for you:
    “Big mistake!”

  9. Kathy says:

    AZRTL has been fooled by McCain & has lost credibility. As Nancy noted unpleasant procedure – it’s called murder McCain, or that to harsh of a reality that you refuse to acknowledge?

  10. Jack says:

    Here’s the story that actually matters from a press release issued by the Hayworth campaign. It includes praise for J.D. Hayworth from the NATIONAL Right to Life (not local) organization.

    U.S. Senate candidate J. D. Hayworth (R-AZ) today said during his service in the U.S. House of Representatives his voting record was consistently given a 100 percent rating on the National Right to Life Scorecard.

    Sen. John McCain did not fare as well.

    McCain’s overall rating is 77 percent, one year slipping as low as 33 percent. The only year he reached 100 percent was this year while he is facing a tough re-election campaign.

    “I have consistently been highly ranked by National Right to Life,” Hayworth said. “Sen. McCain has not.”

    In a statement release today, Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee acknowledged that despite J.D. Hayworth’s perfect pro-life voting record, that under the PAC’s endorsement policy, the endorsement must go to the incumbent.

    Hayworth said he was disappointed, but not surprised, that the AzRTL PAC endorsed Sen. McCain.

    “Most of the establishment organizations, for a variety of reasons, will back the incumbent,” Hayworth said. “But I am confident rank-and-file members of this great cause will look at the record, compare us to each other and decide I am the candidate they want to see in the Senate.”

    Two past executive directors praised Hayworth for his work with Arizona Right to Life.

    “No one in public office has been a more enthusiastic supporter and true believer when it comes to our efforts to protect preborn children than Congressman Hayworth,” said Douglas R. Scott, Jr., former executive director of Arizona Right to Life. “We pray that the people of Arizona will send this pro-life hero to the U.S. Senate.”

    Jay A. Nenninger, past president and past executive director of Arizona Right to Life said, “It is wonderful that J.D. Hayworth is running for the Senate. Mr. McCain has supported pro-life legislation only when we dragged him kicking and screaming. Rep. Hayworth has been with us without fail.”

  11. Everyman says:

    This endorsement could seal the fate for this fine organization. John Jacubzcyk is an open borders guy, right up McCain’s alley. This is an undeserved black mark on the entire organziation, and Jacubzcyk needs to go. Maybe he can get a job with the McCampaign. It’s been reported there are some high level vacancies as the Campaign manger and her deputy are gone.

  12. AZ_Ralph says:

    Here’s your reason – pulled straight from the AZRTL site:,_Gold_Sponsor/129

  13. DeAnn says:

    Is there anyone who does the right thing and doesn’t put politics over what is right? You would think a pro-life organization would. Sadly, it doesn’t seem so this time. Big mistake.

  14. Fed Up says:

    This fine group has signed its own death warrant under the not-so-able guidance of its former chairman. We will no longer support AZRTL. Egos and politics are a sorry combination. This marginal endorsement of JD Hayworth, whose pro-life record far exceeds that of the great equivicator John McCain heralds a sad day for the group. Are they pro life or pro money?

  15. Night Owl says:

    Thanks for the info, AZ Ralph.
    So McCain purchased his endorsement. He’s got ample money to do so. And now we see that money can trump JD’s 100 percent pro-life voting record – which far surpasses McCain’s limp record, which sunk down to 33 percent one year.

    It’s difficult to respect Arizona Right to Life with these facts before us.

  16. Orion says:

    Money talks, bullshit walks!

  17. Frankly Speaking says:

    Hey, lighten up. Money is green and green is in. Haven’t you been paying attention to Al Gore?

  18. Rambling Rose says:

    Al Gore? John and Cindy McCain own EIGHT residential properties. She is the heiress to the largest Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship and after almost 30 years in congress, he’s not broke, either. When he retires (which I hope will be soon just like Arlen Specter), McCain will still bring in more money each year than most people earn working full time jobs. For McCain to buy $5,000 tables at AZ Right to Life dinners is a drop in the bucket for him. And HE never attends. He always sends staffers and the table is never full. You don’t expect McCain to mingle with the “folks” do you?

  19. Janelle says:

    No more money EVER to this politics over principles organization. My checkbook is closed as long as the current leadership is in charge. In addition, no more volunteer time to support their events. Letters of protest should be sent to the National Right to Life regarding this rogue committee.

    While I believe that much of the blame can be laid at the feet of Jacubzcyk, it took the votes of the PAC Committee for this endorsement. EVERY member who voted for this ill-conceived endorsement must be called out by name and removed from any leadership position, before I would reconsider my position.