U of A politicized commencement address endorses radical agenda

University of Arizona Chicano and Gender Studies (including “queer theory“) Professor Sandra Soto addresses graduates at the commencement ceremony at the Social and Behavioral Sciences ceremony this past weekend.

According to KVOA-TV in Tucson, there was a mixed reaction from the audience. Some booed, some applauded, others walked out.

Soto’s speech centered on protesting Arizona’s new anti-illegal immigration law, (SB 1070), and against another new law (SB 2281), which bans radical and separatist ethnic studies programs in K-12 schools. John Paul Jones, the dean of the college, eventually approached a separate microphone to request “civil discourse.”

State Superintendent of Public Education, Tom Horne, has done a masterful job of exposing the Raza studies program and working to remove it. The ethnic studies included texts titled Occupied America and The Pedagogy of Oppression, promoting the overthrow of the U.S. government.  Another text, he said, “gloats over the difficulties our country is having at enforcing its immigration laws.”

“Most of these students’ parents or grandparents came to this country legally because it is the land of opportunity,” Horne said. “They trust our public schools with their children. We should be teaching the students that this is the land of opportunity; they can achieve their ambitions if they work hard.

“They should not be taught that this is the land of oppression.”

Horne is currently running for Arizona Attorney General.


6 Responses to U of A politicized commencement address endorses radical agenda

  1. Ray says:

    I am an American of Hispanic ethnicity as well as a Republican. The fact that my tax dollars are paying Prof. Soto’s salary infuriates me.
    By her words at this commencement, she has clearly shown herself incapable of differentiating between indoctrination and education. These graduates should have been given congratulations for their dedication and encouragement for pursuing their careers aspirations in these difficult times. Instead, they, and the captive audience of their parents and guests were force fed liberalism by this hardliner.
    At the very least, she needs a stern reprimand. I imagine she’s tenured and otherwise untouchable. She should be dismissed.

  2. Kathy says:

    So sad that she ruined the graduates special day with her leftist political agenda (which sadly they were probably subjected to day in & day out). Sadly Ray – she will probaby be applauded for her “bold words” – NOT.

  3. Chuck says:

    There is but one word to describe this rant: “Obscene!” And I also agree with Ray that Soto needs to go.

  4. metsfan says:

    This is a result of the politically correct, multicultural studies programs that have infiltrated our educational institutions. The only way to handle it on a personal level is to support Hillsdale College which gets no federal funding thus can offer a classical education and support David Horowitz frontpagemag.com who has been a warrior on cultural issues for decades. Also if possible check into college curricula if you have a relative going to college soon. He has set up groups on campi that endorse free speech.

  5. sherriaz says:

    Hopefully the boos and walk outs dominated. Parents should be protesting this loud and clear. Let’s see some alumni pulling their monetary gifts and then this chick will get kicked to the curb.

  6. SteveCan says:

    Sandra Soto is typical of what’s wrong with our current education system.