Milking the cash cow: Sales tax hike sails through in fear-based campaign

Special interest groups including the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, and police, firefighter and teachers unions, spending more than $2 million on fear-inducing advertising, were able to defeat the anti-tax hike crusaders who had a mere $1,200 to wage their campaign. 

For an eye-opener, check out the high-dollar contributors listed here on the Secretary of State’s website. Start at page 11 after scrolling through the lesser donations, to see the real money behind passage of the tax that is estimated to cost struggling Arizona households an additional $400 a year.

The City of Phoenix recently began taxing food, the Obama administration will need additional monies to keep their government expansion afloat, the costs of implementing the nationalized health care overhaul continues to balloon at astronomical rates before it is even in operation, with 10-year projections surpassing $1 trillion. And now Obama strategists have been hitting the talk show circuit with talk of emulating the European value added tax (VAT) which would add additional taxes to products and materials at each stage of manufacture or distribution, and ultimately be passed on to consumers — disproportionately raising taxes on middle-and low-income Americans.

Those dreamers who believe this newly approved tax increase will be sunsetted after three years, as the state becomes dependent on the additional $1 billion dollars a year, will be in for a rude awakening. The newspaper continually promoted the tax as a 1-cent on the dollar. Today they admitted it will bring sales tax levies for purchases made in Phoenix to 9.3 cents on the dollar. 

This new tax goes into effect in 2 weeks.

As the votes were being tabulated last night, Gov. Jan Brewer gleefully exclaimed, “This is the beginning of Arizona’s comeback.”

We at Seeing Red AZ are seeing red, as the overburdened people are taken for yet another buggy ride, minus the whip.


15 Responses to Milking the cash cow: Sales tax hike sails through in fear-based campaign

  1. Kathy says:

    Where is New Jersey’s new Gov???, we could certainly use him. Gov. Christie knows how to turn a state around – Brewer is just playing politics. Interesting that Goddard & Brewer were on the same side of this Prop 100, kinda tells us Brewer is a McCain supporting RINO. When AZ becomes NJ – then maybe the people will elect a Christie to actually clean up the mess & DOWNSIZE Govt.

    • Steve says:

      On big problem with AZ leaders is we look to other places to try and find answers. AZ is unique in its problems. Christie was able to cut public pensions and union costs equal to our budget. We don’t have the union problems they do and I’ll keep my right to work state.
      We need to focus on AZ problems.

  2. Blackbeard says:

    Tax us until we drop. And when we are too weak to complain, the long arm of the socialized government will reach into our pockets and help themselves. We are fast turning into a nation that will be unrecognizable to our own parents. I fear for the future generations already yoked by liberals such as Obama and RINOs such as Brewer.
    This tax will never go away. What tax has?

  3. Jane says:

    Friends of ASU/Phoenix contributed $300,000 to this cause. It’s no exaggeration that liberals love to spend other peoples money. What’s troubling is that these donors are so generous on occasions that raise taxes. What would have happened if Brewer had organized a fund-raiser to benefit the state directly, to get it in the black once and for all? Would it have raised $2.2 million and from the same people? No. Second biggest donors were the teachers unions and health organizations like Banner Health. Funny, I didn’t notice that Brewer was threatening health care insurers too!

  4. Steve says:

    Face it folks, with a margin of 65% and a wider majority of Republican turnout, Republican’s voted overwhelmingly for this tax.

    When it comes to education spending, the places we need to focus are the local school boards. THAT’S where the money is being spent.

  5. Jason says:

    Sorry, Steve, but that’s 65 percent of a very low voter turnout. This “temporary” tax will continue, when more dire warnings are ginned up in three years. The proponents probably started working on their future campaign last night!

    • Steve says:

      Jason, Republicans turned out higher then Democrats. The math doesn’t work in this case. While moderate, there was over a million votes cast which was always a big litmus level of turnout.

      One thing to celebrate- the tax ends purposely in an off year. In other words, the only way is to get 250K signature and put it on the ballot or the legislature. I just don’t see it happening again.

  6. TOLL FOR THEE says:

    Who is John Galt?

  7. Another LD11 PC says:

    Just one more BAILOUT.


  8. sherriaz says:

    Well, it won’t be costing my household $400 since we will continue to buy less and use internet shopping whenever possible. Bartering needs to make a comeback!

    • Steve says:

      If you spend $40,000 a year on consumer goods, you are certainly in better shape then I am. At least you can afford it.

  9. Doc says:

    Who knew the British Invaision got it 40 some odd years ago?

    th’ whole thing reminds me of THIS:

  10. Steve says:

    Time to call up your school board members. I did. Each and every one. I made them all walk me through the cuts that were still going through even with 100. 3/4th’s knew what they were talking about. The others, I will actively work to get good republicans in there.