Haneys take sabbatical from AZ Right to Life

The recent endorsement of John McCain as the AZ Right to Life PAC pick over JD Hayworth is such an egregious affront to those of us who know the pro-life record of both candidates that we, in good conscience, cannot remain as active members of AZRTL.* We will not try to defend such a decision to those who stand aghast, and ask us how such an outcome could have happened. Our absence from AZRTL events will speak for us. To our knowledge, John McCain never attended any of the events, unlike JD and his wife, Mary. Possibly we will also attain high praise and an endorsement for not attending as well.

We do not know the true motivation that led to this endorsement. We wonder how AZRTL PAC could have endorsed non-incumbent Gov. Huckabee over Sen. McCain in the presidential primary, but now, despite no redeeming votes from Senator McCain, give him the endorsement citing incumbency and an electability factor. Actually, incumbency has been a detrimental factor in a number of key contests this election cycle.

 We do know that John Jakubczyk has been a long-time advocate and apologist for John McCain and considers McCain a good friend. We do know that Jakubczyk has a vote and a strong voice on PAC endorsements. We do know that McCain contributes thousands of dollars to AZRTL. We do know that Jakubczk’s stance on illegal aliens is sympathetic to McCain’s position (at least before his last campaign conversion) and the position of the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Although we are Catholics, we agree with the large majority of Catholics who oppose the illegal alien position taken by the USCCB (Zogby poll, March 2010).

For the record, here are some of McCain’s positions taken against AZRTL priorities:

 – Voted multiple times for taxpayer funded fetal tissue research (experimenting on aborted fetuses). www.kaisernetwork.org/reports/2000/02/kr000217.8.htm

 – Voted repeatedly for taxpayer funded Embryonic Stem Cell (ESC) research (killing of human embryos). http://www.stemcellresearch.org

  Disingenuously confused the public with his advocacy of the all-encompassing “stem cell research” term instead of clarifying the difference between adult stem cell research and embryonic stem cell research which, despite all the billions spent on ESC, has been a complete failure. ESC is pushed by the abortion industry to diminish the sanctity of human life. If there is one policy McCain has been consistent about, it is ESC research. He stated he was for it because Nancy Reagan favored it. Adult Stem Cell research has been immensely successful and is being used to treat over 80 diseases and afflictions.

McCain was on the advisory board of Christine Todd Whitman’s Political Action Committee, IT’S MY PARTY TOO. This PAC advocated for the elimination of the pro-life and pro-family planks from the Republican Platform.

 – Sponsored the infamous Campaign Finance Reform Bill with abortion advocate Russ Feingold. This act prevented RTL organizations from exposing the political records of federal candidates 60 days before the general election and 30 days before the primary election. It was appropriately called the “incumbent protection act,” and was eventually declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. 

 – McCain’s legislation forced Wisconsin RTL into a lengthy and costly court battle eventually leading to the US Supreme Court in which RTL prevailed. McCain submitted a “friend of the court brief” to the Supreme Court against the RTL position.

McCain never spoke on the Senate floor in favor of the sanctity of life. http://townhall.com/blog/g/ca2ed7b7-2288-48bc-bb00-0a7fb31ddfbc?trackbacks=true#commentAnchor

 – He repeatedly chastised Senate Republicans for raising the subject of social issues.

 – He stated he would let his teen age daughter make the ultimate decision regarding aborting his grandchild if she had an unplanned pregnancy.

 – McCain’s acceptance and advocacy for the continued invasion of the U.S. by impoverished and unassimilated illegal aliens and his proviso for their eventual citizenship would insure the defeat of RTL efforts. This is because the illegal aliens do not have the discernment to recognize the redistribution of wealth, budget busting, socialist programs which are regularly advanced by the Democrat Party. The Main Stream Media would have no difficulty in convincing these new citizens to vote for Democrats who happen to also be pro-abortion. As examples, we cite the fate of RTL efforts in California and in the U.S. Congress.

We believe the above partial list shows why so many AZRTL members feel compelled to voice their disgust at this endorsement since Hayworth has not taken any positions against AZRTL priorities while McCain has. The PAC’s choice so weakens any future endorsement AZRTL PAC might give to other candidates that our members might wonder if their endorsed candidates really are the best on the life issues. It may be better for AZRTL to discontinue endorsements than to further destroy their credibility.

We leave in great sorrow, and would be even sadder if this discouragement with the PAC would be misconstrued as disappointment with current AZRTL leadership, especially Jinny and Joe Perron. They should only be applauded for standing up for the full AZRTL mission. Therefore, any comments you would like to make should be directed to the chairman of the AZRTL PAC, Walt Opaska at  PAC@ArizonaRightToLife.org 

 Rob Haney, Past AZRTL PAC Member

Marne Haney, Past AZRTL Executive Board Member

 *Earlier we had resigned from the PAC and AZRTL Executive Board when we were elected to AZGOP county and state leadership offices, to assuage any concerns regarding conflict of interests.

29 Responses to Haneys take sabbatical from AZ Right to Life

  1. Seen It All says:

    The loss of Rob and Marne Haney to AZRTL will be huge. Thanks to John Jakubczyk the organization is going to have some lean times ahead. This foolish endorsement of John McCain can potentially do the group in.

  2. Luke says:

    John McCain? How in the world did Arizona Right to Life ever get in the mood to endorse this slimeball? His “pro-life’ record is nowhere near that of Hayworth’s. When I began reading this I thought it was a joke. McCain advocated removing the pro-life plank from the Republican party platfom. Great reason to honor him!

  3. nightcrawler says:

    This is indeed a head scratcher. Wherever there are groups, this type of thing can happen. I left the Chamber years ago because of its political posturing.

    I can’t fault the Haneys for this decision. The two of them sacrifice a lot of their time and energy for conservative causes. While I don’t always agree with their positions, I do respect their contribution to the GOP.

    The unborn still need a voice and an a advocate, someone needs to step up and fill that void.

  4. SuzanneC says:

    Thank you Rob and Marne, maybe if John McCain had your integrity he would not be in the political fight of his life. Lets hope his political career ends in August.

  5. Seen It All says:

    This situation never should have occurred. The Haney’s have wrked dilligently for the pro-life cause for many years. Hayworth should have been the choice, without any doubt.
    Listen to John McCain in his own words here. Does this sound pro-life to you??

  6. DeAnn says:

    Sometimes you have to walk away to make a point. I have a feeling this endorsement will in the long term help JD. A lot of information has come to my attention about Senator McCain that I wasn’t aware of. It is too bad a fine organization is being ruined by its leaders. It will take some time to restore what this decision has cost them though. I can’t help but feel that if Congressman Franks had not endorsed McCain, the Right to Life organization wouldn’t have made this endorsement. I hope Cong. Franks will reconsider also.

    • Capitol Watcher says:

      Quite an interesting observation regarding Congressman Trent Franks. I think you’re on to something. I’ve heard there was pressure regarding Franks getting his bills out of committee if he didn’t hop onboard the McCain campaign. You might remember that Franks did not endorse McCain for president. He endorsed CA Congressman Duncan Hunter. This is his penance for that act.

    • Doc says:

      Deann Great info! If Franks had been on his game, he would’ve gone public with the “threats” made by McCain, et-al.

  7. Nancy Porche says:

    John McCain’s disgraceful agenda is actually very much like that of President Obama. The only difference is, McCain wrote the bills and Obama is following his lead.

    Please take me off your mailing list. Your endorsement of McCain causes me to question your knowledge and integrity.

    • Nancy says:

      John McCain’s disgraceful record in the senate is actually very much like that of President Obama. The only difference is, Mc Cain actually wrote the bills and Obama is following his lead.

      Please take me off your mailing list. Your endorsement of McCain is unconscienable.

    • Doc says:

      Nancy-Correctamundo! Th’ head muslim doesn’t have an original thought in his head, other than to enact socialism. He get’s all of his from ?senator? McCain! Comin’ up next, th’ closing of GITMO…yet ANOTHER McCain idea! Yep…bring ’em HERE & give ’em Constitutional rights…among other things!

  8. Jim O'Connor says:

    I too applaud the painful yet bold decision by Rob & Marne Haney to leave AZRTL.
    I am absolutely perplexed that the AZRTL PAC endorsed McCain. Is it possible to find out if McCain promised them some money in exchange for their endorsement?

  9. OMG! says:

    Where are the REAL Right to Life people?

    Trent, what say you?

    Walt Opaska, do you have a statement?

    We all want transparency.

    This is the most transparent “purchase” of an endorsement thus far.


    • Evelyn says:

      Dear Haneys: God will reward the faithful…you haave done a nobel thing and I am grateful I have been made aware of this travesty….lke you, JD is strong in his beliefs and will weather the fiendish obstacles placed in his way as we go along…we will elect pro-life candidates…period…….also, as a Catholic, I no longer even look to the Bishops for anything, at least most of them, either spiritual or otherwise….Marxism has been practiced by them for years and they will pay the highest price…God love you…Evelyn

  10. T Dodson says:

    Shameful pandering puts the entire cause in a horrible light. Does Life matter ? or does it not ? The Senator’s ambition is dangerous and his usefulness to represent freedom loving patriots is past. JD Hayworth will have my vote on August 24th because LIFE MATTERS. Rob and Marne cannot be bought and have earned even more trust with this decision.

  11. Heidi Petterson says:

    As a lifetime advocate for the unborn I am ashamed to see the RTL make such a move. These children who are murdered daily need a voice and the Haney’s have been a tremendous one. Maybe Rob and Marne can start their own organization in AZ with help from others who agree? Maybe Patriots for Life? I moved from district 11 in AZ to Raleigh, NC last December but if I were there I know I would sign up for their Life organization immediately and do all I could to help. Any AZ supporters their to step up to the plate?

    Shame on you, Trent Franks. Up until now I thought you were the real deal. Sad.

  12. Doc says:

    The flip-flopping of AZRTL is gleaned from McCain…the KING of flip-flopping!

    Mr. & Mrs. Haney got scammed…what a disgrace! Evidently, as did we ALL!

  13. MaskedTruthman says:

    The RTL policy of endorsing the incumbent when tied with the challenger on the life issue is irrational and misleading. They should have issued a statement that both candidates are satisfactory to RTL.

    • Beth Straley says:

      J.D. has a 100% voting record on the issue of LIFE for the unborn. McCain’s is about 75%.

      The way their records are mentioned in the endorsement announcement is misleading, at best. McCain’s rhetoric and record is NOT SATISFACTORY! True, they did not absolutely need to endorse any candidate. They could have remained silent. But, unfortunately this (pardon the pun), choice, is causing an upheaval in the usually, cohesive Pro-Life community of Arizona.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    The Haneys have shown real strength of character. May God Bless them for this public position, which must have been a difficult one to take.

  15. Beth Straley says:

    Yeah for Rob and Mrs. Haney. God bless and protect you and yours as you stand on His Righteous and His Truth. You have spoken and stood strong for the sanctity of all human unborn babies, no matter how tiny. I thank God for you.
    Since first reading the email from AZRTL about this endorsement, I have been blogging. I too have used the word ‘egregious’ to describe this situation. The manner in which this decision was made is also a travesty. Many hearts are grieving.

    I have been conversing with John J. and several, fellow Pro-Life activist. Many have been grieved by the way this “endorsement” has been handled.

    I have posted what is is written below on my Facebook page;
    John McCain is not Pro-Life enough for James and me. I wrote him several times about his views and votes on Embryonic Stem Cell Research. I’m very disappointed that AZRTL is endorsing McCain. The Sanctity of life of all the human unborn should be their FIRST priority. There are better candidates for the RIGHT TO LIFE. Jim Deakin…, J.D. Hayworth. No, John McCain failed the Pro-Life test. This WILL set us back. Our State Legislators worked hard to sponsor and support bills protecting embryos. Gov. Brewer signed these bills. I think this is a slap in their and our faces.

    So many people will just check on AZRTL and their opinion on these candidates. John J. has not done right by the majority of fellow Pro-Life advocates and those who have worked with AZRTL. IT’S NOT TOO LATE! PLEASE, don’t accept this. You can respond to those who have already resigned over this predicament. Let them and everyone know you support them. Tell AZRTL they absolutely should NOT WAVER ON THE ISSUES OF THE SANCTITY OF THE LIFE OF THE UNBORN, which is, the one issue on which they were established. We should be discussing this issue with other individuals and organizations to change their minds. NOT AZRTL!

  16. Karen Stewart says:

    McCain has perfected shameless (and shameful) pandering to a “T.” This endorsement of a candidate with such a poor record of defending human life, when the opposing candidate has a 100% voting record FOR defending the life of the unborn is not only unconscionable, but leaves AzRTL’s current credibility to be questioned. There are some very good people who have worked hard for this one time great organization who want nothing to do with this.

    Mr and Mrs Haney, you did the right thing. As Catholics, we know we will stand at Judgment Day when that time comes. This is one issue God will smile upon you both for the decision you have made.

  17. Duane and Barb Wirth says:

    Kudos to the Haneys! We were wondering if anyone shared our dismay at the endorsement of John McCain by AZRTL. We had emailed Walt and were very discouraged by his reply and criteria for endorsing an incumbent. The Haneys have spoken for us and a lot of others. We are 100% for JD Hayworth and pray that he wins. Trent Franks is very disappointing too. What is he thinking ???? We, as Catholics, are very saddened to have to pull our support from AZRL because of the mishandling of this endorsement.

  18. Kathie Trojanowski says:

    John J. has been bought out. The Haneys are RIGHT and I thank them and Genny Jones for bringing this to my attention. Our bishops sold out a long time ago and are Marxist and Progressive and into Liberation Theology and are completely for open borders with Mexico and for the illegal immigrant . Where do you think they plan on getting their priests and filling their churches since pablum is all they’ve given us from the pulpit for lthe last 25 yrs. I will work for and vote for J.D. Hayworth. TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.

  19. M.M says:

    In reading all the comments thus far, my heart is heavy. Do we not see who is REALLY behind all of this? Do you think the devil is going to sit back and let us go to the polls this November banded together in our Christian beliefs to put a stop to all that is in place at this time in our nation????
    All I am reading is division in our Catholic community. The devil must be sitting back smiling at all that is taking place through this.
    Verbally attacking good people who have worked tirelessly for the Culture of Life will get us now where.
    Lets stop the spewing of bitterness and pray. I will vote for who God leads me to, knowing HE knows better in the long run who is the right man.

  20. JM says:

    I am sorely ashamed of and disappointed in the AZRTL PAC. Sen. McCain has never been a vocal pro-life supporter. I cannot understand how he might have even been a “lesser of two evils”! May God have Mercy on you!

  21. Anne Chlebus says:

    I too am very disappointed in AZRTL backing John McCain. I will not vote for him and am planning to vote for J.D. Hayworth. My husband is also in agreement and we will pass this along to all our friends and family. I do not want to be on AZRTL mailing list any longer and cannot in good conscience, support them unless they change their position.

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