Obama stiffing the press: mum without teleprompter

President Obama, once touted as the “articulate” purveyor of “Hope and Change,” has  transmogrified from the openness he promised to calculated restriction in dealing with the same press that fawningly ensured his place in the White House.

Newsmax notes in this informative report titled, Obama Hides from Press: No Conference Since July that observers couldn’t help but notice the irony: President Barack Obama signed the Press Freedom Act, then refused to take any questions from members of the press.

Even his most ardent supporters must wonder what’s behind the shutdown. Obama has not fielded questions at a full-blown press conference since July 22, 2009.


3 Responses to Obama stiffing the press: mum without teleprompter

  1. Rambling Rose says:

    No one likes to admit they’ve been conned, but we are now being governed by a man of very questionable credentials, who attended a Hate America church for 20 years, hung out with unrepentent bombers, dealt with crooks and was probably born in Kenya — but of course we can’t say that for fear of being lable “birthers.” That’s how it goes, folks.

  2. Doc says:

    Rose-You’re on it, but I’ll go down another road. His “handlers” haven’t told him anything new to say. There’s a gajillion possibilities on who the “handlers” are but I’ll leave THAT to our fellow conservatives here @ Seeing Red…

  3. papatodd says:

    Besides, how many ways can you say ” the mess I inherited”