J.D. Hayworth on Meet the Press: Hayworth 10, Gutierrez 0

U.S. Senate candidate and former Congressman J. D. Hayworth discusses the illegal immigration issue with Liberal Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez. Moderator David Gregory did nothing to disguise his decidedly left-leaning bent. If you missed Meet the Press this morning, check it out here.

Here is the transcript.

10 Responses to J.D. Hayworth on Meet the Press: Hayworth 10, Gutierrez 0

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    Glad to read your take. We also thought David Gregory cut Hayworth off but gave more leeway to Gutierrez. Nice to have our thoughts substantiated! Hayworth did an excellent job within the unfriendly atmosphere. He knows his subject, and remained very calm. He looked comfortable, which is important in order to convey that to the audience. He’s a winner!

  2. Army Of One says:

    Small wonder that John McCain hides from debating Hayworth. He’s afraid of showing his weakness, which is speaking knowledgably on the issues. McCain needs a tightly crafted script. He can’t afford to deviate.

  3. Night Owl says:

    McCain couldn’t even keep his sound bites straight when he was running for President. No wonder he hugged Obama. He was simply thrilled when the ordeal was over. It would be painful to watch him flounder against JD. Hayworth is a bright guy, McCain graduated at the bottom of his USNA class. And the only reason he was there in the first place was because his father and grandfather were admirals.

  4. Doc says:

    First off, let me say that JD was EVERYTHING A SENATOR representing US should be! Poise, Dignity, Grace, integrity, WOW! The man was a Senator…not a ?senator?…

    Gutierrez Himself admits that 1200 troops “isn’t gonna’ solve the problem.”

    He also admits that 40% of people who’re here legally stay illegally.

    JD answers EVERY issue appropriately. This guy’s the ABSOLUTE & ONLY choice for Senator. Finally! Appropriate Representation!

    But at the end, the congressman from Illinois makes the statement that OUR OWN CONGRESSMAN FLAKE is on board with him on CONGRESSIONAL level “immigration reform” legislation!

    Congressman Flake…you’re FIRED!
    Senator McCain…you’re FIRED!

    Anybody else wanna’ do the MONEY dance?!?!?!?! Or do yous wanna’ finally wise-up & realize that You Work For US?!?!?

  5. sherriaz says:

    Would that we could fire Flake, but it appears that he has a locked in constituency. Our best bet is to fire McCain and let anything Flake and his buddy cook up flounder about in the House, dying in the Senate.

    • Doc says:

      But we could make his R.I.N.O. life miserable! Let’s ALL just send him letters, e-mails, & phone calls letting him know that WE know just how much of a schmuck he is!


  6. Stanford says:

    Read this article written by Rep. Luis Gutierrez in an extreme liberal publication called Progress Illinois. He actually names AZ Congressman Jeff Flake as his partner in turning more red states blue!
    Digest that,”my friends.”
    Flake has also cut radio spots for McCain that aired this election cycle, in which he went after conservative JD Hayworth. Flake once worked for liberal Dem Sen. Dennis DeConcini, which must be where he got some of his own views, such as resuming trade with Communist Cuba.

    Read this. You’ll be shaking your head in bewilderment.


    • Dist. 18 PC says:

      I just finished reading the article included in Sanford’s comment. Utterly amazing! Why doesn’t anyone call Jeff Flake out on this crap? This guy is his buddy, they vote together on giveaways to illegals, but he (Flake) steers clear of him when he comes to AZ to march with those advocating for illegals.

  7. Ellsworth says:

    Turning more red states blue? This is the issue Flake is hand in glove with Gutierrez on? Swell! Jeff Flake’s a McCain clone who also needs to be shown the door. That’s a tough trick with all of the Mormons in the east valley making sure he gets reelected. Flake is the same guy who signed a term limit pledge that he never honored. His word is his bond, you see?

  8. pgillenw says:

    I viewed the program. I reread the transcript. I was floored when Gutierrez said “Look, the fact is that the Latino community feels besieged upon. It feels as though the finger-pointing is against them, that somehow they’re a criminal element.” Well doesn’t illegal equal criminal element? And notice in his remark that he makes Arizona the besiegers and not the ones under siege.