Los Suns game 6 loss: 111-103

The daily’s editorial carries the sappy headline, Suns galvanize Arizona’s people in tough times, and drips with saccharine sentimentality. Here are the final sentences enthusing in Republicese over the inappropriate mélange of sports and politics that obviously warmed the hearts of the editorialists:

Arizona is not South Africa, and the Phoenix metropolitan area is not Detroit circa 1968. But we are living with wounds inflicted by politics and enflamed by race. And even though the Phoenix Suns dipped their toes into the controversy over Senate Bill 1070 with their Los Suns uniforms and the explicit statements of management opposing the new law, the Suns galvanized their town with their unexpectedly deep playoff run.  And – much like Springboks, Tigers and Saints – they have lifted us all above our divisions in the process.  From the opening whistle to the final horn, we’re all Suns fans now.

Not so fast. What about those who gave away or tore up their tickets when the hometown team concentrated more on politics than sports?  What about those who take exception to their team entering what many believe is the wrong side of the political fray?

There are many basketball enthusiasts who felt the loss was appropriate. We are not “all Suns fans now.”

Read our take on this colossal misstep earlier this month in Phoenix Suns: Play the game, stay out of politics.

4 Responses to Los Suns game 6 loss: 111-103

  1. Kathy says:

    Not a Suns fan or a Los Suns fan – ALL sports teams should stay OUT of politics. Los Suns just showed the legal citizens of Phoenix & AZ that they suport lawlessness & illegals over those who OBEY the rule of law.

  2. Standing Tall says:

    I have to admit I was not at all unhappy to see the Suns take this hit. They should have spent more time concentrating on their game instead of delving into endorsing law breakers. I’m so disgusted with their ridiculous rants that I will not be renewing our tickets. Why contribute to the overblown salaries of these out of the closet liberal politicians? They’ve lost me and my brother. We’ve had 4 adjoining seats for nearly twenty years.

  3. VoiceInTheWild says:

    Lesson learned. Play politics, lose ball game. And 65% of Americans still like SB1070. At least the Lakers’ coach had it right on SB1070 – he should know, LA is overrun with illegals and narco criminals.

  4. sherriaz says:

    I’ve never been a Suns fan for the simple reason that I don’t follow BB. However, their political statements made me quite gleeful that they lost. Let’s see how many illegals buy tickets next season.