Despicable lies of military service; dodging bullets in war torn county

Illinois Senate candidate Mark Kirk’s false claims of being named the U.S. Navy’s Intelligence Officer of the Year, have been exposed, giving his hopes for winning Barack Obama’s old senate seat for the GOP an ice-water bath.

This revelation comes on the heels of the stunning discovery that Democrat Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal had completely fabricated a tale of serving in Vietnam. Blumenthal is currently Connecticut’s Attorney General, which makes the deceit even more contemptible.

And then there was Hillary:

10 Responses to Despicable lies of military service; dodging bullets in war torn county

  1. Army Of One says:

    This is all particularly galling on Memorial Day. Opportunist politicians are bad enough. Those who inflate their own meager history by pretending to have endured harrowing military experiences should be relentlessly exposed and pursued out of office.

  2. pgillenw says:

    Why are we surprised? Politicians whether new or seasoned lie. Seasoned ones maybe better at it. Lying is a prerequisite to political ambitions. Lying is not a democrat or republican phenomenon it is rancid in both party’s.

    Zooming in on one candidate or digging up old news may make you feel good for the moment however realty sets in and we the American voters are left with the cesspool of our representatives both Republican and Democrats.

    Awful isn’t it?

  3. Doc says:

    This is our secretary of state, huh? GRRREEEAAAT!!! This was the Democrats #2 person to move BACK IN the white house…RIGHT?

    • pgillenw says:

      Doc, I think the lying problem runs deep at all levels of our government. I think they call it politics.

    • Doc says:

      Yeah…I think WE’VE simply ALLOWED poor character in our politics. I think they call that dignity…

      Did you know that it’s ILLEGAL to lie to an officer of the law? Yet, many of our legislators lie to US regularly…HOWEVER, I’ll bet anybody here that we couldn’t get our legislators to pass legislation demanding that they READ ALL LEGISLATION, & TELL THE TRUTH, & be removed from office & JAILED if they were caught lying to us, anymore than they passed legislation that they be present @ ALL VOTES, & pay fines if they weren’t…which oddly enuff, they killed…go figure.

  4. Jack says:

    You got that right, Doc!!

  5. Seen It All says:

    Here’s one left out of this post with Arizona ties. I’ve come to expect better of this site and feel let down by this major omission:

    “Duke” Tully, the former publisher of The Arizona Republic and the now defunct evening paper The Phoenix Gazette, was a close friend of John McCain’s. It was Tully, a decorated Air Force combat veteran of both Korea and Vietnam, a Colonel, who was instrumental in not only encouraging John McCain to run for congress, but was also involved in his campaign. (So much for objective journalists.) Tully is also a godfather to one of John and Cindy’s children.

    Tully was an acclaimed guest of honor at numerous functions where he often arrived in his full dress uniform complete with medals. The trouble was it was all a bogus tale, finally unraveled by Maricopa County Attorney Tom Collins, who was himself a Marine.

    Tully moved out of AZ in disgrace. Teflon McCain survived that and his deep involvement in the Keating Five scandal.

  6. Night Owl says:

    Of course the grand charlatan Duke Tully would have ties to both John McCain and the Arizona Republic. Who could have dreamed up a more perfect scenario? It would have been impossible to concoct this sordid truth.

  7. Kathy says:

    Mark Kirk – a RINO, I guess it’s the Chicago way – lie, lie, lie.