J. D. Hayworth scores stellar endorsements

Bob Corbin, who served 12 years as Arizona’s Attorney General and as national president of the National Rifle Association, has endorsed U.S. Senate Candidate J.D. Hayworth in his bid to unseat Sen. John McCain.

 “With an Obama Administration that is openly hostile to our rights as gun owners, we need a Senator like J.D. Hayworth protecting the Second Amendment,” Corbin said.

“For 12 years while he was in Congress, J.D. maintained a perfect ‘A’ rating from both the NRA and the Gun Owners of America,” Corbin said. On May 25, 2010, the NRA’s Political Victory Fund sent Hayworth a letter again giving him an “A” rating.

Hayworth said he was honored to have Corbin’s endorsement along with the endorsement of Gun Owners of America in his campaign against Sen. McCain.

In endorsing Hayworth, the Gun Owners of America (GOA) said: “John McCain has gone out of his way to earn the ire of conservatives and gun owners in his 20-plus years as a U.S. Senator from Arizona.”  Watch this GOA ad exposing John McCain’s efforts to constrain our First and Second Amendment Rights.

Read what GOA’s Political Victory Fund says about McCain here.

Hayworth said: “Sen. McCain and I have real differences on the issue of guns and gun rights. In fact, the NRA called McCain ‘one of the premier flag carriers for the enemies of the second amendment’.”

McCain’s lifetime NRA rating is C+ for favoring a ban on small, inexpensive handguns, authoring a bill to close the “gun show loophole,” and wanting pilots to carry stun guns instead of hand guns.

“Official Washington tends to side with Washington insiders especially when they are incumbents,” said Hayworth spokesman Mark Sanders. “But people in Arizona are proud to stand with Hayworth who is a true defender of gun rights.”

8 Responses to J. D. Hayworth scores stellar endorsements

  1. pgillenw says:

    Another shot over the hull of John McCain. McCain’s past is haunting him. McCain has shot himself in the foot or should I say in both foot’s.

  2. Bob Shell says:

    Unfortunately the NRA endorsed McCain & I intent to ask they why.

    • pgillenw says:

      Oh no! This endorsement of John McCain by the NRA is a message that they, like others, want to scratch both backs just in case. Bob Shell let us know the NRA’s answer.

    • Mason says:

      The NRA & Right to Life have been too in bed with the establishment… take a look at some of their other endorsements.

  3. Pablo says:

    To say the least, I’m extremely disappointed in the NRA for endorsing McCain. Given his poor record of support for the 2nd ammendment,it has simply boiled down to political hedging. I would have been alright with the NRA taking a position of neutrality. But the outright endorsement of McCain is too much for me to stomach. I will not be renewing my NRA membership and I will be sending a letter explaining why. Despite the NRA’s endorsement of McCain, there are still many of us who know that J.D. Hayworth is the true defender of the second ammendment. Come on McCain, why don’t you debate J.D. and contrast your record with his? After all these years in the Senate, what have you done for this state? We’ve been overrun by invaders and you want to reward them with citizenship? When will the sheep of Arizona wake up and say enough is enough? I feel much better now:)

  4. Doc says:

    My NRA Membership gets a CANCEL letter tomorrow. THIS from Fox News Phoenix, THIS evening:


    More HYPOCRACY!!!!My GOD!

  5. […] we posted the endorsements U.S. Senate candidate J. D. Hayworth received from former NRA President Bob Corbin and from the Gun […]

  6. Tom K says:

    I contacted and their reply was that it is their policy to support the incumbents. My complaint was that the announcement never gave a mention of Hayworth’s record. I think it may be a good policy in most cases but in this one it was implemented very poorly. My dollars go to Hayworth.