NRA endorsement of McCain destroys group’s credibility

Those who are familiar with this site will recall that the National Rifle Association (NRA)  has been on the Seeing Red AZ blogroll since the inception of this website in June 2007. Take a good hard look, because the link will soon be coming down.

Yesterday we posted the endorsements U.S. Senate candidate J. D. Hayworth received from former NRA President Bob Corbin and from the Gun Owners of America. Yet the NRA, which has previously referred to John McCain as “one of the premier flag carriers for the enemies of the second amendment,” inexplicably gave McCain their endorsement.

In endorsing Hayworth, the Gun Owners of America (GOA) said: “John McCain has gone out of his way to earn the ire of conservatives and gun owners in his 20-plus years as a U.S. Senator from Arizona.”

Watch this GOA ad exposing John McCain’s efforts to constrain our First and Second Amendment RightsThen read what GOA’s Political Victory Fund says about McCain here.

This indefensible approval is akin to the shameful endorsement of McCain by Arizona Right to Life (AZRTL) which resulted in members of the board and PAC leaving the organization and calling the endorsement of McCain an “egregious affront.”  AZRTL  acknowledged that J.D. Hayworth “had a perfect pro-life voting record during his service in the U.S. House of Representatives,“ but it was evident McCain’s financial support via buying tables at events meant more. ARTL said the determining factors in their endorsement decision were “incumbency and electability,“ both political considerations — neither of which incorporate the fundamental principle of protection of the unborn.

And the equally hypocritical NRA?

Here is their July 20, 2001 First Freedom magazine cover story and accompanying article titled, What’s Happened to John McCain? The tag-line accompanying the damning photo of him with Democrats Chuck Schumer and Joe Lieberman accuses John McCain of “jeopardizing the freedom of law-abiding gun owners.”

We strongly urge you to read it, and then join us in enrolling as a member in Gun Owners of America.


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  1. American Dad says:

    My trust in too many organizations has gone by the wayside. This news about the NRA’s bizarre endorsement of McCain over Hayworth is revolting. I’m a lifetime member of NRA. My father bought my membership and his own years ago when I graduated college. I was going to gift my own son with his when he graduates. Not now.

  2. Bob Shell says:

    I e-mailed the NRA ILA because I was outraged and they gave me this response:
    Thank you for your inquiry regarding NRA-PVF’s endorsement of U.S. Senator John McCain in Arizona’s August 24 Republican primary. I don’t agree with the NRA on this but to be fair

    The NRA Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) has endorsed Senator McCain based on his long record of support for the Second Amendment.

    During his time in the U.S. House, McCain voted for the Firearms Owners Protection Act, one of our most important pro-gun legislative victories.

    On three occasions, McCain voted against amendments sponsored by Sen. Ted Kennedy that would have banned most of the hunting ammunition in common use today.

    McCain’s consistent opposition to the failed Clinton semi-auto ban, dating back to the original votes in 1993, has made him a friend to gun owners across the country. He has voted seven times against the discredited ban, including against two early versions of the ban that failed to pass. He opposed the amendment to include this ban in the 1993 crime bill and voted against its renewal in 2004.

    Sen. McCain voted to end reckless lawsuits against gun manufacturers by strongly supporting the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” and working hand-in-hand with NRA staff to win its passage. He voted against five separate amendments that were designed to gut the legislation.

    He has worked closely with NRA in support of bills to reform the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE), in particular S. 941—the “Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Reform and Firearms Modernization Act.”

    He also voted to prohibit gun confiscation from law-abiding Americans during states of emergency. As the primary sponsor of S. 3265, the “Second Amendment Enforcement Act,” he is leading the fight to restore self-defense rights in Washington, D.C.

    He has consistently opposed efforts to impose “waiting periods” on gun purchases, voting nine times to stop such proposals.

    Sen. McCain has supported gun owners’ rights in the courts, signing the pro-gun congressional amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in support of our individual right to keep and bear arms in the historic Heller case. He also signed the congressional amicus brief stating that the Second Amendment applies to all Americans, no matter where they live, in the McDonald case.

    In addition, he voted to allow the transport of firearms on Amtrak; to recognize the Right-to-Carry in our National Parks; and for the Thune-Vitter Amendment to extend Right-to-Carry reciprocity for all permit holders to legally carry in any state that grants carry permits.

    Finally, he also continues to be a strong voice in fighting ongoing efforts by the United Nations to dismantle the Second Amendment.

    NRA-PVF has an incumbent-friendly policy that requires our support for pro-gun incumbents seeking reelection. It is important that we stand with our friends who stand with us in Congress or the state legislatures. Of course, should a pro-gun challenger win his election and support the Second Amendment once in office, then he will be the beneficiary of this policy when seeking re-election.

    Thank you again for your inquiry.

    Scott Stevens

    Senior Legislative Aide

    NRA Institute for Legislative Action

  3. Army Of One says:

    Bob: For you to ask us to “be fair” in this instance is an outrage! Many of us have called and waited patiently only to get a person reading talking points regarding McCain. This email that you are so hepped up about was crafted to respond to those of us who are not renewing our memberships. Get real!

    Obviously you didn’t bother to take the time to read the NRA First Freedom magazine article included in this post. THEY (the NRA) had no use for him! Read the article and actually take the time to talk to a human being that you can interact with rather than sending an email that can be answered by a form letter.

    • Ed Parker says:

      A email response that sounds as if it was drafted by McCain or one of his staff for the NRA…..

      I wonder how much McCain donated to the NRA??

  4. Pablo says:

    I sent an email to the NRA too. I have not yet received a response. It is to be expected that they anticipated the kickback they would get from some of us. I also joined the Gun Owners of America today. The NRA cowed down to pressure from the McCain camp, no doubt about it. The race between McCain and Hayworth is really a struggle between a left leaning moderate(McCain) and a true conservative(J.D.Hayworth).

    It’s time for McCain to retire plain and simple!!

  5. Doc says:

    I AM being fair. McCain would currently have us gagged & unarmed. He’s flip-flopped while meddeling with our LIBERTY for the last time. He’s unemployed as of August!

    GO JD!!!!!

  6. Keen Observer says:

    McCain is like a tar-baby. What he touches or what touches him turns to bovine scatology. What I cannot understand is what people see in the old liberal. Where is the major piece of legislation they can proudly point to that would exalt his conservative bona fides? There is none. He has plenty of liberal legislation to which he can point. That is why he can’t brag about his record in AZ. He has none.

    I had thought about becoming a life member of the NRA until McCain was honored as their guess speaker at the NRA Phoenix convention. The thought went on hold. It is on hold no longer. I have cancelled my membership. They may be fools, but that does not mean that I am. I will recommend to all others that they do the same.

    The NRA has become another pathetic McCain lap dog just like the AZ Right to Life organization. What a sad day. More of McCain’s legacy I am afraid.

  7. TOLL FOR THEE says:

    It truly is amazing what money can “buy.” McCain is an old bastard out of touch with his constituency. I respect his military service and years of public service. Thank you. But, we all must know when it is time to move on. As I age I more fully appreciate the founding fathers emphasis on term limits; power does go to our heads. I chuckle when I see has-beens hanging on for dear life to the only thing they have ever had. Being a senator defines McCain and he is nothing without it; which is why he won’t let go. I would argue that if you live by rock solid principles and strong character it doesn’t matter what you do and you can move from one profession or interest to the next without a hiccup.

    I don’t doubt that McCain once had character. Unfortunately I think his years in Washington have tainted his character. We are all products of our environment, right? It’s sad to see McCain grasping and flailing for life and grabbing to any life raft that will save him.

    Despite my digression, it is sadder still that NRA has thrown him a life ring. I will now think twice about my NRA membership renewal. It further paints the picture that powerful lobbies and politicians are distant from the common man. On second thought, I will not renew my membership.

  8. Kent says:

    I join Seeing Red AZ and will sign up with Gun Owners of America. I never in a million years thought I would leave the NRA, but they have seen the last of me! They abandoned me by endorsing the slimball McCain. I’m furious!

    Sandy Froman, the past NRA President is from Tucson. As an Arizonan, I would think she would have the right focus on this picture. Does anyone know where she is on this?

    • JustAnotherAzPC says:

      Sandy Froman, a Tucson attorney, has been a long time supporter of McCain. If I had to venture a guess, I would guess that she pushed NRA-PVF for this endorsement.
      Chris Cox is a political hack, but I can’t see even him pushing this endorsement.

  9. Walt G says:

    I was expecting this. McCain’s buddy, Buz Mills, must have been lobbying the rest of the Board pretty hard for this.

    • Doc says:

      MAN That’s a GREAT INSIGHT, Walt! I’d bet a Maker’s Mark on th’ rocks that’s RIGHT ON TH’ MONEY$!$!$!

    • Ellsworth says:

      Walt: A brilliant deduction and one that I entirely missed. Thanks for this thought. I forgot that Buz Mills was a member of the NRA board. I smell a rat.

  10. nightcrawler says:

    I am sure if JD beats McCain, and that is a big IF, the NRA will endorse JD.

    JD broke the unwritten Congresional code. He is challenging a Senior Senator, the GOP Presidential nominee no less. That does not sit well with the old school lobbyists. You gotta to dance with the one that brought you. Loyalty runs both ways.

    I am a NRA member and proud of it, I’ll keep my membership regardless who they endorse.

    • Doc says:

      Crawler-I beg to differ. The “breaking of the code” belongs to ?senator McCain & his cronies. You know…the code where our elected officials actually represent…uuuhhh…you know…US?!?!?! A code that has been broken by almost EVERY ELECTED OFFICIAL for the last _______!

      Wake up, man!

      • SSGDave says:

        There were people i knew involved with Mccain during his presidential campaign that said he was “strangely inactive” on many issues that would have drawn support, almost as though he were throwing the election, and since the campaign, rumors and voting records support the idea he’s behind Obama, of all people. I for one won’t support him, and as a Party Comitteeman, i fully intend to see JD in the seat, because if we can’t trust John McCain to do the Job, we need someone in there we Can trust. Forced or not, if the NRA Isn’t on our side when they Should be, like the UN Treaty Clinton is trying to Force down our throats for Obama to Disarm the USA, Then we need a Replacement ASAP.
        We’re Not a one-World People, submitting to the UN’s idea of right and fair. We don’t Apologise for Anything. And if we won’t Fight for what we believe in, we’re done. Go JD!

    • JustAnotherAzPC says:

      Of course you can stick with the NRA, but ponder for a while why they would work with Carolyn McCarthy and pass out of the House of Representative the “Veterans Disarmament Act.”
      Btw, they also pushed Brady too!

    • Ed Parker says:

      I was born in Phoenix in 1931 (old as I am), I’m quite familiar with the “LAME McCAIN” party… Being loyal to someone who’s staff tells callers “well Mr McCain used to listen to his constituents, but now he does pretty much as he wants” is like being loyal to a man eating tiger (you’d probably be safer than with McCain).

      McCain has been in Washington 20-30 years — why is he just now comming around to the illegal immigration issue? Would it be because 50-70% of Americans are against illegal immigration???? FLIP-FLOP McCain, do anything to Gain!

  11. Larry D. Lilly says:

    When you consider all things…John McCain makes a lot of dumb choices…he is a one world government advocate and has been for 20 or more years. every chance he gets…he votes against the constitution…every time.

  12. Alice says:

    Buz Mills and Grover Norquist both on NRA board and both big McCain supporters. Starts to add up.

    Funny incident this afternoon. I got a call from the NRA asking for money. What a hoot. I told them where they could go and that I wanted a refund of my membership fees. They said I would have to write them a letter. You bet I will, and I can’t wait until the next gun show to go and rip up my membership card at the NRA table.

    I see that John Jacubsick was the driving force that pushed AZ Right to Life over the edge. Were Mills and Norquist enough to do the same to the NRA? Had to be more corruption at the top me thinks.

  13. Crack open your piggy bank and write J.D. a check! It is sad that money is the mothers milk of politics but, it is!

  14. Sylvia Smart says:

    Well, now we know – nothing is sacred – these progressive liberal socialists have managed to reach their tentacles into every aspect of our lives, ripping apart the Constitution and eroding our liberty – McCain is one of their most successful facilitators. McCain is just like Obama (the Manchurian President) – placed and controled and financed very artfully by George Soros – who is the mastermind now ruling the world – and don’t fool yourselves – it is ONE world. It makes sense that he would infiltrate and take over the NRA. This tactic is working well for the Soros machine – they have managed to rape, pillage, and enslave the ranks of the Republican Party until American patriots have become a dying breed. We are the last of our kind – and the end of Liberty and Freedom in America. I used to think that we could overcome this cancerous process but now I realize that our greatest enemies are already among us, within our ranks, spreading their putrid poison on us and on our children and grandchildren. Any of you who have been to war – understand what it means when enemy tanks infiltrate your line in the heat of a moonless battle – and that is where we stand. I remember crouching behind a wall of rocks in the black of night and trying to listen to the language being shouted from the tanks rolling past our position with their soldiers running along the road beside them – trying to ascertain if they were the good guys or the bad guys. Their accents were so well developed that it was impossible to tell – and that is what we have before us now – we can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys until it is too late. It would have been easy to surrender and spend the war as a POW – which is what some people opted to do because battle made them pee in their pants. Were they right? Take a beating, stay alive, reap the benefits after the war! It worked for some of them. Easier to become a Communist than to resist them. We few patriots chose to take the other road – but then we were born with Old Glory engraved upon our hearts, and the blood spilled for the Constitution running through our veins. Freedom is the cement that binds the strands of our DNA that makes us Americans. We will regroup and reform in Texas – the line will be drawn. Don’t forget – “When the government fears the people that is Democracy, when the people fear the government that is tyranny.” Jefferson. McCain would take our guns – the NRA is history for us – we will not get it back – we have to move on. Hide your guns, hide your ammo – it won’t be long until they will be coming to take it. Get your names off of their membership data base ASAP.

  15. Doc says:

    SSGDave-Of course, we’ll NEVER know. But you’re not the 1st person I’ve heard suggest that McStain threw the Pres. race in ’08. Several people on my list have brought it up. It’s not even a reach.

    Senator Gould-Another $20.00 is on it’s way. With all due respect to you, sir, It ain’t much…but evidently, my state income tax is going up $720.00 as of July 1st. That’s not quite double. Double, mathmaticians, is a 100% increase. Then there’s Gov. Brewer’s 1%, then there’s…

  16. Joe the GrandPa says:

    When I got the news I was horrified.

    I sent them an email using the NRA website “contact us” tab. I told them I was ashamed of them for shattering my life-long love affair with the NRA and all the things we stood for. I told them they made a horrible mistake. I told them I live in Arizona and have been very familiar with the positions of McCain over the years and how he was not a friend to any of us who cherish our second amendment and other rights – and our Constitution. I again told them that they made a horrible mistake.

    I did not cancel my membership – yet. But I am horrified. I feel as if they have deserted me(us) at a time when we are under attack. I never expected this development – it seems so “out of character” for the NRA.

    When I arrived early for the EGC meeting on Thursday evening I removed the last NRA sticker from the back window of my Jeep. It is ground into the pavement of the parking lot. I did that with my right foot. I will make a special appearance at their booth at the next gun show. I wonder how many others there are like me.

    I am horrified about their blunder.

  17. AZguntotingMom says:

    Very disappointed to see the NRA’s endorsement of McCain. Unfortunately, I’ll be discontinuing my membership and immediately taking my NRA sticker off my minivan. Simply put, McCain doesn’t do what he says and only becomes a conservative when it’s election time. Bye bye NRA.

  18. Doc,
    I thank you and J.D. will thank you.

    p.s. Send me some Legislators with guts so we can stop these tax hikes.

  19. Kelly B, says:

    Senator Ron,
    We are trying to get you some fresh blood to help!
    Zobel 2010! A friend to guns the constitution and a good guy who will listen to the people!

  20. Will says:

    I to have heard this of the NRA . Take it with a little thought folks. It smells a little like political work for the other side. DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

  21. Richard Buss says:

    I’m really sorry to see that the NRA has taken the side of Sen. John McCain. He may have had a voting record for the second amendment but his overall record is that of a long term politican and will say anything or stand behind any cause if it will get him re-elected. The NRA has a long standing of backing very good people but McCain is not one of them. He is part of the old school and we need someone new with the guts to make hard decissions and I’m afraid that if he gets back end we are going to see the old man come out and give amensty to all the illegals because it’s easier than rounding them up and putting them out.

  22. T Dodson says:

    JD HAyworth has my trust, JD does not take money from Soros Organizations as McCain has, he has not been involved with Abramoff as McCain would try and have us believe since McCain was on the committee that found Hayworth CLEAN. I know what Soros’s agenda is and it shows through of stupid “Gun Show Loopholes” legislation meant to encroach further on our liberties and NRA KNOWS IT. GOA has no agenda or fundraising priority like NRA appears to. Bully politics is rampant with McCain as he carries around a threatening bunch of dirty money everywhere he goes. I want his tail OUT this year and forever so I don’t have to look over my shoulder at what socialist legislation he is cozying up to some flaming liberal democrat on this time. 24 years I have watched John McCain do head fakes and pretend to be a conservative only to disappoint real conservatives. I was outraged when I read the NRA had buckled under to the McCain pressure and I immediately logged on to, and made a $ 50.00 donation, the $50.00 I had originally intended for the NRA and my renewal. I will however renew my GOA membership and NRA has to apologize for this unimaginable act before I send them another dime.

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